Deliberately infected with corona: teacher from bavaria explains process and her reasons – “it was the last resort”

Deliberately infected with Corona: Teacher from Bavaria explains process and her reasons - 'It was the last resort'

A teacher from Bavaria intentionally contracted the corona virus to avoid vaccination. Now she tells about the course of events. And her motives.

Munich – The Corona pandemic has had a firm grip on the world for two years, and after about a year the first vaccines came onto the market. Those who do not want to be vaccinated – for whatever reason – have a hard time, because many things, such as going to a restaurant or the theater, are now only possible under the so-called 2G rule. So you have to be either vaccinated against the virus or recovered from it. In many other areas, 3G applies, which means that unvaccinated people have to be tested before they are allowed in.

In addition to forged vaccination certificates, which were soon in circulation, there are also said to have been so-called "liver cheese parties," especially in southern Bavaria, at which healthy people deliberately infected themselves with the virus in order to maintain their convalescent status and avoid vaccination for the time being. A fact that left many people shaking their heads.

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Intentionally infected with coronavirus: Teacher from Bavaria talks about experiences

Now, however, a teacher from southern Bavaria has dared to take the step and start using the Mirror üShe also talked about the reasons why she had deliberately contracted the virus. The 53-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, and her partner said they had deliberately contracted the disease "to put an end to the social pressure. After the successful transmission of the virus, she invited unvaccinated friends and relatives to her home, who also voluntarily became infected.

The woman states that the treatment of the unvaccinated made her feel more and more like a second-class person. So she would have had to wait in freezing temperatures in front of the school building until her negative test result was there. Later, she had herself tested at a pharmacy, but everyone at work knew that she had not been vaccinated. This had led to exclusions in everyday school life. The woman cites her lack of confidence in vaccines as the reason for her refusal to be vaccinated. According to the teacher, these have not been sufficiently researched.

Coronavirus: teacher from Bavaria infects herself on purpose – and then infects others

But it was not so much the exclusions in public life that got to her, says the 53-year-old, but rather the pressure in her private life. Although she had adhered to all hygiene rules. A friend even scolded her when her sister contracted covid. When she asked a colleague to bring her a book from the library, to which she was no longer allowed as an unvaccinated person, so that she could read something to her students, the colleague only replied that that was over now.

The emergence of the mandatory vaccination debate finally forced her to react, the 53-year-old explains. Since she thought it was immoral and wrong to buy a fake vaccination card, she decided to get infected on purpose. After this did not work by simply increasing her social contacts, she decided to go to a woman who was infected with the virus to specifically infect herself. This woman had also previously been infected on purpose. The teacher and her boyfriend went to the woman’s house and stuck a cotton swab up her nose, which she had previously contaminated with pathogens. Afterwards they let themselves be "coughed on". They did not want to "leave anything to chance".

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Last resort infection: teacher from Bavaria goes through Covid19 disease – and calls it the "last resort"

The infection actually worked. According to the report, the 53-year-old, who describes herself as in good health and athletic, and her partner went into isolation immediately after visiting the infected woman so as not to endanger anyone else. She was really sick for two days, then it got better. From the fourth day on, she had finally received visits from people who also wanted to be infected, the youngest was only 15. None of those infected would have suffered a severe course. In the meantime, she herself is also "fit as a fiddle" again.

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