Corona regulation early retirees can continue to earn more in 2022

A corona rule allows early retirees to earn significantly more before their pensions are reduced. Also 2022 46 060 euro remain imputation-free.

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Possible additional earnings increase sevenfold

If you work in addition to receiving an early pension, you were previously only allowed to earn 6,300 euros a year while receiving your pension without having your pension reduced. Everything which pensioners over this free border earn, to 40 per cent on the pension one counts. The pension insurance then pays out only a partial pension. This exemption limit was raised by the social protection package (Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) for the year 2020 to 44,590 euros and for 2021 to 46,060 euros. Also 2022 it remains with 46,060 euro. Early retirees can earn this much in addition to their pension without having their pension reduced.

Incentive to return to work

This makes it possible, for example, for early retirees who come from the health and care sector to return to work without having any disadvantages with their pension. In these and other areas by the Corona crisis partly urgently personnel are looked for. People who have just left their jobs are in demand. However, the scheme is not tied to specific professions. Pensioners who have already reached their regular retirement age can earn as much as they want without having their pension reduced.

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Pension increases

Early retirees who work in addition to their pension will continue to pay contributions to the pension insurance scheme. So they also acquire a higher pension entitlement. This is paid out as soon as the regular retirement age is reached.

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Regulation offers design possibilities

The new regulation offers a curious opportunity for older employees: For insured persons who would have retired in the near future anyway, it could be worthwhile to bring the pension forward now and continue working anyway. They would then also draw their full salary for a few months in 2022, parallel to their minimally reduced pension, as long as they remain under the exemption limit parallel to drawing their pension. Employees should clarify, however, whether collective bargaining agreements exclude this possibility, for example because they stipulate that employees must leave the company as soon as they draw their pension. In addition, a consultation with the pension insurance or an independent pension consultant is useful. You can find everything you need to know about applying for a pension on the website of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension Insurance).

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