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CSGO betting enjoys great popularity in the eSports betting market. Although CounterStrike:GO mobilizes only about 6 million players per month, most eSports bets are still placed on CSGO matches. In our game review you can learn all about current CS:GO games& Tournaments, the best bookmakers and the most popular betting types for CounterStrike. Here is an overview of the current matches and their odds – click on the betting odds to go directly to the bookmaker:

CSGO game plan with odds

  • Today
  • Tomorrow

CS:GO leagues and tournaments 2021

Here you can find a list of the most important CSGO events this year. For all these tournaments and leagues there are numerous details, which you can see with a click on the event. In addition, for all tournaments have a variety of CSGO sports betting for you on offer:

  • ESL One Cologne – 6.7.2021 to 18.7.2021 – Cologne
  • ESL Pro League Season 14 – 16.9.2021 to 12.10.2021 – Malta
  • Blast Premier Case Groups – 16.9.2021 till 26.9.2021 – tba
  • IEM Masters Fall- 28.9.2021 to 10.10.2021 – tba
  • PGL Major Stockholm – 23.10.2021 – 7.11.2021 – Stockholm
  • Blast Premier Fall Finals – 23.11.2021 until 28.11.2021 – Copenhagen
  • IEM Masters Winter – 2.12.2021 till 12.12.2021 – Beijing
  • Blast Premier World Final – 14.12.2021 till 19.12.2021 – tba

Odds highlights of the year

Betting on the ESL Pro League

The ESL Pro League (EPL) is considered the top class of the Counterstrike leagues. No other game format has so many CSGO bets in such a short period of time. The best teams in the world will play in a group mode to advance to the playoffs. Two seasons will be played per year, 2021 will be Season 13 and 14, both seasons will be played in Malta.

Blast Premier Spring

Numerous Blast Premier events will take place in 2021, starting with the Spring tournaments. Here there is a group tournament, then the showdown and afterwards still the Spring Finals. The organizers we will conjure events of the top class out of the hat, for these events there will be numerous CSGO bets.

IEM Katowice

The classic of the CSGO year will take place as usual in February in Katowice, Poland. The world championship is to be played in front of an audience, concrete plans are unfortunately not yet available. The odds for the World Championship are very exciting as every year, which team can take this important Counter-Strike title?

DreamHack Masters

The Masters tournaments of the DreamHack series are also among the most popular events of the year. The Summer Final has already been scheduled, normally there should be a Winter Final as well. Over the normal DreamHack events can play themselves so also smaller teams into the focus. We have a variety of bets for you on the DreamHack tournaments in the program.

IEM Melbourne& New York

The Intel Extreme Masters classics in New York and Australia (this time in Melbourne) are also fixed in the 2021 tournament calendar. In New York especially the North American teams can show themselves. Our team will cover both tournaments, so you can look forward to enough odds for these tournaments.

CSGO Major

Actually there should have been two major events in 2021, last year there were none at all as we know. The Spring Major has already been cancelled, so there will only be one Fall Major. There is no venue yet, but CSGO bettors will be overjoyed when this event starts.

Blast Premier Global Finals

The end of the year will be again the Blast Premier Global Finals. The best teams from the numerous Blast Premier tournaments play here for a prize money of one million US dollars. Normally this event will be played at a very special location, information about this is still missing.

events completed in 2021:

    – Winner: Heroic – Winner: Natus Vincere – Advancement: BIG, Complexity, Gaming, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Complexity Gaming, FaZe Clan – Winner: Virtus.pro – Winner: Natus Vincere

finished events in 2020:

    – Winner: Astralis – Winner: Team Vitality – Winner: Virtus.per – Winner: Astralis – CANCELLED – Team Vitality – Winner: Heroic – Winner: FaZe Clan – Winner: Astralis – Winner: Heroic – Winner: BIG – Winner: BIG – Winner: Complexity Gaming – Winner: BIG – Winner: Team Vitality& ENCE – Winner: Astralis – Winner: MAD Lions – cancelled – Winner: Fnatic – Winner: Natus Vincere – Winner: Gen.G Esports – Winner: FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, G2 Esports – Winner: mousesports – Winner: BIG

The processor manufacturer Intel, which is considered one of the most important sponsors in the eSports sector, has launched the Intel Grand Slam. This consists of numerous Premier tournaments, with the goal of capturing four titles in its season. For this there is a prize money of 1.000.000$ for the winning organization. Astralis secured this title for the first time in 2018, winning the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals was title number four. Season 2 started with the Major in Katowice and ended with a victory of Team Liquid. The third season is already underway.

