E-bass lessons

How to play a really good bassline? The best advice I can give you is this: Try to think in pictures. Then grooves and patterns become little stories. And together with a good technique, listening training and the right knowledge of your instrument, you will become a real electric bass professional. And at the latest then you know: You can’t just hear a good bassline – you can feel it!

Since I am also a professional drummer for a long time, my students can benefit from me, which creative arrangements can be made with bass& can develop drums.

Music styles: Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Bass& drums, reggae, etc.

Here are a few topics from my E-Bass lessons:

Hand positions and knowledge of notes

Interpretations of styles and independent development of basslines

Dynamic playing and special hand side technique

Solo playing and replaying music

"Walking Basslines" for Jazz and Blues

sight-reading (special classical music exercises if desired)

Relationships between rhythm, melody and harmony

Electric bass and bass amplifier setup

If you are interested, let’s just talk on the phone about your ideas and wishes. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, advanced or professional – in any case you are very welcome.


60 minutes private lessons: € 40,- (1 person)*

E-Bass Workshop (groups) € 145,- (per person)*

*all prices include current VAT.


Here are two links from two teachers I used to study with in New York City, and then a few links from favorite bassists of mine. Enjoy!

My references

Here some of my students have described their impressions of the bass lessons:

Bass and drums for eight years

I have been with Andrew for almost eight years now ..
I started with drum lessons. I knew how to play drums and read music – after all, I already had 10 years of "experience" – but every week I learned something new: from refining my technique ("rudiments") to precise timing ("always try to count in triplets"), to the right intonation ("listen to what the song requires") to shuffle, swing and improvisation.

In January 2002 I started to learn another instrument in addition – Bass. Here, too, Andrew arranges the lessons in a very varied way: besides standard exercises and "playing from the sheet", he also attaches great importance to training the ear and to learning songs (given or on request) by listening. In summary, I have improved my playing enormously and the lessons are always fun, educational, interesting and entertaining.

Andrew’s musical versatility and experience speak for themselves – but at least as important is the fact that he is an open-minded and incredibly likeable person with whom there is always something to laugh about! ..
… and by the way, my English has improved (… and maybe Andrew’s German as well).

The lessons are always super loose and relaxed

My name is Thomas, I’m 44 years old and I’ve been taking bass lessons with Andrew for seven months. The lessons are always super relaxed; there is also a lot of laughing (at least for Andrew) – so even scale exercises are fun!

Nevertheless: The work is intensive, and after a lesson I always have the feeling that I have learned something new. What I find especially great is that Andrew always takes my own wishes into account – i.e. what I would most like to play and learn, no matter what style of music that is (we haven’t done German folk music yet, but who knows …). From my own experience I know that not all teachers do it this way.

So: If you want to play bass or drums or learn to sing – grab the phone and sign up with Andrew!

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