Dazn: how many devices can watch at the same time??

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DAZN offers more live sports than anyone else. But how many devices can you actually link?? And stream with how many at a time? Here are the answers.

DAZN is the "Netflix of sports, no other provider on the market offers as many hours of live sports as the streaming service.

This automatically raises a number of important questions, including the number of devices that can be registered. Or the maximum number of devices that can be watched at the same time. We give an overview.

DAZN: How many devices simultaneously?

While DAZN limits the number of devices you can link to the streaming service, the number of devices you can link to is limited. But a total of six different playback devices to use the complete range of programs are a full pound!

So you don’t have to rely on one, two or three devices, but can conveniently stream your content across six – whether on a smart TV, tablet, cell phone, game console or standard browser. With a little skill, you can set up access so that one device can always be used immediately anywhere in the household or while traveling.

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So: at home, for example, via the smart TV or console, on vacation on the tablet, while traveling on the smartphone. For each life situation and situation can be selected so a suitable end device. Six different end devices should be sufficient for normal use. In the unusual case that you still want to change something, the desired devices can be deleted from the registration list again and replaced by others.

DAZN: How many devices can watch at the same time?

Not infrequently, there are overlaps in time of important sporting events and you don’t want to miss any of them. Or simply "only" Be informed via the second screen about, for example, a parallel match of the Champions League. Then there is the question of how many end devices can be used simultaneously.

The answer: Two. It is important to know that the content(s) do not matter, so you can stream on the two possible devices completely independently of each other.

Example: While you want to watch Bayern in the Champions League, but at the same time, for example, in the NBA, an important game is taking place. No problem, because both events can be enjoyed live and in parallel. So, of the six devices mentioned, two can always be in use simultaneously. When you try to register a third device, you get a message saying that all available streaming sources are currently in use. After that, login is possible again only after logging out with another active device.

Important notice: The account may not be shared with other people.

Excerpt from the terms and conditions of DAZN: 8.3. You are allowed to use the DAZN service on a maximum of two (2) devices at the same time. According to number 8.1.2 You agree that your login information is unique to you and may not be shared with anyone else. You can change your login data at any time on our website under "My account".)

How many devices at the same time on DAZN? Important additional information

You are not allowed to share your login information and let someone else use it to stream DAZN, although up to two devices can use DAZN at the same time. Or else pursue commercial purposes with it. In the DAZN terms and conditions it says:

  • Point 2.4.: The DAZN Service and all content obtained through it are for personal and non-commercial use only. We grant you, as a subscriber to the DAZN Service, a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access the DAZN Service and watch the content via video streaming. Except for the foregoing limited right of use, no right, title or interest is transferred to you. You are not entitled to use the DAZN Service for public viewing.
  • Point 8.1.2.: You agree that at all times you will only watch the DAZN service via the allowed device. You are obliged to keep your password secret and never share passwords or other access data with others or make them accessible in any other way.
  • Point 8.1.3.You agree that you will not copy, record or store (unless permitted by us in the application feature), redirect, share, reproduce or otherwise distribute the DAZN Service, in whole or in part, to any other person, nor permit or enable any other person to do so.

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Multiple devices at the same time with DAZN: How can I enjoy DAZN on TV?

A smart TV offers the fastest way to the live experience. Depending on your device, you can enjoy the DAZN app via Google Chromecast, an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Sky Q. The popular game consoles are also DAZN app compatible, as are all mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Those who prefer to watch on a PC or laptop can do so with the desktop version via any browser. Here is a complete overview.

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