Cover letter for the job application: sample letters for engineers

Use our samples for your cover letter as an engineer. We have prepared sample templates for your cover letters, which you can download directly depending on your professional experience. Whether it’s a speculative application or an advertised position: with our sample applications, you’re sure to find your dream job.

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Shortening is also part of the cover letter. In the end, however, you should be left with a substantial document.

Our samples are intended as sample texts for the cover letter of engineers. They are intended to illustrate possible chains of reasoning for your cover letter. Please do not use these cover letter examples as a direct template for your application documents, because a cover letter must always be individually created in order to convince personnel decision-makers. Sending out a mass application in one go is not a good idea. This can also be the reason why an application fails. Especially in the case of a speculative application, the focus should be on personal motivation. Since there are no open positions with the employer, an invitation to an interview stands or falls with the hopefully convincing cover letter.

For this, also read our tips for the perfect cover letter to your application.

Sample cover letter for graduates / young professionals

Engineers who have just finished their studies usually find it particularly difficult to write the cover letter for their job application. You lack the professional experience with which you can distinguish yourself from other candidates in the cover letter. What many graduates don’t realize: majors, internships and projects during your studies can also be used to convey professional qualifications and important soft skills in your cover letter. As an engineer, it is fundamentally important not to make empty claims, but to support each statement about yourself with an example. Our sample cover letter for graduates presents you with a possible chain of reasoning.

Template for young professionals/engineers with first work experience

Engineers who have two or three years of work experience are competing with both graduates and engineers with more work experience with their application. Where, then, does the young professional find his or her place in a company?? And how should he build his argumentation for the cover letter of the application in order to convince executives of himself?? If there is a job advertisement, it is important to pick up the most important technical qualifications, personal characteristics (soft skills), tasks of the position and statements about the company from the advertisement. engineer states briefly and concisely in his application why he covers exactly these requirements- and proves this with exemplary examples. The focus should be on professional experience and possible further training. Be careful not to overstate your salary expectations. Our current study on the gross annual salaries of engineers provides some orientation.

Sample speculative application for experienced engineers

Relevant professional experience and specializations, if any, make experienced engineers sought-after professionals. This is the right time to plan your career specifically and send unsolicited applications. In the case of a speculative application, there are no requirements from the company via a job advertisement. Nevertheless, the engineer must succeed in arousing interest in his application by means of the cover letter. Key arguments and a discussion of the company are among the decisive factors.

For this, it is imperative to know the needs of the employer: In which area is the targeted company active in detail? What was the strategy of the last years? How could the candidate advance the potential employer? Which skills he would like to use? As in our speculative application sample, he should emphasize his qualifications and support them with examples. In addition, the motivation of the engineer is particularly important in a speculative application. He should explain why he is sending his speculative application to this company of all companies. Therefore it is important to avoid empty words in the cover letter. ÜBy the way: Cover letters for speculative applications must always be individual. Use templates or sample cover letters only as a suggestion.

Job search for engineers

Sample cover letter for executives

When executives formulate cover letters, the same principle applies as for any other engineer’s application: They should refer to the qualifications in demand and support them with examples. Unlike graduates or young professionals, they naturally have a wealth of experience, projects and work examples to draw on. Nevertheless, your cover letter should not exceed one page, as in our sample. For managers, the most difficult task is to limit themselves and to filter out the essential points for their application. It can be helpful to take another look at your own resume and mark all activities and qualifications that are relevant for the targeted position. Prioritize this list and cross out the lower points for your cover letter. In our sample cover letter for executives, we show you an example of a possible outcome.

Use our free application examples and samples for engineers as a template!

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