Destiny 2 reveals weapons for witch queen – are playlist strikes finally worth it again?

In yesterday’s blog, Destiny 2 announced the first changes to the playlist activities and also gave a small preview of the rewards. We’ll tell you what’s changing, what weapons to expect, and whether it’s worth it.

Following the release of the weekly This Week at Bungie (TWaB for short), playlist activities will now receive a small boost. In addition, there was a weapon preview of the new Vanguard rewards from Twilights, which you can hunt at the start of Witch Queen in Season 16.

The reason for these adjustments in the vanguard reputation rank gain is the fact that especially the different difficulty levels in the vanguard playlists, were not played as expected actually. Many players play especially the weekly dawns only on the low challenge levels.

Bungie will therefore be making adjustments in the upcoming Season 16 to make these activities more palatable to players on higher difficulty levels in the future.

  • Vanguard reputation rank will increase twice as fast starting in Season 16
  • Dawns on higher difficulty levels also grant faster gains
  • The changes are intended to be closer to the reputation rank gain from Crucible playlists in the future as well

Destiny 2 players are currently still waiting for the Season 15 story mission to end

Adjustments to Strike modifiers in Season 16

Additionally, there will be adjustments to the modifiers of Vanguard Strikes and Dawns. In Season 15, players’ approach to twilights was often very tactical because incoming damage from bosses was too strong. This should be different in Season 16 and encourage guardians to do such challenges more through their good builds. Bungie will therefore make the following adjustments:

  • Boss specific damage modifiers will be removed from Dawns with Witch Queen starting at Hero difficulty level.
  • The scorch modifier (damage inflicted by a specific element) will be replaced with "Acute". This modifier will increase damage from a specific item by 25% both incoming and outgoing. This means players will have 50% more incoming damage and 25% more outgoing damage.
  • Seasonal Strike modifiers from Season 15 will be moved to the Vanguard Dawn playlist
  • In Season 16, strike modifiers for Hero, Legend, and Grandmaster difficulty levels are themed around the use of the Glefe and Void and rotate weekly.

Those who play harder challenges will be rewarded

Here’s what’s changing in Season 16 with the Trials of Osiris

While reputation rank gains in the regular Crucible will remain the same, something will change in Season 16 for Trials instead. Apparently, in Season 15, the reputation rank gain of the Trials of Osiris was about 30% slower than expected. It also could not be increased further at higher ranks.

For Season 16, because of this, Bungie wants to grant an increase in reputation rank multiplier in Trials of Osiris for more replays and for each round won during a match. Depending on the number of victories a player has on their respective ticket.

Overall, this should give a 50% increase in Trials replay wins, making players who have 20-round wins and 7-wins on their Trials pass more valuable.

These are the changes in detail:

  • At the end of each Trials match won, players will receive a small point bonus on their Trials rank starting with Season 16
  • Reputation rank will continue to increase, depending on the number of wins on the pass
  • Each round won will grant 21 points more than still in Season 15
  • Reputation rank gain can increase to up to an additional 105 points per game as a result

These changes should also increase reputation rank gains in Trials of Osiris by 50% or more for players who don’t reset their ticket regularly.

Gambit will soon be really good again?

Far-reaching adjustments are also in store for Gambit: Many players have long felt that Destiny 2 PvPvE hybrid mode Gambit needs more attention. This is now apparently next.

Then Gambit will not only receive a proper overhaul, but also the reputation rank is to change something. However, the developer will present more information about this in more detail in an upcoming TWaB blog article.

Activity boost indicator will soon bring more clarity: So that you always know which weekly bonus is currently active and you can level your reputation ranks optimally with it, there will be a new start page info. For Witch Queen and the start of Season 16, this information will be displayed directly on the start screen so that you can always keep an eye on it.

These weapons you can hunt in Season 16

In addition to the information about the reputation rank points, there was also a first preview of the weapons that players can hunt from Season 16 in the respective playlists. Among them, two well-known weapons that players can earn as exclusive rewards from the Vanguard Dawns and an equally well-known Trials weapon. All three weapons are then also available from Season 16 as a master version.

