Dschungelcamp 2022 – day 12: who is out? Anouschka is the last woman in camp

I’m a star – get me out of here"!" : Anouschka is the last woman in the jungle camp

Jungle Camp 2022 candidates: Who is there? Photos of all IBES participants

Dusseldorf After a year Corona break, the RTL jungle camp 2022 is back in full swing. Only one new filming location was chosen: South Africa. On the twelfth day there is a crispy treasure, and Eric proves to be a camp clean man.

In episode twelve, the jungle campers look forward to a feast. But first, a treasure hunt is in order. Meanwhile, the remorseful exam refuser Eric Stehfest invents a shower for the eight-star man Filip Pavlovic. In the camp Anouschka Renzi gets upset once again. In the end, however, Renzi remains as the only woman in the jungle camp: viewers vote Linda Nobat out. What else happened on the twelfth day, read here.

+++ 1. February 2022 +++

The episode at the beginning of the week had a lot to offer. At least, if Linda Nobat and Anouschka Renzi have their way. And after first the announcement came to get no stars at all, it became then nevertheless all eight. Tina Ruland, who would have liked to stay longer, had to leave at the end of the episode. What the pan is all about, you can read here.

+++ 31. January 2022 +++

The tenth show of the jungle camp was all about Eric Stehfest. If he was hardly noticed in the first time, he had in recent days by his behavior significantly more airtime got. But an argument with Filip and the deliberate violation of rules were only the beginning. No one had to leave the camp. What else happened, read here.

+++ 30. January 2022 +++

Out of the dream of the jungle crown for reality actress Jasmin Herren. The 43-year-old widow of Willi Herren received the fewest votes in viewer voting on Saturday night in the RTL jungle camp. Herren, who last week announced a pop ballad about her husband, took the decision in stride. "I gonn’s you all and look forward to come also now times in a tub".

For the first time this season, the candidates themselves decided which of them should go into the "jungle test". The campers chose Manuel Flickinger (33, "Prince Charming") and Filip Pavlovic (27, "Bachelorette"), who first had to bowl together at the "Bundesekelbahn" and then eat worms, pig penis, offal and guinea fowl hearts. The two grasped bravely and got seven stars together, which are converted into food. What else happened on the ninth day in the jungle camp, read here.

+++ 29. January 2022 +++

Reality actress Tara Tabitha ("Ex on the Beach") is the first candidate to have to leave the RTL jungle camp due to a viewer vote. For the 28-year-old had received the fewest calls, as the hosts Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich announced on Friday evening. On Monday, model Janina Youssefian had already had to leave the show early after making a racist remark. I didn’t expect any of this," said astonished Filip Pavlovic (27), who was on "Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus" with Tabitha!" had temporarily flirted. The Austrian also expressed her surprise and said about her unexpectedly early departure from the jungle: "I have not yet lost enough weight."Things went better for Tina Ruland on the eighth day. She got nine stars in the jungle test. What else was going on, read here.

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+++ 28. January 2022 +++

Thorsten Legat is dissatisfied. All these "gutter language remarks" are too much for him. There is a lack of reasonable communication in the jungle camp, the candidates talk disrespectfully to each other, there are too many insults, finds Legat. "I’m not up for it," says the ex-candidate in the RTL show "The hour after". And in general, the former footballer does not find himself in the current season so right again. "Is this a dating show? Is this a dating agency? Or is it the jungle camp?", he asks. Legat actually wanted to come by the studio for the after-show. But the pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works: "I got the PCR notice today that I have Corona-19," says Legat – including a charming slip of the tongue. That makes him "infinitely sad", but he is fine. "I could pull out trees," he says. In the end, after the criticism at the beginning, there is praise for one candidate: "Harald Gloockler impresses me because he is now showing his true colors," says Legat.

+++ 27. January 2022 +++

That was nothing: In the jungle test on day seven Linda Nobat, Anouschka Renzi and Jasmin Herren have to run. Under difficult conditions, the trio must collect stars from the track in the race car. That already works only moderately well. In the end the three are too late at the finish and lose all stars. With Tara Tabitha and Filip Pavlovic prevails meanwhile thick air. First hinted at a jungle romance, but since a few days the two are distant. "You’ve got yourself into something way too much there.", says Filip. Team boss Tina Ruland rules under whose with a hard hand. Not every candidate likes that. Discussions ensue.

+++ 26. January 2022 +++

It’s not pretty: In the sixth episode, all jungle campers have to give up one of their two luxury items. The reason: too many rule violations. When it comes out, Anouschka Renzi cheats – and is promptly taken to task by Tina Ruland. Meanwhile, Tara Tabitha loses something that is very valuable to her. For them, there is also a jungle test in this episode: Together with Linda Nobat, Tabitha climbs into the lottery drum to play for stars and goodies in the "scrap lottery" – among other things, between cockroaches, ants and slime.

