Create a pdf from word

Microsoft Office offers a good option, with which you can quickly and easily create PDF files create a PDF can. If you do not use Office, you can use the help of other tools. A PDF file is nothing more than a document that can be exported to a read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be.

The advantage of the file extension is that larger documents in compressed form can be displayed without problems can be saved. Likewise, Adobe Acrobat Reader supports the filling of forms. You can also use Office to create a file with field commands, which can later be filled in either automatically or by the reader in the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

The PDFCreator can be downloaded for free

An alternative, especially when it comes to larger amounts of different documents, are special programs of external service providers. One of them is very well known and used all over the world. These are the tool " PDFCreator ", which can be downloaded for free.

In Microsoft Office, the function for saving files in the appropriate format is integrated from the start. If you use another Office program, you may have to use another program for the conversion. In the following sections we will take a closer look at the various options and highlight their advantages and disadvantages.

Create a PDF quickly and easily with Microsoft Office

There are several ways to use Office to create Adobe Acrobat Reader DC enabled files. On the one hand there would be Export function . This can be enabled in Word, and in Excel. With it, the complete document, which is currently being edited, can be easily and directly saved to PDF format.

Select the PDF format at "Save as

Another approach is to use the already installed PDF printer to use. To do this, create a print job. The output device is then the pre-installed printer "Microsoft print to PDF" in the device selection . The function should not be uninstalled in any case, because a reinstallation can often only be carried out with problems.

Another option is the Format into the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC format with OneNote . Similar to the other Office programs, you can export your notes and saved files to the desired format with just a few clicks using the save function.

Tools can also provide the desired result

A Word document can also be exported to a PDF file

Many people do not use Microsoft’s Office, but prefer to use other programs. Here, saving documents in the desired format is often difficult. But this is no reason to despair. Numerous third-party providers offer either professional, or Open source solutions to. These can be obtained directly from the net.

The difference in handling is, that these programs additionally installed have to be. They either have their own interface, or they use the already existing print function. Some also intervene directly in the menu navigation of the writing program and place a quick button for a fast export.

Many of these programs are free. There are also a number of programs whose developers charge an additional fee for their use. Freely available programs should be checked before commercial use. In the licensing can be a passage, in which for a commercial use of the program a fee is due.

Currently, many of the providers of Office solutions have integrated their own solutions in their software. These usually work reliably. Saving documents in the format of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is nowadays a good standard and due to the high distribution of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a necessary function.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is used worldwide

Just about everyone who regularly uses the Internet will not be able to avoid using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. At the latest sending many documents in an e-mail as attachments would like this program is much too practical. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is one of the most frequently used programs in the world. Along with Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC may be among the top 10 most used programs.

The heavy use of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC makes the use of the function for exporting to the appropriate format urgently necessary. Without such a function required storage capacity for daily correspondence via e-mail, and likewise for the general use of the Internet explode. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has become a global standard. Statistically, every Internet user regularly uses at least one version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

The Adobe AR DC download mask

We recommend using the in-house solution for exporting documents if you use Word. Many of the programs available on the Internet are extremely good. Microsoft has created with its tool a great and versatile tool for everyday life. When using other programs one should Pay attention to the security of the sources when downloading. Otherwise risks can be avoided as far as possible.

The program " PDFCreator " has proven itself in practical use and has proven to be a reasonable solution. The tool is available free of charge and can even be used online. It is easy to use and laymen can use it without any problems. Of course, this is not the only good tool for exporting documents.

Further possibilities to create a PDF

It is also possible to PDF printer driver to use. This can be found for example here or also here. It is also possible to use the PDFMailer from Gotomaxx. All these tools are free of charge. However, it is not possible to post-process the resulting PDF.

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