The Trials are the solar automatic rifle "The Summoner". The weapon could already be earned in Season 11 as a master version in the Trials. It has a 600 fire rate and a good TTK value of 0.7 seconds.

In addition, there will be another weapon for the Trials. Which that and whether this is then a new, however, Bungie did not want to reveal yet.

The Summoner can be earned in the Trials in Season 16

The two dawn-exclusive weapons are both kinetic. Here it concerns on the one hand the once very popular 600 automatic rifle "duty bound" as well as the sniper rifle "silicon neurom".

Interestingly, both weapons are from planets (Io and Titan) that are currently, as part of the story, swallowed up by the pyramid ship anomaly and are therefore in the Content Vault.

The automatic rifle "duty bound" and the sniper "silicon neurom"

Last but not least, an info for graphics fans among Destiny 2 players: Bungie has also given a first hint of a hardware upgrade in Witch Queen. From Season 16 on "Windowed HDR" will be supported by Destiny 2. Players may get improved game performance in windowed fullscreen mode and nicer graphics with it.

This change is thanks to some upgrades under the hood of the Destiny 2 game engine. There will also be some HDR calibrations available in the settings. However, it should be noted that players also need appropriate hardware to fully enjoy this change.

This was also important this week in Destiny 2:

Weapon recycling continues: Whether this change is an incentive for players is questionable. Above all, the weapons are already old, familiar, albeit popular weapons. They don’t bring much fresh wind into the playlists with it. After all, it’s not entirely out of the question that this was just a small taste, and especially for the Trials, it’s confirmed that at least one more weapon will find its way into the Prestige PvP activity’s reward pool.

What do you say about the changes? Are these weapons that you have also missed and will definitely get them because of it? What do you say to the changes in the call ranks? Will this make you tackle the higher challenges in the twilights right away in the future? Tell us in the comments.

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On the whole it just shows how pointless the sunsetting was and is!
And a little more reputation at higher twilight does not make me play them too. The porten of Champs or that they heal themselves gestunt has our squad the twilight more than spoiled.
Even normal strikes no longer irritate as a team, because they are repeated now felt for 3 years.
All in all remains only : Wait and see and drink tea. Maybe Bungie surprises us yet.

this "veteran weapons" I do not like at all….and if they are still so popular

the HDR option I like very much

Please what? & The weapons were never good&

Exactly not good (let’s say solid) but still popular. On reddit and also beyond, the return of this once gesunnsetteten automatic rifle actually came quite well received. Maybe it’s partly because of the very special look, that it’s an old collector’s item and you’re glad to play it again.
How good it is then to Witch Queen we wait and see. &

I can darkly remember that they are also dropped quite rarely. Only in the final quest before Beyond Light you are guaranteed to get them again.
Well, with the right Perks and if Bungie still screws a bit on the sandbox, they could be good&

For me ne impudence. Most of the trial weapons are in the game for almost 2 years now. It finally needs completely new gear but Bungie comes up with a paltry 2 of which one is a D1 weapon.
The mode lives on a large player pool, but who wants to gamble if there is nothing new to get hold of?

Same with the strike weapons, 2 remakes. Already here simply crumbles the statement one wants to do something for the replay value.

That’s why I wrote an entry in the forum and have seen a few others… let’s see maybe that shows with enough criticism effect.

There is always something to say.
You’ve seen it well in the example of the Sunsetting, and most recently in the example of the blue engrams and mod components. There was more and more pressure, both from the community and content creator players. & 

Let me look into my crystal ball: May the fact that especially the lower twilight difficulty levels are played may have slightly to do with the fact that there is no automatic ingame player search for the higher levels? & 

The people who haven’t looked for a teammate yet, who don’t want to use the squad function via cell phone or who are the last "survivors" of the once sworn clan, won’t be forced to take the more complicated way because of a 20 percent reputation bonus.

The shown "weapons with sustainability bonus" don’t blow me away. Bringing back a few nostalgic candidates from D1, I still find ok. But now already rehashing the D2 twilight weapons leaves a pretty bland aftertaste. But I assume (or hope?) that there is also enough fresh added. The pool of legendary weapons should also be thinned out properly. By the way, that includes trial and twilight weapons as well. Might be the last chance this week to farm another usable uzume.

