Create and share your own maps with google maps engine lite (beta)

The Google Maps engine might mean something to one or the other of you. Companies can share maps with a project team, another company or the public for a fee. Starting today, this will also work in a slimmed-down form for each of us with a lite version, Google announced today.

The principle is simple and quickly explained. Go to the following link and you can add your own data/locations on the familiar map. Either upload this data yourself via a CSV file with latitude and longitude information, or simply insert the points on the map yourself.

Google has put a very detailed tutorial online for this, where you can see step by step how to create and then share such a custom map on your own or with others. Similar to a Google Docs document, you can restrict the rights to individual people or let everyone work on the map.

Of course, there are also minor customization options in the design, e.g.B. With different icons, colors or different map displays. Also the information texts to the single points, as well as own URLs and the like can be assigned freely by you. Almost logically you can share the created map with the whole world and embed it on your own website.

Due to the crowdsourcing approach surely a useful thing for some of you. If you want you can have a look and leave your opinion.

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I was waiting for something like this. The tool works fine so far. There is already something similar for countries where the maps are not as richly populated as here. There was also an article about this here in the blog.

A map created by me and shared for the web currently (still) requires a Google login. Hope that comes then still.

A possibility to integrate the map on the homepage (which would be very interesting for me) does not exist (yet) either.

So you still have to watch.

So I am since the last news of Google (disabling RSS reader, disabling CalDAV, etc.) meanwhile a bit cautious. The part may not be bad. But I find openstreetmap much better. And I don’t have to be afraid that my beloved cards won’t be available any more.

Create your own map with self set points with different icons and your own description text and then share it via a link is possible for ages already.
Can’t see in the text what added value I’m supposed to get from this now.

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