Electricity provider endesa wins 48 million “ghosts”-kwh back in the province of girona

PROVINCE OF GIRONA / CATALONIA / SPAIN: Endesa has almost 48 million kWh of so-called "ghost kWh" in 2021 in the province of Girona reclaimed. These cases involve energy that is taken irregularly, d. h. "tapped" and which the company could recover to use again on a regular basis. Overall, in the past year, Endesa has 2.645 cases of electricity fraud uncovered in the province. Marijuana plantations, especially when they take place in industrial warehouses, increase the numbers for electricity fraud the most. However, Endesa’s figures do not include Pla de l’Estany or half of Garrotxa and Ripollès, where other companies operate.
In recent years, Endesa has tightened controls to prevent electricity fraud, especially in cases where the electricity is used for the illegal cultivation of marijuana. Thus, in 2015, in the province of Girona, 1.568 charges filed and approximately 25 million "false" Kwh recovered, while in 2021 the figures had practically doubled. However, 2016 was the year in which the most actions were carried out (5.361 Ads) and more KWh were recovered: 65.4 million.
In most cases, the measures to stop these frauds – especially when there is a suspicion that it is a crime against public health, d.h. the cultivation of marijuana, is involved – conducted jointly by Endesa and a police agency: Mossos, local police, Guardia Civil or National Police. In 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic and the successive admissions, the inspections had to be reduced both nationally and in the counties. However, in 2020, the year most affected by the pandemic, 3,372 files were created and 53.6 million KWh recovered. This was even higher than in 2019, when 2.004 files opened and 23.3 million recovered. Regardless of the number of files opened, the amount of KWh recovered can vary greatly depending on how much power is "tapped," because a file that is "tapped" to a neighbor’s file can cause a power outage is "tapped," because a file corresponding to a residential home is very different from another where the energy is used to grow marijuana in an industrial building.
The company points out that one of the main reasons for implementing the devices to combat electrical fraud is safety, as a tampered electrical installation is a source of danger, as it can cause a fire. Endesa therefore points out that these installations are "cleaned" been forced to prioritize the safety of people and property. In this context, several people have died in recent years in fires in homes where the electricity was faulty.
In many cases, the electricity fraud leads to all the neighbors in the same neighborhood being harmed. This is what happens in Font de la Polvora (Girona), where there are neighbors who dutifully pay their electricity bills but, according to the company, suffer blackouts because others "tap" the electricity and the system fails as a result. However, residents have complained several times about the poor condition of the neighborhood’s electrical system, so Girona City Council has conducted an audit of the neighborhood’s electrical systems, the results of which have not yet been made public.

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