Deregister when moving abroad and get deregistration certificate

Relocation-Basics: The deregistration at the registration office when moving and leaving abroad

Anyone who moves abroad again at the end of a posting as part of repatriation or permanently gives up a second home must deregister with the registration office where the registration was made. The deregistration confirmation is important in order to be able to cancel a series of contracts more quickly, e.g.B. the Internet and telephone contract. You are also welcome to take a look at all our departure and good-bye services, which we offer for your convenience and security.

The German registration law regulates all cases in which you have to register and deregister regularly. In the case of a normal move within Germany, z.B. from Munich to Dusseldorf, the deregistration that was once required is omitted by registering at the new place of residence.

When moving abroad or when departing in the context of repatriation, whether as a German, EU citizen or third country national, one must deregister and receives a deregistration certificate. The deregistration is also automatically transmitted to the competent foreigners authority, so that one does not have to deregister explicitly with regard to the residence title that may still be valid.

Deadlines must be observed for deregistration. Those who give up a secondary residence must also deregister their residence. A landlord confirmation for deregistration has been dropped again since November 2016.

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Deregistering when moving abroad and getting a deregistration certificate becomes easy with this service list from the relocation managers from Anders Consulting Relocation Service:

Service list deregistration

Introduction Deregistering Residence

Short introduction and explanation of the German registration system and the meaning of deregistration

Fill out forms

Filling out the necessary forms for deregistration for all family members, taking identification documents with you and granting power of attorney

Residence deregistration accompanied / in power of attorney

Deregister by proxy and immediately hand over the deregistration confirmation and personal documents to the expatriate

Fixed price 120,00 Euro plus. ges. VAT.

Save money by signing out!

ANDERS CONSULTING Relocation Service deregisters you when you leave Germany. This way you will never forget it and it will be easier for you to terminate your contracts in Germany

"Apart from the pure obligation, such a deregistration certificate is a practical thing: In any case, if one or the other partner does not really want to go along with the dissolution and termination of private contracts and you need a proof, maybe even a means of pressure to dissolve the contract because you are going abroad.

The deregistration certificate is a credible proof. It guarantees to the contracting party that one has not spun off and is actually leaving the country for the purpose of repatriation or assignment on a permanent basis. And it suggests that even further collection from an account that is in the process of being closed would probably be fruitless and the contracting party could hardly be legally prosecuted in Germany. Gone is gone.

Telecommunication providers often make the special termination according to § 46 number 8 TKG subject to the condition precedent of submitting the deregistration certificate. Many insurance companies terminate contracts much more accommodating when proof of removal is provided.

It can be critical to deregister the residence if a bank account still exists or a car is registered. We therefore inform all still existing contractual partners about the new address, because forwarding orders z.B. are not valid for bank mail.

The tax office also knows when you deregister that you are no longer subject to unlimited income tax in Germany. The correct deregistration therefore saves trouble, time and money. Youe got a Friend in Germany!"

Downloads on the topic of deregistering your residence when moving abroad

Deregistration form (Berlin)

10 facts worth knowing about logging off

Price list: All Services, All Prices

Relocation facts: 10 facts worth knowing about registration and deregistration

1. In Germany, it is a legal requirement to deregister at the relevant residents’ registration office when moving abroad

2. Foreigners and delegates should take care to deregister when returning abroad so that there are no difficulties when re-entering Germany

3. With the deregistration only in few municipalities still a presence obligation exists. There is even usually the possibility to do this by mail. However, departing expats should make sure to obtain a deregistration certificate when deregistering when moving abroad. Unfortunately, very often the point is simply forgotten…

4. The i.d.R. free deregistration can be done at the earliest one week before the actual move out, but at the latest two weeks later

5. Germans should leave their foreign address, for example to receive their absentee ballot notification abroad

6. Late or omitted deregistration is an administrative offense

7. Non-married people have to fill in one form each for deregistration

8. A confirmation from the housing provider when moving out and deregistering was removed from the registration law effective November 2016. However, when moving in, it is still required to submit a confirmation of move-in from the landlord

9. If you also want to escape the German tax authorities by deregistering, moving and going abroad, you must actually leave the country and may not stay in Germany for 183 days, d.h. Do not have habitual residence there. Then only income from German sources is subject to taxation in Germany, foreign sources are not. A tax consultant should be consulted in case of doubt

10. A vehicle can no longer be registered to someone who has logged off. Keep this in mind when timing the car export

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