Crosses to be out of courts

Crosses to be out of courts

A cross on the wall © Matthias Balk

Prosecutors and judges in Lower Saxony are to stop wearing religious and ideological symbols during hearings in the future, according to an NDR report. This is what a draft law of the state government, which is available to the broadcaster, foresees, they say.

The law should strengthen neutrality. Lower Saxony’s Justice Minister Barbara Havliza (CDU) confirmed the plans. The occasion for the legislative initiative was the case of a Muslim trainee teacher who also wanted to wear a headscarf in the courtroom, she told The aim, he said, is to have a uniform rule before each jurisdiction deals with the ie differently.

Free from religious or ideological convictions

Everyone in a courtroom must have the impression that the judge and prosecutor are "free from religious or ideological convictions," Havliza said.

Not affected by the ban are crosses in hearing rooms, the minister explained. If there are problems with them, they could be taken down or a trial moved to another room. Havliza says bill to be introduced later this year.

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