Corona shock at vfl wolfsburg: casteels tested positive before cl match against sevilla

Bad news at VfL Wolfsburg: goalkeeper Koen Casteels has contracted Corona ahead of Tuesday’s important Champions League match against Sevilla and is out.

VfL coach Florian Kohfeld must do without his goalkeeper Koen Casteels for the time being. The Belgian has now tested positive for Corona despite being fully vaccinated and had to immediately go into domestic quarantine. This means that Casteels is out for the important Champions League match against Sevilla.

VfL hosts Sevilla in Wolfsburg on Tuesday. Kickoff is at 9 p.m. The game will be broadcast live on Amazon Prime. According to the Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, Koen Casteels had complained of symptoms on Sunday evening and had tested himself for Corona. The test was positive. For Casteels, substitute goalkeeper Pavao Pervan is on standby.

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Corona shock at VfL Wolfsburg: Casteels tested positive before CL match against Sevilla

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Corona shock at VfL Wolfsburg: Casteels tested positive before CL match against Sevilla

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Corona shock at VfL Wolfsburg: Casteels tested positive before CL match against Sevilla

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VfL must do without Casteels in Seville. He would test positive for Corona. Lt. Vfl he is double vaccinated and had previously complained of symptoms

Not to exclude that he brought it from the national team.

DeBruyne also tested positive a few days ago.

But in any case, get well soon, Pervan will have to fix it.

Missing the booster probably.

The booster takes effect only after several weeks (ca. 5) so right. Whether Casteels could have gotten the beginning of October is probably unlikely.

Renato Steffen (calf) and Koen Casteels are now absent. Very, very bitter! Especially in the current phase with the two games against Sevilla and BVB! Otavio and Josh are also still shaky. This is already annoying, because so procedures get mixed up again and again. Pervan sets up the game totally different than Koen…

And with that then probably not fit against Dortmund, great…

I have heard that the booster, in contrast to the first two, works immediately, without (much) delay

The main thing is that the symptoms remain mild!

If the virus already balls with vaccination, how then only without

Where do the 5 weeks come from? I read from 5 to 7 days in normal case.

"If the virus is already balling with vaccination, how then only without"
Usually the same as with Wout. Somewhere between "I do not notice anything Until "I lay with flu for three days" In bed.
Then you go through a metamorphosis and belong from now on 6 months to the good :-)

Alex again..
Let the topic Corona rather be..

Nope…… I’m not your student you can lecture…..

your stupid comments and belittlement goes one but mighty on the sack.
Better stick to things you know about.

Then your sack must endure it…… As I must endure you…..

You don’t have to worry about my sack.

I just find it ridiculous how you want to take the issue of Corona lightly and trivialize it.

One can of course criticize the Corona measures and our politicians in their actions, but please do not give the lateral thinker / Corona denier madness of itself, because exactly in these footsteps you are just stepping.

And then I see it as appropriate that you then rather stay with topics of which you seem to have a clue. Just stick to women’s football.

I only give a factual description.
Yes there is Corona. Yes it can be dangerous for risk groups. Yes, if it runs stupidly it can catch also healthy (Rune Jahrstein). But in the far largest number it runs off just harmlessly.

Thanks for the compliment with the women’s football. I gladly accept that. Even more so from you

The problem is, you don’t know which group you belong to and if it was all so harmless, we wouldn’t have restrictions worldwide.

It is just not a normal flu, no matter how you want to twist and turn it.

You may be right, that measured by the illnesses most courses are not fatal or the like, nevertheless it is measured by the death rate just no normal flu.

The lethality rate of influenza is about. At 0.5 or so..

What comes in addition,

Late effects are not really known yet.
R value is much higher with Corona.
More hospital treatments, which yes goes along with the lethality, the R value ..

I can shake therefore really only the head, if one wants to trivialize all this.

….from flu I have written nothing……

Otherwise I could write you something about Sweden now. Then comes from you the argumentation with the area country. Then I come up with urbanization rate…… and in the end it brings NOTHING…..
So I’m out and we’ll devote ourselves to soccer. You are for the real tough guys and I the women’s football ….

