Crysis 4: these 4 details in the trailer can only be seen on a second look

Crysis 4 has been announced, but so far Crytek has only shown us a short teaser trailer. We have discovered some hidden details in them.

The years of waiting have finally come to an end for all Crysis fans with the announcement of Crysis 4. Unfortunately, of course, more months and maybe years will now follow, during which we hope for new info, pictures and trailers about the next part of the shooter series.

To make sure you can at least catch all the info available now, we took another close look at the rather short teaser trailer for Crysis 4. And lo and behold, there are actually quite a few details hidden in the 46-second-long video that you can only find with a magnifying glass.

Crysis 4: This is what’s hiding in the trailer

All in all, when analyzing the trailer, we noticed four things that you might have missed. Partly, these may simply be references back to the previous parts of the shooter series, but maybe one or the other detail is also supposed to give a hint to Crysis 4.

Hints at a city setting?

Several times in the trailer you can see something that looks like a city or rather houses. First a kind of skyline rises. It is unclear to which city this could belong to. After that it seems as if the houses are slowly destroyed. Last we see ruins of skyscrapers.

Whether this is New York can not really be said, but it seems to be the skyline of a large city.

After looking at the skyline, you can see individual blocks, which probably represent buildings, slowly decaying.

The depiction of a city and its destruction, which seems to start from the sun in the trailer, could of course be a hint to the story of Crysis 2. In the second part of the series mankind is threatened by a climate catastrophe on the one hand and by a second Ceph invasion on the other hand. The protagonist is transported to New York, which is already partially destroyed. The view of the ruins is more reminiscent of Crysis 3, which is also set in New York. In the third part of the series the destruction of the city is more advanced and the city is partly uninhabited.

Of course, the city could also indicate that we will also have to fight our way through a city in Crysis 4 instead of Crytek returning to the jungle setting of the first part. However, the next hint speaks against this theory.

Crysis 3

Crysis 4

Left: The ruins of the skyscrapers strongly remind us of the third part of the shooter series. Right: This is how the ruins of New York looked like in Crysis 3.

A palm tree

Okay, a palm tree might not be very impressive. But at least this could be a hint to the first Crysis, which was set on a tropical island. In this case, perhaps the depictions of a city also point to the story of the old parts of the series. Then Crytek could want to hint in the trailer that their story is to be continued in the new Crysis.

The palm tree can only be seen briefly and indistinctly. It falls down in the trailer and dissolves into its components.

A helicopter

In several places in the trailer we can also spot a VTOL, a helicopter-like flying machine from the Crysis games. This one apparently crashes and shatters on the ground.

Hard to see in the still image, this object must be a futuristic helicopter known from the shooter series.

The VTOL crashes in the trailer. The occupants have hardly survived this unscathed.

And this is how a VTOL looked like in Crysis 3 in.

Helmet of a nanosuit

Another familiar sight is the helmet of a nanosuit, which we can catch a brief glimpse of. This one, however, seems to be lying on the ground without its suit, which does not bode well for the well-being of its owner.

That nanosuits will play a role in Crysis 4 should probably not be a big surprise.

Destruction and reconstruction

Of course, we can’t yet predict the entire story of Crysis 4 with the help of the 46-second teaser trailer. But some kind of story seems to be told here after all. In the beginning, cities are destroyed, helicopters crash and even the poor palm tree has to suffer.

In the second half of the trailer, however, more and more parts rise from the debris, forming a kind of net or tissue that could stand in for the nanosuit. Of course, in the end it only forms a four, but the symbolism is certainly intended here. Perhaps Crytek is hinting that Crysis 4 will build on its predecessors and continue the Prophet storyline.

What do you think? Are the details hidden in the trailer clues to the new Crysis? Do you perhaps have completely different theories? Feel free to write your ideas in the comments!

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