The best betting providers for CSGO

Counter Strike was first released in 1999 by hobby programmers as a modification of the first-person shooter Half Life developed by VALVE. It is a so-called online tactical shooter, whose gameplay is a turn-based firefight between terrorists (Ts) and counter-terrorists (CTs). Depending on which map is played on, it is either a bomb scenario or a hostage situation. Despite outdated graphics, Counter Strike was the most popular eSports game for over 10 years.

CSGO new design - pistol round

CSGO was developed by VALVE and Hidden Path and is available since August 2012 for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. It was not developed for the Playstation 4, because SONY Entertainment did not agree to the frequent patch culture on the part of VALVE. As in the previous Counter Strike games, CSGO is a first-person shooter in which terrorists and counter-terrorists engage in a firefight, with most game modes being turn-based as well. Compared to the previous versions, CS:GO is more detailed and realistic due to the optimized Source engine.

Latest news and promotions

Get 10€ free bet on Sunday for CSGO at betway

You like to bet on CSGO games and want a free bet from bookmaker betway eSports? With the bookmaker’s Sunday promotion there is 10€ free for all players who place a live bet on Counterstrike game on Sunday. You can use the promotion even five times, the promotion period extends from 22 days to 30 days. November until 20. December 2020. We have compiled all the information for you. "Get 10€ free bet on Sunday for CSGO at betway" read more

Increased odds on G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere on 21.11.2020

The IEM Beijing EU is nearing its end, with G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere is also already the first semifinal. The game will be played on 21. November 2020 at 15:00, the game will be decided in a best-of-three maps. Both teams have played a great tournament so far, G2 Esports has eliminated FaZe Clan in the quarterfinals, NaVi has made short work of the Danish superstars from Astralis. At betway Esports you can get an increased betting odds for this game. "Increased odds to G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere on 21.11.2020" read more

Get 10€ free bet for the ESL Pro League at betway!

Season 12 of the ESL Pro League was supposed to be played as a LAN tournament again as usual, unfortunately due to the global health situtation we had to switch to an online format again. 16 teams from Europe will fight in one group for the title as well as 450.000$. At betway you can secure a 10€ freebet for the EPL.

Betway promotion for the ESL One Cologne Playoffs!

The ESL One Cologne EU starts from today in the hot phase, because at 15:00 clock duel the first two teams in the playoffs. 8 teams have qualified for the single-elimination final round. With Natus Vincere the favorite is already eliminated, also the German organization BIG had to drop the sails already. At betway you can secure a special promo for the ESL One Cologne EU Playoffs, if your bet should win the first map, but still lose the game afterwards. We have summarized all the info of the promo for you in a nutshell. " Betway promotion for the ESL One Cologne Playoffs!" read more

2 x 25.000€ at Unibet for CSGO tips

The betting provider Unibet is known to many CSGO fans especially because of the sponsoring of the top team Astralis. For this reason, the bookmaker has always great Counterstrike promos in the program, from which you can easily profit. For the DreamHack Spring Masters as well as the Blast Premier Showdown, the bookmaker has launched a leaderboard promotion, twice 25.000€ are waiting for you here. How the action works and what you have to do to participate, we have summarized for you briefly and concisely.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CSGO) – Game Info& Betting options

Professional games are usually played in "best-of-three" mode, which means that up to 30 rounds are played on three maps each. If one of the teams already wins the first two cards, the game is decided and ends early. Final matches are sometimes even played in "best-of-five" mode. Many teams are so close to each other in terms of the skills of the individual players that short tactical breaks often reverse the course of the game. The game changes only marginally with the patches, so the current form of the teams is crucial for the outcome of the game.

The most interesting in the eSports betting area are the so-called Major Championships tournaments, such as the PGL Major in Krakow. At the mega event in Poland there was a prize money of 1.000.000 USD. Big organizers like ESL, DreamHack or PGL organize again and again events of the extra class. The ever-increasing number of eSports events and the high prize money also open up an interesting market for bookmakers, so that the best-known among them have long since offered CSGO betting odds, usually accompanied by an attractive betting bonus for new customers. Together with League of Legends and Dota 2, CS GO is one of the most popular eSport games, so for the player, in addition to the classic victory bet, there is a wide variation of special bets.

Normal match odds for CSGO consist of team A or B winning, a draw is not possible here. This is what the betting odds look like at betway:

Example 1X2 odds for eSport at betway

In addition to the major tournaments, Counterstrike leagues are also becoming more and more popular. The ESL Pro League celebrated in 2019 already its 10. season, but other events such as the Blast Premier series or the new league founded in 2020 called Flashpoint also play an important role here.