Exactly the same!
I would play higher difficulty levels more often (Courage, Astral, Twilight), but without the search function I don’t feel like doing it.

Even the dungeons can be equipped with search function for once. I haven’t really needed a HS for any of them yet (although it’s more fun).

In the raid I’m still for "no randoms", however, I have eg Tiefstein therefore not yet played.

At Atheon nobody noticed that I was new, because I played it up and down in D1 times. And the few changes are not sooo hard to understand.

Actually, I’m glad that I can do the upper dawns without auto-player search. Then I can also go solo and farm my bounties in peace and quiet. Annoying random players would often only disturb, hop ahead or snatch the kills away from me.

With pleasure also auto player search, that makes also mostly fun. But above please only optional! There must also still be strikes, in which you have your peace.

Absolutely right, I’m also one of those, if there was a player search, I would also run times higher difficulty levels.

But Bungie thinks it would be another reason, we listen to you, we know what you want, etc. yes yes.

To Bungie: build in a player search for everything except the raids and the problem is solved, why make it easy when it can be done harder, right?

To Bungie: add a player search for everything except raids and the problem is solved, why make it easy when it can be harder, right?

So the search via the app is really not difficult. This is also easy to set in a few seconds and then you just have to wait. Do not know what is so hard about it now.
But you have already under so some games very well explained that for you the initiative to find a group in an MMORPG is rather less present and there must be simply for everything and over all LFG.

As the author said at the end: it’s only recycling. If bungie is not even worth for twilight-exclusive weapons to play properly the imagination and inventiveness to bring times completely new guns in the game, I see black. Even for the hardcore mode only warmed up…that’s just a shame bungo

Now seriously (and without being provocative): don’t you get bored posting negatively under really every Destiny2 article?? Shouldn’t we maybe wait and see what all is to come? I assume you are still playing Destiny2, don’t you enjoy the game that much?? I don’t like some things either, but if I would see almost everything negatively, I would have stopped long ago. Really don’t want to attack you personally, but I don’t understand this, for me this has nothing to do with constructive criticism. Sorry!

But he is absolutely right now. I’m actually very positive about the game, but I’m still tired of playing the same weapons with different perks year after year. Sure, in the season activities there is always different loot, but I’ll go out on a limb and say that most players tend to play the playlists to 90%. And there just happens nothing more.

The question, why this is treated so stepmotherly, is quite justified. That only beautify brings but nix.

I’m not making anything up, it wasn’t about that one article at all. I just do not understand how you can comment negatively on almost everything, mostly even before you know the whole content. Believe me, I don’t like some things either, but all in all I still see the game in a positive light, otherwise I wouldn’t play it anymore and wouldn’t judge it either. But you’re right, doesn’t really concern me, so sorry esmerald.

I think you are both right. Is just already bissl warmed up sometimes. But honestly I do not care somehow. It’s not cool either but so what. There are enough other weapons coming and it’s not like there are never good new weapons coming. Current example would be z.B. the BR Pulserifle. How I love this thing.

I don’t quite understand why especially my posts are constantly commented on negatively. I’m not the only one commenting negatively here, nor am I pulling info out of my nose – I’m actually just trying to give my opinion based on facts.
I bring criticism, right. Have I said anything exaggeratedly bad here? I do not find. I stick to the facts and my opinion that I find it as ZERO innovative and just sad that meanwhile even for endgame activities things are recycled. Of course, there are still things to come, but under what star are these things, if bungie simply does not want to learn from their mistakes?. Is it too much to ask to just make a completely new loot-pool for the twilight and trials.

The info about the DLC is currently very scarce. Now one may claim "there is still something to come", but I’m afraid that the DLC will not be as big as many players here hope for. Also, past experience shows that you shouldn’t put a lot of trust in bungie’s words – is skepticism no longer allowed in this regard?

To answer your question finally:
The time I currently spend in D2 can not be called "active playing. Nevertheless, I keep myself up-to-date and contribute to opinions/discussions. Personally, my opinion is important to me, please respect that – even if you may not like it.

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