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2021 was a tough year. A year of fast and reliable information. On Corona, local politics and other important issues.

A year in which we’ve entertained you, with the #Kulturkurier, great stories, impressive panoramic tours, series and great photos.

A year in which we have stood up for the local culture, for the gastronomy as well as for the trade and have taken a clear position again and again.

So that we can continue at this level and on a stable foundation in 2022:

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The most important facts at a glance

428 more infections recorded in Rhein-Berg
Nationwide more than 200.000 new cases

Hospitals significantly more burdened
Real incidence over 1400
Five more dead in Rhine-Berg
District falls far behind in coverage
451 new infections

More students in quarantine
Positive rate rises continuously
No current data from Rhein-Berg

+ 14:21 Laumann rejects "hasty" Easing in NRW from +

Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann argues for waiting until the omicron wave peaks, forecast for mid-February, before negotiating relaxations. "Psychic abilities to say, then and then we can relax, I don’t have them", said Laumann. Therefore, he said, he remains very cautious with opening predictions. Family Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) had previously called for earlier relief in some areas of society.

+ 12:12 No current information from the hospitals +

In its daily press releases, the district administration has confirmed the figures we reported this morning and itself reiterates that they are not reliable due to the workload of the situation center.

About the number of corona patients in the Hospitals could not be given today. In the rapid testing stations in the district yesterday 13.494 rapid tests made Positive rate Was 4.2 percent, slightly lower than yesterday.

+ 7:15 District admits: no robust numbers +

200 Corona outbreaks in daycare centers and schools the situation center of the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis must keep an eye on, record several hundred new infections daily, constantly react to new outbreaks of all kinds. The crisis management is overloaded, where Rhein-Berg stands in the pandemic and where the journey goes, the district can not answer at the moment. Therefore, we have created our own situation picture:

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Rhine-Berg trundles through the omicron surf without visibility

+ 6:30 In Rhein-Berg 428 new cases – incidence without significance +

The RKI reports 428 more cases for the Rheinisch-Bergisch district. Official incidence continues to drop significantly from 663 to 539. Thus, the district shows in the statistics the lowest value in all of NRW. Bielefeld ranks ahead with 606, Remscheid has the highest official incidence with 2566.

The reason for the low values in Rhein-Berg is, however, solely the massive reporting delay: within the 7-day period that is decisive for the incidence, the situation center has (partially) recorded the reports for only two days. Therefore, the official incidence has no significance.

The State Center for Health has not yet updated its data this morning; therefore, there are no indications of the development of the real incidence. It had already climbed to 1400 in the past week.

+ 6:21 Nationwide nearly 210.000 new infections +

The RKI has 208.498 new Corona infections were reported, 44.498 more than a week ago. Nationwide incidence rises from 1206 to 1228. There were 196 more fatalities related to the coronavirus recorded.

+ 6:00 Good morning +

The liveblog starts into the new day. On duty are Georg Watzlawek and Holger Crump.

Here begins the liveblog from Tuesday, 1.2.2022

+ 17:30 Number of "special situations" increased to about 200 +

The district administration keeps an eye on more and more of the so-called special situations: Clusters of infections in facilities such as daycare centers, schools and nursing homes. The number of these special situations had already risen very quickly to 130 last week, and now stands at 200, confirmed a spokeswoman for the district’s crisis management team.

+ 13:45 Significantly more Corona patients in clinics +

The number of people in the four hospitals in the district infected with Corona has risen from 19 to 34 since Friday. The number of Corona patients requiring treatment in an intensive care unit has increased from two to four, the district administration reports.

+ 13:32 Among Corona dead one person in the 50s +

The three fatalities reported this morning include a person from Bergisch Gladbach between the ages of 50 and 50 who had pre-existing conditions. In addition, there were three over-80-year-olds from Bergisch Gladbach and one over-70-year-old person from Overath. Two of the five dead had not been vaccinated, one had recovered, and the vaccination status of two others was not known, the district administration said.

+ 12:23 Emergency responders call for vaccination +

The organizations active in disaster control in NRW have published a joint call for vaccination. "Vaccination is the only way out of the pandemic. The majority of our many volunteer emergency workers have been vaccinated and are in favor of vaccination," the seven organizations in North Rhine-Westphalia emphasized in a statement. The fire departments, ASB, Malteser, Johanniter, DRK, THW and DLRG are involved.