The most popular CSGO bet types are:

  • Map winner
  • Winner of the pistol round
  • Handicap
  • Total number of rounds
  • Even/odd number of rounds
  • Winner of at least one map
  • Advantage in the first 5 rounds
  • Team reaches the final

Handicap, Over/Under or exact result bets can be placed for example at the bookmaker betway. These markets look at the provider as follows:

Handicap or result betting for Countrstrike

Which betting providers have CSGO betting in their program and how we rated them you can see in our eSports bookmaker comparison. Of course we can tell you in advance that all the big providers bet on Counter Strike. Only in the breadth of the betting program, the bookmakers differ from each other. For CSGO there are also so-called "Outright" odds available, here you can bet on which team will win a tournament or a league. These Counterstrike bets are already available before the start of the tournament, this type of odds can be compared with a long-term bet (eg championship title or Champions League winner in soccer).

Of course, new customers of Counterstrike betting providers can also enjoy the deposit offer of the bookies. This varies from provider to provider, usually there is 100% up to 100€ extra on your first deposit. You can find the details about the bonus offers on our detailed pages of the bookmakers.

Popular game modes

Example Terror page CSGO with AK47

Classic mode

The classic mode is divided into competitive and casual. In both modes, Ts and CTs play turn-based against each other on predefined, limited maps. Both sides have a designated spawn spot where the whole team waits for the round to start. Until the time comes weapons, equipment and grenades are bought. On so-called defuse cards, terrorists have to place an explosive device on one of two predefined bomb sites and the task of the counter-terrorists is to prevent the bomb from being planted or to defuse it. The round ends early if a team is completely eliminated, unless the bomb was planted beforehand, in which case it would have to be defused by CTs. If this is no longer possible, the round is won by the terrorists.

In casual mode there is room for up to 20 players on the map at the same time. The number of rounds is limited to a maximum of 15 rounds, thus a draw is impossible. Kevlar and disarming kit are automatically equipped in Casual and kills give a higher cash bonus than in Competitive. Also, there is no team damage and no team collision, so you can’t have your path blocked by team members. You can switch between Ts and CTs at any time, provided there is enough space on the opposite side, and you can leave the game early without consequences. Casual is a good way to get familiar with certain maps before playing a competitive one.

Competitive is the English term for the competition mode, which VALVE takes very seriously. When accepting the competitive game in the menu, you will be warned by a tooltip that it can take up to 90 minutes and that leaving early will be punished. The teams start, as in Casual, at the respective spawn places for terrorists and counter-terrorists. Each team consists of 5 players, sides can not be changed here and team damage or. Team collisions are activated. A maximum of 30 rounds are played, but the game can be won early by one team winning 16 rounds. After 15 rounds there is a change of sides, previous money bonuses are deleted and you start again with $800 starting capital. In Competitive you start without any equipment. Kevlar and disarming kits must also be purchased. Thus, in the competitive must also be dealt with money tactically. If you have lost many rounds in a row and the whole team cannot buy a complete equipment with high-end weapons, a so-called ECO-round is played, in which either nothing is bought at all, or at most one gun is bought. In the Competitive the performance of a player flows into his rank. Apart from victory and defeat, factors such as kill:death ratio, points and MVP stars are also taken into account. The MVP star is given to the most valuable player of a round.


In Deathmatch you play against each other for 10 minutes from random spawn locations, not turn based. Money is unlimited and Kevlar is automatically equipped, but grenades and disarming kits cannot be bought. Since higher-level objectives, such as disarming a bomb or a bomb, respectively. Freeing hostages, in deathmatch are irrelevant, you don’t need this kind of equipment either. This is all about scoring points by eliminating enemies. Unlike in classic mode, enemies can come from anywhere, as spawn locations are distributed across the map and are randomly selected. If you die, you land on one of these places without delay. The team with the most points at the end of the 10 minutes wins the round. Deathmatch is an excellent mode to get in the swing of things and train your reaction speed.


In CS GO weapons are divided into pistols, heavy weapons, submachine guns and rifles. They differ in price, penetrating power, range and rate of fire. In the different patches, weapons are improved or worsened, in order to balance the game better. The most popular weapons are AK-47 assault rifles on terrorist side and M4 on counter-terrorist side, also AWP sniper rifle available on both sides. Since August 2013, optical changes, so-called weapon skins or weapon skins are available. Stickers available. A few years later (November 2016), the range was expanded to include Grafitis and glove skins. As a result, user numbers have increased and revenue from these skins is also used to sponsor various eSports tournaments.

Info about eSports

Unfortunately, eSports betting is currently not possible for players in Germany. The new State Gambling Treaty does not consider eSports as a sport and therefore no bets on it may be offered by licensed betting providers. More info you can find at the article about it: no eSport betting in Germany.

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