Cutting trees cleverly

Trees may be felled in autumn. But cutting down a tree is not just sawing off the trunk and letting the rest fall down.

In the autumn it is so far, it may be felled again trees. But cutting down a tree doesn’t just mean sawing off the trunk and dropping the rest. Because a lot of useless work is created if you do not proceed reasonably intelligently. How to fell a tree with the least effort, you can learn here.

Felling trees made easy

cleverly cut down trees

It is not enough to simply cut down a tree, because after that all its branches are on the ground and it is much more difficult to cut it down. For each cut, you have to bend down and twist and turn the multitude of branches so that you can saw at all. You also have a problem if you want to replant something in the same place: the root has to come out, otherwise you have to wait 10 years until it rots by itself. All this can be avoided by thinking a little beforehand.

Work steps in tree felling

Tree felling
Shorten branches directly on the tree

Every tree is different, larger or smaller or planted in favorable or unfavorable places. Our clear tree sacrifice, a diseased cherry, however, was perfectly suited to present the method.

First, make sure that all thin branches disappear, cutting them directly to the right length with loppers. Make sure that you always cut the branches, so that you have only straight pieces. This way, the space required is reduced enormously, which is very convenient for removal or disposal. Handy bundles are not possible with branched branches.

Now you do the same with the thicker branches and slowly cut your way inside the tree. A very comfortable working position, standing upright instead of hunched over the ground. The sections should not be longer than 30cm, that still fits in any fireplace or can also be burned on the grill.
The same applies to the following sawing – the tree is cut directly in standing position. This way, pieces of the same size fall to the ground, which can be pushed together instead of tearing apart branchy undergrowth.

Removing trees with roots by leverage

The tree is dissected only until a straight, long stump is left. Because the longer it is, the easier it is to get the root out. The laws of leverage make it possible. Now the spade comes to use, with which one (if available) the Grassode around to cut off. The pieces will be put aside and will ensure that our tree cutting will be almost invisible.

Now dig until you hit the main root, to cut it with a hatchet or hoe. Don’t get the idea of using a hand saw or chain saw for this, because it will be blunt in a fraction of a second. When you finally have all the roots through, you can tackle the stump at the top and simply move it. This is much more sensible than digging a huge hole. Now you only have to cut the stump into 30cm pieces – and lo and behold – our already sawn pieces make a great sawhorse!

Invisible tree felling

If the root is out of the ground, this volume of soil is of course missing. We have to fill it up and then we can just put the cut out sods back on it. This is nothing more than a kind of rustic sod and grows again. Then fill a little soil into the joints, work it in with a rake and traipse over it a few times. For the center from which the round trunk protruded we can get a piece from somewhere else or sprinkle some grass seed on it. Ready is the tree cutting action, with the least effort, without destruction and without backache.

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