+ 9:20 Vaccination center of the fire department opens at 4 p.m +

The fire department’s stationary vaccination center will be open today from 4 to 8 p.m. in the Zanders parking lot on Bensberger Strasse. Vaccinated are all persons starting from 5 years, it are first, time and Boosterimpfung possible.

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Where you can get vaccinated in Bergisch Gladbach and Rhein-Berg

+ 9:02 Real incidence increased to over 1400 +

According to the State Center for Health, the real incidence in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district is already last Wednesday (26.1.) increased to 1408. The value had to be corrected upward by 500 points compared to the first data, based on the delayed recorded subsequent reports, the real and official incidence is getting further apart.

+ 8:15 Health offices should implement compulsory vaccination +

Unvaccinated persons can apparently continue to be vaccinated even after the facility-based vaccination requirement comes into force on 16. March continue to work in hospitals and care facilities – until the local health department decides on the individual case in question.

"Until the public health department has made a decision on an entry or. If a ban on activities has been imposed, the employees concerned may in principle continue to be employed," "Business Insider" quotes a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health as saying. "Within the scope of its discretion" Health department would have to consider the "circumstances of the individual case" take into account.

+ 6:31 Rhein-Berg falls five days behind in coverage +

The situation center of the Rheinisch-Bergisch district is now five days behind in the statistical recording of new infections: yesterday, with relatively few exceptions, only the cases from last Wednesday were recorded. More than 300 cases came in for the 26. January added, the total number on this single day increased to 869.

With such a large time lag, the data on the official 7-day incidence is completely worthless, the current real incidence has not been known for almost a week.

If one calculates alone the case numbers of the 25. and 26. January high results in a real incidence of about 2000. Officially, the RKI currently reports a figure of 663.

The citizen portal reports about everything that is relevant in Bergisch Gladbach and the Rheinisch-Bergisch district: local politics, culture, business, sports, clubs and societies. Here you come to our starting side. Here you can order our daily free newsletter by mail.

+ 6:22 Five more deaths in Rhein-Berg – 451 new infections +

The RKI points out this morning five more Corona deaths for the Rheinisch-Bergisch district; since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 213 people have died as a result of the viral disease so far. As a rule, the death dates are far in the past and are reported late in bundles. This is also an indication that the situation center is completely overloaded.

In addition, the RKI 451 new infections from, the official incidence increased moderately from 644 to 663. Again, it can be assumed that the situation center is far behind in recording the cases.

The LZG has not yet updated its data this morning, no meaningful figures on real incidence have been available for days.

+ 6:11 Nationwide incidence over 1200 +

The RKI has 162.613 more positive tests recorded, about 25.000 more than a week ago. Incidence rises from 1177 to 1206. Another 188 deaths were counted.

Here begins the liveblog from Tuesday, 1.2.2022

+ 18:45 More students infected and in quarantine +

77.000 students with a confirmed infection, the NRW school ministry had 26. reported on January. More 88.000 were in quarantine. Overall, eight percent of the student body had to stay home because of Corona, up from 5.3 percent the previous week.

As the weekly survey of the Ministry showed, there was also a significant increase in teachers from 2462 to 4101 cases. 2086 teachers (previously 1592) were in quarantine. Four schools were completely closed due to pandemic.

+ 13:02 Rapid tests: positive rate continues to rise +

A large number of rapid tests are still being performed in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district; 44.098 were it from Friday to Sunday, communicates the circle. Of these, 1513 were positive – which corresponds to a rate of 3.43 percent.

According to calculations by Hilger Muller, this positive rate had been 0.47 percent at the beginning of the year and had risen steadily to 2.89 percent last week. This indicates that the incidence of infection is still very high.

+ 11:14 No new figures from the district house +

The district administration confirms in its press release that a total of 678 additional cases were recorded in Rhein-Berg on Friday and Saturday, but the current figures will not be published until tomorrow. Once again, Wermelskirchen accounted for a disproportionate number of new infections with 109.

The district does not provide information on the burden on hospitals today.

+ 6:22 No data from Rhein-Berg – Official incidence decreases +

As always on Sunday, the situation center did not record current data on Sunday, so the RKI reports zero cases for Rhein-Berg. The official incidence thus drops to 644.

The real incidence including the recent extremely high late reports will be calculated again tomorrow, it had already been close to 1300 at the beginning of last week.

+ 6:15 Nationwide incidence rises to 1177 +

The RKI has reported 78 in all of Germany.318 positive tests registered, 14.925 cases more than a week ago. Incidence rises from 1157 to 1177. Another 61 people died.

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