Easy updos: you can do these hairstyles at home really quickly

Updos don’t always have to be complicated! The proof is in these easy hairstyles including instructions that you can easily and quickly do at home.

Updos don’t always have to be complicated – there are also some hairstyles that can be created quickly at home in just a few minutes. And the most beautiful looks including instructions can be found in the article

The high ponytail, for example, is one of the pinned hairstyles that can be done in no time at all and is also super versatile – whether elegant, messy or sleek

The subject of hair occupies most women every dayHow often should I wash my mane?? Which products take care of the strands in the best possible way? And how to style my hair? These are just a few of the questions we are often confronted with in front of the mirror. Especially the latter is a subject that offers us almost endless possibilities. Whether a sleek look, beach waves, messy bun or braided strands of hair – a hairstyle that very few of us dare to do, however, are updos. Although the pinned hair visually make a lot of, but styling is not an easy matter and it needs a little skill, so that the Steckfrisuren also look like on the selected Inspo pictures. But before you throw in the towel and don’t even try it, you should pay close attention now. Because we have for you five simple hairstyles with instructions, which you can easily and quickly re-style at home – without despairing.&&♀️

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Simple updos: what you should consider in advance

Before you go directly to hair clips, hairspray and Co. If you just grab your hair and start styling it, you should be careful in advance a little with the topic "Updos" to deal with:

  1. Look for a step-by-step guide, if you have not yet tried a particular updo and want to learn it. Whether in the form of videos or as text – detailed explanations facilitate you the styling of Steckfrisuren enormously.
  2. If you don’t have any practice yet, you should rather leave the particularly artistic updos alone and leave the styling to a professional. But not every look is complicated – some styles can be done with "two left hands" quite without desperate cursing get there. When choosing such a hairstyle, you should first of all pay attention to the following, That you have mastered the basic elements such as braiding or toupee. An updo with braided details, if you do not know this technique at all? Not a good idea. Then rather choose elements that you know you can manage.
  3. Also the right "tool may not be missing of course, because without elastics, barrettes, hairspray, straighteners, curling irons and combs, the strands won’t last very long and will fall apart faster than you can look.
  4. Another important basic requirement for a successful up-do is of course your hair texture.Short hair, for example, does not offer as many possibilities as a long mop of hair. But not only the hair length, but also the fullness should always be considered in advance. Thick strands can be more difficult to manage – especially when braiding – but some looks don’t work with a thin mop of hair.

If you have thought about it in advance and picked out the right accessories, you can start already.

Updos simple and fast: the chignon

Probably the simplest updo and an absolute classic is the chignon. For this pinned hairstyle the hair at the upper back of the head with a hair tie to a braid taken together and this finally wrapped around the accessory. finish everything with bobby pins or other hairpins or clips and some hairspray fix and voilà, the look is ready. Of course, you can design the hairstyle at the end still something more individual and for example Jewelry clips integrate, loosen individual strands from the bun, to give the hairstyle a messy finish with gel to give a Sleek Look style, simply make two smaller chignon – also known as the Space Buns – or style your mane as a half bun Wear. This updo offers you endless possibilities many variations for your favorite look in just a few minutes.

Our tip to make the chignon appear more voluminous: Especially for women with somewhat finer hair, the updo does not make much of a statement and resembles a small knot. To make the whole thing look like more hair, you can with the help of a chignon cushion like a model from the set of Lictin (about Amazon ca. 11 Euro) to give the look a little extra help. In addition, this helper brings additional stability in the updo hairstyle.

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Easy updo hairstyles: the high ponytail

Another classic among the simple updos is the high ponytail, which you can do not only uncomplicated in everyday life can wear, but with a few handles also to an elegant hairstyle for festive occasions You can also do it on your own – whether it’s a classic version with isolated strands curled with a curling iron to frame the face, or a modern look with straightened strands. Good to know: so that the ponytail drops its everyday robe and shows its elegant side, you should absolutely hide the braid under a strand of your own hair. And also with this hairstyle you can make the braid appear fuller – not with a chignon cushion but with a so called Pony Puffin (ca. 10 euros), which is hidden under the hair.

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Quick updo: the banana

The third updo with which you are sure to make a stylish entrance is the banana. In just a few minutes you can put this hairstyle. Simply gather the hair strictly at the back of the head like a braid, twist the thick strand in and finally fix it with a hairpin and some hairspray. If you want to have a little more volume, you should tousle your hair a little with a special comb and then put it up. For a particularly elegant finish, you can give the look a little more visual appeal with hair clips with pearls or shine spray like the one from ghd, which you can buy on Amazon for approx. 14 euros can get hold of, complete. Women with a round head shape should, however, make sure that a few loose strands are detached from the pinned structure and flatteringly frame the face.

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Simple updos: the braided hair wreath

A somewhat more complicated hairstyle among the simple updos is the braided hair wreath, which, however, looks all the more impressive. With the help of a comb, divide your mane into two halves in the middle of the top of the head and braid each section along the head – fix the braid in place similar to a french braid. At best, you have help from another person to the hair wreath at the back of the head neatly with a hair clip together. With a little practice you can do the braiding and connecting on your own. With the help of hairpins with flowers or glittering stones you can now give this pin-up hairstyle a feminine touch and by loosening individual strands, the pin-up hairstyle finally looks a bit more casual. The best thing: you will have a stylish hairstyle the next day again, because if you loosen the braided elements, the strands fall over your shoulder in casual beach waves.

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Quick updo: the chignon

An elegant alternative to the chignon would also be the chignon – an updo that can be done even in the 19th century. The high ponytail, which adorned the heads of women in the nineteenth century and which is still in demand today for festive occasions. Here is a small instruction: First you take the hair to a ponytail together. Then you should use a toupee comb like K-Pro’s model to slightly backcomb the braid and also tie it with a hair tie at the end. Now it needs a little flair: Knock the braid down and pin it with hairclips, so that afterwards you can make the hair bundle in the typical chignon look Fan out and fix the strands as well can. Once again neat the "Max Hold"-Spray hairspray from Syoss on the structure and the simple updo will hold all day long.

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