Craft angels: 4 simple and sustainable ideas for christmas decoration

angels tinker from book pages

Christmas is inseparable from angels. It does not matter if the religion or the Christian faith is in the foreground, the magical and supernatural beings are simply there! These wonderfully pretty angels work so well as templates for many simple craft ideas, and you can never have enough of them on long afternoons and cozy evenings during Advent. For angel crafting you need only a few materials and the ideas are for children from approx. 5 years well suited. Extremely nice are these homemade angels also as mini souvenirs or gift tags. We have already given them to teachers and kindergarten teachers – this was also very well received.

Angels tinker – decoration with love and little effort

I show here our favorite ideas for angels DIY. – The beauty of it: You really do not need much to it! Most things you always have at home or can use something similar. I like to just get started without much effort.

  • Old book pages
  • Gold thread
  • Clothespins
  • Wooden cone
  • Wooden beads
  • Feathers
  • Pens
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Angel craft – from clothespins

You need:

The clothespin can be painted or used in nature, both look very fine! Cut out the shape of wings from the paper: To do this, fold the sheet in half and draw a wing in advance. Then just cut it out and unfold it. The creature gets a face painted on it and with the help of the golden thread a "halo". Finally, glue the wings in the middle of the back.

These angels are very nice decorative pieces for mugs on the shelf or with the help of gift ribbon directly on the gift.

Angels tinker – from wooden cone

You will need:

Paint a face on the angel and glue a "halo" or golden hair on the head with the gold thread. Fold the cake top in half and bend a small edge at the top, just so that the paper reaches the same height as the wooden cone. Glue the wings in the back center.

Instead of the cake lace is also foil paper geeinget, which gives the angel even more shine. With a few feathers, the angel gets "real" wings that move gently with the air.

Angel crafting – with feather

You will need:

  • Wooden beads (2cm diameter)
  • Glue, pens, gold thread

Paint a delicate face on the wooden bead. Take about 15cm of the gold thread and knot the two ends together. Make another knot here and before you tighten it, put the quills between them. Tighten the knot and put another drop of glue on it. Now carefully pull the loop through the wooden bead: until the keels and the knots inside the bead have disappeared.

This super delicate version is perfect to hang them on a branch, a Barbara twig or directly on the tree at Christmas time. The angel always dances!

Angel crafting – from paper (or old book pages)

You need:

  • 2 book pages
  • Wooden bead (2cm diameter)
  • Gold wire, pins, glue

Fold the book pages like an accordion. The narrower you fold, the more filigree the angel looks. Bend from the folded harmonica about 3cm down, that will be the wings. Measure another 4-5 cm from the fold, this will be the dress. If you have two of them, glue the two folded parts together. Once they are dry, tie a piece of gold wire under the "wing fold" to the back and bend it upwards. Thread the wooden bead and paint the angel a face. Finally, tape the wings to the sides of the dress and carefully pull the folds apart a bit.

The sustainable idea is super to implement with children. "Accordion" folding can most of the kindergarten age and with a little help succeeds the first angel in a short time.

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