Digital information event on facility-based mandatory vaccination

On 3. February 2022, the Department of Health will conduct a digital information session on facility-based mandatory vaccination. It provides a forum for healthcare workers to ask questions about mandatory vaccinations. The event will be livestreamed.

Next Thursday, 3. February 2022, from 19.00 to 20.00 hrs, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration is organizing a digital information event on facility-based mandatory vaccination. It will be livestreamed via the "dranbleibenBW" website. Questions can be submitted in advance and also during the event via [email protected] be submitted to. They will be answered during the event.

Forum for questions related to mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers

How do we provide additional protection against corona infection, especially for the elderly, the previously ill, the sick and people with disabilities?? To provide further protection for these particularly vulnerable individuals in particular, from 15. March 2022 the facility-based vaccination obligation in force. Beginning on this date, employees of hospitals, nursing homes, and similar facilities will be required to present proof of being vaccinated or recovering from the disease. Vaccination of employees of these facilities provides an important additional layer of protection for this vulnerable population.

Most of the employees in this area are aware of their responsibility and have therefore already been vaccinated twice and thus have a basic immunization, many of them have also already received their booster vaccination, so they are boosted. Some employees therefore ask themselves why the obligation is limited to their group of persons only. There are also questions about the enforceability and oversight of facility-based mandatory vaccinations.

Representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs answer questions

These and other questions from health and social care workers, multipliers, members of vulnerable groups and other interested parties will be answered by the head of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration, Prof. Dr. Thilo Walker. Dr. Uwe Lahl, together with other representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Lahl, Chief of Office
  • Dr. Tobias Schneider, Head of Department 3 – Social Affairs
  • Dr. Thilo Walker, Head of Department 5 – Health
  • Christine Engelhardt, Head of Department 6 – Social Security
  • Dr. Jochen Wehrle, Department 7 – State Health Office

Background to the facility-based vaccination obligation

Medical and nursing staff have a special responsibility when caring for the elderly, people in need of care, the chronically ill and people with disabilities. The close and often intensive contact with vulnerable people makes it necessary for staff in medical and nursing facilities to be fully vaccinated. This will help provide reliable protection against coronavirus and prevent the virus from spreading further. The deadline for facility-based mandatory vaccination from 16. March was chosen to give all unvaccinated people from this area enough time to get fully vaccinated.

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