Deregistering cars online from home

The nationwide online service for deregistering a motor vehicle offers advantages for both sides. Provided that the requirements for this are met, all vehicle registration offices must accept and also process the online deregistration received by them. This is a first step into the future in both senses of the word, because this procedure, which has been in effect since January 2015, is only possible for vehicles that have been registered since then. All other vehicle owners are still not spared the trip to the vehicle registration office. For their part, they can look forward to a significant reduction in their workload in the medium and long term. If you can, you can do without the red tape and register your vehicle online from your couch at home. Broadly seen however that is still future music. The vast majority of the nine million or so vehicles that are deregistered each year fall into the period before the 1. January 2015. However, it decreases annually. It is realistic to expect the first staff savings at the vehicle registration authorities in the course of the next decade.

In order for this new online process to be possible, the vehicle owner, for his part, must meet several requirements. Since January 2015, a hidden security code has been noted on the vehicle registration plate and in the registration certificate Part I, the vehicle registration document, when registering the vehicle. It serves a need-based identification of the car.

This security code is here as there concealed, comparable with the PIN for online banking. So that the code for vehicle deregistration can be used once, it is scratched free. Every account holder knows this. The security code that is now exposed is needed for the online vehicle deregistration process. This free rubbing irrevocably destroys the sticker of the vehicle registration plate. So the car owner does the work that would otherwise be done by the vehicle registration office. From now on, the vehicle may no longer be used in public road traffic.

Another requirement is the electronic identity card. The holder of the biometric ID card can opt for the additional electronic version both when it is issued and at a later date. It is necessary for the online deregistration of the car. And finally, it must be possible to pay the fees for vehicle deregistration via e-payment. E-payment is the generic term for several different forms of electronic payment, including online payment, i.e. online banking.

  • Calling up the website of the vehicle registration office
  • Entering the identification of the vehicle owner
  • Entering the transaction data
  • Completing the e-payment process
  • Confirm vehicle deregistration as an order

Are the nationwide standardized procedures to deregister the car online. The vehicle is then deregistered at the responsible vehicle registration office. The deregistration itself becomes effective with the date of processing. The vehicle owner will receive a confirmation of this either by letter or by De-Mail.

6 thoughts on" Deregister cars online from home"

  1. Celestial1325. September 2018 at 10:08

I find the idea and implementation really good. For example, if you want to sell your car, you can still use it until the last day and then deregister online right afterwards. Definitely saves time not having to run to the government office for every thing.

Can the security code also be checked by motor vehicle experts?? After an accident, friends can no longer read it out. Can it still be accessed?

  1. GUTSCHILD Contributor 1. November 2018 at 7:02

We do not believe that a motor vehicle expert can do this.

An online registration office would be really very wonderful. There you really save ways and a lot of time. There is nothing worse than waiting for your appointment. Now this is really always very annoying. That’s why I really like the idea of an online registration office.

I have sold my car, the buyer has promised that my car immediately deregister, two weeks have passed and has not happened.
Can I deregister my car with copy of car registration paper?

  1. GUTSCHILD Contributor 3. September 2019 at 6:48

For the deregistration also license plates must be presented or be present.

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