Declarations of love after a breakup will not help you

Confessing love to the ex after a breakup only communicates your desperation

Last updated on 03.09.2018

Confessing feelings after a breakup is a common mistake, which has its root in the intense heartbreak that follows a breakup. However, doing so will only worsen your chances if you want to win your ex(s) back. Learn why this is and how you can get back together with him or her.

Declaration of love after separation

Fig. 1: A declaration of love after a breakup only communicates your desperation

Avoid declarations of love and sympathy after a breakup

Many people are emotionally overwhelmed in the separation situation and give free rein to their feelings and say things like: "You know how much you mean to me!“, „I cannot live without you!“, „What am I going to do without you?“, „I do love you", „Please don’t go, I love you", „Please stay with me!“

But after a breakup, this is one of many possible mistakes you can make.. Because by doing so, you inevitably drive your partner further away from you. Often it depends on these mistakes, which you then have to iron out again properly!

„But why?“ you may ask yourself. „Why should it be a mistake to show your true feelings when you love someone?„ Well, the reasons are actually quite simple:

Love is independent of the feelings of the other person

It already doesn’t help you on a logical level! Love is a feeling that we carry inside us. Regardless of whether someone else loves us too. That is, you can’t convince your partner to love you merely because you love him or her too.

Maybe think the other way around: do you love your ex less because he or she has turned away? Probably not, otherwise you would hardly be on this website.

Declarations of love after a breakup make you look desperate and make you look unattractive

A fair amount of desperation resonates in these expressions of sympathy and love. Although this is understandable. But does this leave you Nature of begging Appearing extremely unattractive, as despair, fear and weakness are the opposite of what your ex finds attractive about you. You can only make up for the impression you have left with a good strategy. Therefore you should avoid this and all other errors, which I describe in my newsletter with special report, absolutely or again iron out.

Declarations of love put your partner under pressure with unpleasant consequences for you!

No one likes to be pressured, not even your ex or exes. If you break up with someone, you know that the other person still has feelings, and you have already included this in your decision.

What happens to declarations of love during (or after) a breakup conversation?? Your or your ex feels cornered and has a guilty conscience. She does not know what to say and therefore finds the situation extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, your ex will avoid meetings with you in the future, because he or she does not know what to say in response to your declarations of love or sympathy.

Have you already made this mistake or want to know what 10 other mistakes you must avoid at all costs to win your or your ex back? What you should do right now, you will learn in my newsletter which includes the 47-page special report.

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