With your last sentence you prove once again that you can’t really judge me at all.
I’m not putting women’s soccer down at all and I’m not putting it down at all.

I don’t say anything about real tough guys…

Let’s leave it, however, one notices, you have your truths and your views and from those you do not deviate, whether by facts or by plain words.

Just stick to your opinion and attitude and let’s leave it at that, because in the end it’s useless…

And now don’t pretend you didn’t mean that last sentence exactly…

And as an addendum, since aunt Edit does not go

"…I have not written anything about a group…"

22. November 2021 at 14:37

"If the virus already bangs with vaccination, how then only without"?
Usually like Wout. Somewhere between "I don’t notice anything" To "I lay three days with flu" in bed.

A comparison with the flu was not present at any time..

Jonny, let it be. Alex belongs to Saxony. Wall around it and all feel good.

Can no longer hear the chatter. Vaccination duty will come anyway. Unfortunately too late. Then we have two days of demonstrations with such as Alex and then is good.

Alex22. November 2021 at 15:58
I nominate the last contribution to the contribution of the month

Sweden can be seen only in partial aspects as a model. In which aspect do you see Sweden as a role model?
Sweden is definitely a role model in some aspects (from the beginning transparent loosening- resp. Tightening plan, high vaccination rate in elderly population, due to continued possibility public life higher willingness to follow governmental measures etc.), but in crucial points definitely not. In Sweden more people per capita have died from Covid than in Germany!! Not exorbitantly much more, but to see that as a blanket example unfortunately doesn’t work. By the way, in Sweden there are very few vaccination opponents, and Sweden leads to the 1.December a Corona passport one.
Further aspects, which would go beyond the scope here: Sweden is seen "nucleus" of Covid in Scandinavia, slightly higher vaccination rate, urbanization etc. A so called "Swedish model" (what does this include at all??) is very difficult to judge in total, because there are a lot of factors that are beyond government control (and that is your starting point, isn’t it??), there are.

Alex, I’m trying to understand your reasoning, and what would interest me the most:
What is your wish? No contact restrictions? No vaccinations?

Just a few thoughts:

1. Contact restrictions don’t kill you (but also have "side effects", workplace, psyche … )
2. Vaccination does not kill you. It has harmless side effects compared to Covid itself, if any. Do you know someone in your circle of acquaintances who has suffered damage from vaccination? (I am not talking about 1 or 2 days of fever in the context of a partly desired and controlled immune reaction, or a painful arm)
3. Covid usually runs harmless (and yes, in younger people more harmless), but when very many people are ill as currently, there are unfortunately also some who die completely senselessly. Do you want to be one of the dying ones? Or do you want to share the blame for your grandmother’s death? (sounds harsh but is unfortunately reality, even unvaccinated sometimes visit their grandparents …… ). I am working in a well-filled (not with nurses, but with patients) covid ward, and we have e.g.B. today I gave an antibody infusion to a 40 year old, so far very healthy, strict opponent of vaccination in close consultation with the patient himself (this is what the current guidelines say, as they have been proven to positively influence the course of the disease in studies). Ultimately, it is the antibodies that he would otherwise have produced by the vaccination itself). He agreed to it because he has excruciating shortness of breath, is high on oxygen, and is scared. Unfortunately, he has a good reason for it, he can also end up on artificial respiration very quickly like many others. To say the least, he now has much more respect for Covid than before. And such patients a la Rune Jarstein are not a rarity here.
4. Covid is here in the hospital no comparison at all to the annual flu wave (without wanting to belittle the latter)!)

If you would see who all is "wasting away" here in the hospital on the wards with Covid, I promise you, you would see Covid very differently.

Until then, it will understandably remain too abstract for you and I assume that you will not deviate from your opinion, which you have certainly researched with good will. What are your sources? (Partly yes Drostenaussagen, from which you – seems to me at least – then draw the conclusions that fit your opinion?)

And yes, I understand significantly less than most here on the forum about both men’s and women’s soccer (probably not to mention the technical requirements of the job you’re doing). This is another reason why I have never commented on soccer topics here so far (if ever, it should not be taken too seriously ), and instead prefer to read with interest your partly very illuminating soccer technical analyses

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