Diy | build your own dining table

In my last post I told you that we have redesigned our living / dining room. For this we also built a dining table ourselves. And this is what I want to show you today and of course also tell you how we proceeded, if you also want to build a dining table yourself.

DIY | Build your own dining table

After we have already built the garden table and the matching bench, [you can find the article hereIt was clear to me pretty quickly that we will also build our own dining table.

Our dining table is 0.90m x 1.80m in size.

Material list:

You will need different wooden beams and boards etc.:

  • legs: 4 pieces – 10cm x 10cm x 72cm
  • long beams: 2 pieces – 4,2cm x 7,2cm x 156cm
  • short beams: 2 pieces – 4,2cm x 7,2cm x 66cm
  • beams in the middle: 2 pieces – 4,2cm x 7,2 cm x 77cm
  • boards for table top: 3 pieces – 30cm x 180cm x 2,8cm
  • 8 angles * * * * *
Let’s go..

DIY | Build your own dining table

We had the wood cut to size again in the hardware store. This time, however, at a hardware store where we did not have to pay anything for cutting to size. Best you inquire there before. For the garden furniture we had unfortunately chosen the wrong hardware store.

First we sanded all the edges, so that nowhere splinters can appear. Then I painted the edges of the boards for the tabletop, because you can’t reach everywhere when the table is finished.

DIY | Build your own dining table

Afterwards we positioned all single pieces in the way they should be mounted.
We have an outer edge of approx. 2cm left.
With a pencil we then marked the positions.

DIY | Build your own dining table

Next, you think about the distance between the drill holes should come. We have chosen distances between 20cm and 30cm. Since it does not open completely, the one screws are a little tighter and the other times a little further apart. It is only important that you put on the short side of course in each table top one to two screws.

DIY | Build your own dining table

The two middle beams, which additionally hold the table top, are ca. 134cm away from the outer beams. These are also fixed from the outer sides with a long screw each.

DIY | Build your own dining table

The table legs we have glued with wood glue and then additionally screwed with angles.

Unfortunately, since I always forget to really take pictures or even a video of every step of such projects, since I’m always so focused on this project, the pictures are unfortunately very different from the lighting conditions. Also I didn’t take a picture of the fixing of the angles, so here’s one where I had already painted it.
[I try to think more about it in the future. But maybe you know that, when you are fully involved in a project or DIY, that you forget everything around it?]

DIY | Build your own dining table

So here you can see the attachment of the angles. We had first considered whether we need to attach the legs from the outside also, with long screws to the beams but the glue and the angles hold the legs super well.

After the table was assembled, I painted it first from the bottom with undercoat paint and then with the colored varnish. After that we glued the felt plates under the feet and turned the table upside down. I also painted the table top again first with undercoat paint and then with the colored paint.

The bottom line

I can tell you, I LOVE this table! It corresponds exactly to my ideas, is kept simple, white and looks very natural, since the grain of the wood still comes through and there are small indentations in one or the other place. I can always repaint the table, if daily use should show first traces that cannot be wiped away.
And if at some point I no longer like white, [which I believe will never be the case ;) ] I could also paint it in another color at any time.

But for me, one of the biggest advantages of building your own dining table or garden table is simply the cost. You save a lot if you build the furniture yourself. And you can easily build the table to your own liking.

In fact, I already have the next ideas in my head about what we could build ourselves [who would have thought it :) ] but next priority is the children’s room and the small construction sites in the garden, which we hope to get rid of before winter.

DIY | Build your own dining table

How does it look for you? Could you also imagine building a dining table or other furniture yourself?
Or is that too much work for you?
I have to say, since we already had a little practice, the assembly went really fast. Of course, painting takes the most time, because the paint has to be properly dry before you start using the table.

Next, of course, I’ll show you the complete, newly designed dining area including play corner. Promised! Curious to see what you think.

I wish you until then all the love

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