+++ 25. January 2022 +++

This has never happened before: RTL has waived a test for its jungle campers and given them the highest score for nothing in return. Reason was too strong wind at the venue, a very deep canyon in South Africa. "In fact, it is the first time in the history of the jungle camp that there is no test in a program," RTL announced Wednesday night. "Challenges that were cancelled have so far always been made up for, substitute tests have been held or the candidates have not taken part of their own free will." So now new territory.

Fashion star Harald Gloockler and reality starlet Linda Nobat had competed to jump from a trampoline into a net that hung vertically over a precipice. In the "Stars on the edge" test, both candidates were visibly nervous despite their safety harnesses. Gloockler suffers from fear of heights, according to his own statements.

The hosts Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich delayed the test of courage because of unexpectedly violent gusts of wind initially. Finally came the rejection.

Meanwhile, the candidates dealt with each other as usual. Frictions took place in varying volumes and degrees – with words ranging from "no splurge" to "princess shit" being uttered. The jungle campers also didn’t let themselves go to waste with their topics of conversation in the fifth episode: soccer, women, ghost peacocks – we’ve captured the highlights for you.

+++Racism eclat – RTL throws out Janina Youssefian+++

Youssefian and Nobat had gotten into a heated argument after surviving a jungle test together and had insulted each other. In this context, Youssefian made racist remarks to Nobat. This was immediately criticized by the other campers: "That’s not right, something like that doesn’t remain without consequences these days," said Jasmin Herren, for example.

The 39-year-old still tried to apologize to Nobat: "I’m sorry if that came across as racist. That was not meant in such a way." However, the former "Bachelor" candidate did not accept the apology.

Our colleague Julia Rathcke thinks the showrunners’ decision to kick out is exemplary. Your comment on the matter can be found here.

+++ 24. January 2022 +++

Confessions about emotional life, catfights and clear insights about what a man has to bring along who could arouse Linda’s interest: On the third day of the RTL jungle camp, flirting options are checked out while Linda and Janina escape from the "Dream House of Stars". But there is also a lot for the viewers to learn: for example, how to earn money with toenails and socks.

+++23. January 2022+++

Soul-searching, tearful revelations, big shouting matches: RTL’s jungle camp contestants step on the gas. Already on day two of the show "I’m a star, get me out of here" the very heavy reality TV guns were brought up.

On average, followed from 22.30 clock 4.05 million (20.4 percent) the second edition of the show "I’m a Star – Get me out of here!". On Friday, about 4.6 million viewers had tuned in from 21.30 o’clock the first edition of this year with the entry of the Promis pursued. Even that was already significantly less than in the last regular edition, the 14. Season two years ago, when a good 6 million had watched the move in.

+++ 22. January 2022 +++

Comparatively weak is the start of the 15. Season of the RTL jungle camp "I’m a star – get me out of here" on Friday night had been. On average, 4.58 million viewers (market share 21.7 percent from 21.30 o’clock) the entry of the Promis. In the last regular edition, the 14. Season two years ago, a good 6 million saw the entry of the more or less celebrities in the TV camp in Australia. 2019 saw the kick-off show just under 6 million, 2018 it was about 6.5 million, 2017 even about 7.4 million.

+++ 20. January 2022 +++

Fashion designer Harald Gloockler (56) looks forward impatiently to the start of the RTL jungle camp. "I’m already scuffing my hooves," he told the German Press Agency. It’s about time. "I would rather go to camp today than tomorrow."The show will be "a huge adventure," said Gloockler. "Probably the biggest adventure I’ve ever tackled in my life – that’s what makes it so fascinating." He sees this as a "complete reset" (new start). "Suddenly you’re completely out of our usual world. Not only from the area, but from everything. No cell phone, no watch, you don’t know what’s happening in the world."

He also said that food was kept to a minimum. "You can almost talk about detox, a detox. And that is great in every respect." He didn’t have cold feet so close to launch, designer stressed. "No, I will never get. Not in the least." When he decides something, he does it too. "And at the end of."

About reports on other participants or participants or on information from third hand he gives nothing. "I want to get to know people myself and get a picture of them."

+++ 19. January 2022 +++

In the morning, RTL shares on the Instagram account of "I’m a star – get me out of here!"with the fact that a candidate on 21. January will not enter the jungle camp. Musician Lucas Cordalis has been infected with the corona virus. "Lucas Cordalis is fine, he has no symptoms whatsoever. He has been in self-isolation since the test result and is under close medical care," the station says. So there will initially start eleven instead of twelve participants. Whether Cordalis will still enter the camp at a later date, is not yet certain.

+++ 15.January 2022 +++

Against the jungle camp contestant replaced at short notice Christin Okpara is being investigated on suspicion of having submitted a forged vaccination certificate. She was noticed a week ago at Frankfurt airport during an exit check to South Africa, the Federal Police in Frankfurt am Main announced on Saturday. The vaccination proof carried along had – concerning the Corona inoculations – "irregularities" proven.

Thereupon a procedure because of the urgent suspicion of the "use of incorrect health certificates" against them had been initiated. The federal police had seized evidence.

The TV starlet’s management could not initially be reached for comment on Saturday. According to media reports, Okpara commented on her protected Instagram account to her 84.000 followers as follows: "Now we calm down for now. For certain things there is quite a plausible explanation."She regrets her premature departure, quoted by "Gala". She can not only dish it out very well, but also take it. "I promise you, that was far from the end for me."

+++ 14. January 2022 +++

According to a report in "Der Spiegel," ex-jungle camp participant Christin Okpara Tried to leave for South Africa with a fake vaccination certificate – and got caught.

+++ 13. January 2022 +++

Even before it really starts, RTL kicks a candidate of this year’s jungle camp out again. With participant Christin Okpara Have emerged, according to RTL, "discrepancies about the vaccination status". These were "in the short time no longer to clarify", was RTL entertainment chief Markus Kuttner on Thursday on RTL.de quoted. The discrepancies were enough for the station to draw consequences, says Kuttner. According to the report, however, a replacement is already in the starting blocks: The widow of actor Willi Herren, Jasmin Herren, moves instead of Okpara in the RTL jungle camp.

+++ 12. January 2022 +++

The actress and this year’s Dschungelcamp candidate Tina Ruland According to her own words, she is only taking part in the RTL show for financial reasons. "The last two years were catastrophic, of course I can use the money very well," said the 55-year-old in an interview with the magazine "Bunte" (Thursday). "In any case, in order to get to know my limits, I don’t have to go to the "jungle camp.", as a single mother of two sons and after 30 years in the acting business, I have really tested them out enough."

Her two sons had very different opinions about her participation in the show, Ruland further reported. "My oldest son Javis is 17, he was not so enthusiastic at first. I had to promise him not to be embarrassed in any case," she said. Her eleven-year-old son Vidal sees the whole thing more as a great adventure.

The 15. The second season of the reality show "I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!" starts on 21. January. Due to Corona, the show is being produced in South Africa this time instead of Australia as in the past.

+++ 10. January 2022 +++

With GZSZ actor Eric Stehfest an author and Let’s Dance participant joins the round of jungle king candidates. Stehfest has already mastered dealing with personal crises, as he proved in the TV project "Unbreakable". In it and in his biography "9 Days Awake," the 32-year-old has, among other things, come to terms with his crystal meth addiction. How it stands around the crises of its future Dschungelcamp Mitbewohner to ward off, that can it starting from 21. January to prove.

In any case, he does not seem to lack motivation. "I want to give this stage of life the crown and become king of the jungle myself," said the Dresdener in advance. Also before discussions and argument he is not afraid, these are something good. In any case, the father of two children has no desire for "peace, joy, pancakes". "Would be nonsense if we all just say yes and amen to everything."

Together with Stehfest, RTL has also announced the participation of other candidates: So will also "Prince Charming" candidate Manuel Flickinger and reality TV starlets Christin Okpara may face the ever-popular jungle tests.

Flickinger was a contestant on the gay dating show "Prince Charming": "I think I’ll be the person in camp that everyone can come to. I’m an empathetic person, and I’m also good at listening to people and approaching people," he said in the RTL interview.

Christin Okpara aka Christin Queenie made an appearance on the RTLzwei show "Die Sexklinik" and was also a contestant on the RTL dating show "Are You The One??". Many viewers still know her from back then because of her quick-tempered nature. "Watch out, here comes the freak-out Chrissi!", she promises the RTL audience.

She canceled a whole 13 times, but now she’s on the starting line: actress Anouschka Renzi moves into the jungle camp. Because I don’t care what others think or say about me", as the 57-year-old said in an interview with RTL.

In addition, also Linda Nobat will be there in South Africa. Recently, she fought in the TV show "The Bachelor" for the heart of Rosenkavalier Niko Griesert.

Janina Youssefian says she wants to get rid of her "carpet slut" image in South Africa. Because she is a successful lingerie and fashion model as well as an artist in front of and behind the camera. She became known as a reality star after her affair with Dieter Bohlen attracted a lot of attention and earned her the nickname "carpet slut" brought in.

Real manpower is also there: Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Claudia Schiffer or Michael Schumacher: HE knows them all! Peter Althof has made a name for himself as a bodyguard legend and protects the rich and beautiful of this world. Now the 66-year-old ventures into a new adventure and moves into the jungle.

The reality starlet Tara Tabitha Is also there.

5. January 2022 +++

The cockroach countdown is on. On 21. January is to be opened the Dschungelcamp 2022. And there is every indication that RTL has already won the first test of courage. While it looked in December that the Omikron variant of the Coronavirus could put a spoke in the broadcaster’s wheel, nothing seems to stand in the way of the spectacle in the Cape State now. "The first woman for South Africa has been chosen," RTL headlined on January 3. January, when Tina Ruland for "I am a Star – Get me out of here!" was crowned. Fears that the jungle show could once again take refuge in a container near Cologne or even be cancelled have been largely dispelled.

Because in South Africa, the Corona situation has improved considerably in the meantime. After the fourth wave of Omikron-driven infections peaked in the Cape in mid-December, the government in Pretoria removed most of the Corona restrictions shortly before New Year’s Eve. South Africa re-emerging as sought-after tourist destination after most travel restrictions removed.

So the guests of the disgust show can turn to the group dynamics around the campfire with relative peace of mind. "I don’t want to become the camp mom. I leave that to Harald Gloockler", the 55-year-old actress Ruland ("Manta, Manta") made clear in an interview with RTL.

Gloockler, on the other hand, gets fit in his garden together with his personal trainer. "I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have cuffs," admits Gloockler. "But I do it now and do not think twice."One must not let oneself be provoked. "This is the real secret. When they give me a glass of wildebeest piss, I don’t think twice. Otherwise the disgust comes. And you should remain polite," says the 56-year-old.

Singer Lucas Cordalis does not make great demands on the jungle kitchen anyway. His wife Daniela Katzenberger has prepared him perfectly: "Sometimes what she cooks comes relatively close to a jungle test," he sighs in an RTL interview. Muscle man and reality star Filip Pavlovic brags on the other hand: "Fasten your seatbelts well! Because I come to get me the crown."

The so-called jungle camp in question is located near one of the most beautiful routes on the way to Kruger National Park: the Blyde River Canyon. In pre-Corona times the place was teeming with tourists from all over the world. Vacationers from outside Africa are estimated to bring in the equivalent of 4.7 billion euros a year to the industry with its roughly 1.5 million direct and indirect jobs.

The 15. "IBES" season to be filmed in spectacular savannah landscape near canyon. There are plenty of beautiful and also dangerous animals and landscapes for tests of courage and disgust of all kinds – but no jungle at all. But that certainly won’t dampen the fun of the fans who watch the candidates eat pork sperm or offal.

And: South Africa offers the makers of the show new dramaturgical possibilities: The time difference to Germany is just one hour. So the life confessions around the campfire could also happen live.

+++ 4. January 2022 +++

Actress Tina Ruland is moving into the jungle camp – RTL announced this in early January. The 55-year-old may still know some from her role as Uschi in "Manta Manta" (1991), where she played alongside Til Schweiger. After photo series in "Playboy", many other roles in film and television and her participation in "Let’s Dance" 2018, she is now looking ahead to the reality format. Read more about the Cologne native here.

+++ 21. December +++

Omicron in defiance: the RTL jungle camp is to take place on 21. Start January in South Africa. "According to current planning, the 15. Season of "I’m a star – get me out of here!" with new candidates, new examinations and completely much fun in the proximity of the Kruger national park to be produced – naturally under observation of the current Corona developments , communicated RTL on Tuesday. The candidates are again accompanied by the moderator duo Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich. Who will be king or queen of the South African premiere is to be decided on 5. February decide.

The Australian jungle camp counterpart "I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!" has been taking place in South Africa since 2015. Since RTL is currently unable to produce in the Australian jungle, the station is using the Australians’ South Africa camp. There twelve candidates go on star hunt. Already named are designer Harald Gloockler, singer Lucas Cordalis and reality TV contestant Filip Pavlovic.

Filming takes place in the spectacular savannah landscape near the Blyde River Canyon. There are plenty of beautiful and dangerous animals and landscapes for tests of courage and disgust, but no jungle. However, the Cape State offers the makers dramaturgical advantages because of the smaller time difference to Germany – just one hour.

+++ 17. December +++

Which candidates will move into the jungle camp 2022? There is a lot of speculation – but so far only three candidates are certain: Harald Gloockler, Lucas Cordalis and Filip Pavlovic. In our portraits they learn more about the participants:

+++ 30. November +++

Will "I am a star – Get me out of here!" 2022 can take place as planned? At the beginning of next year the show will be produced in South Africa. But since the advent of the omicron virus variant, RTL might have to rely on a plan B. Currently, however, the transmitter is still planning with the destination South Africa. "For the jungle camp will continue to plan with South Africa, but of course under observation of current developments," communicates RTL. You can read more here.

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