Enduro dm opener tucheim: all signs point to green!

Enduro DM opener Tucheim

The Int. German Enduro Championship is in the starting blocks. In just over a month, the first race in Tucheim will be a big one. The cross-country ride "Around the Fiener" was already the DEM opening event in 2018. At the time, conditions were tough and still partly wintery. And also in 2022, the participants can expect a real test of endurance!

It will definitely be a really tough cross-country drive

"It’s definitely going to be a really tough cross-country drive", announces ride leader Gerald Muller already, "we have reduced our road share even further, driving almost completely off-road". In addition, we have been able to integrate completely new sections into the circuit, which was approved thanks to the close and trusting cooperation with the relevant authorities." Which means that the round leads less in the direction of the neighboring municipality Paplitz, but rather is extended to the forests located southwest of Tucheim. "It will definitely be challenging. Many passages lead over back roads or partly through undergrowth. It will be challenging for all and hopefully also an off-road ride that will be remembered positively", so Gerald Muller, who laughingly pushes behind: "We have stirred the soup, our drivers and riders now have to spoon it up."

SP at the youth club

Three different special stages are included on this year’s off-road loop, which is listed as 50 kilometers long. Analogous to the DEM finals in 2019, the first test to be run, directly at the start of the lap, will be at the youth club, followed by the test in the creek bed with adjacent meadow passages, and finally the hunt for times will be on in the sand pit by the highway. With travel times of between four and six and a half minutes, the special inspections are not too long, but in total they will probably add up to quite a bit of inspection time. Especially for the DEM drivers, who have four rounds ahead of them and the pleasure of completing the first special stage a fifth time at the end of the day. But the drivers in the DEC classes, with four rounds without an additional test, and the ladies, seniors and super-seniors, with three rounds and a total of nine special stages, also have a real challenge ahead of them. 15 and 20 helpers have been busy preparing the tests every weekend since the beginning of the year. "Our whole association does a great job of providing appealing and varied special tests, but also generally smooth operations in all other areas", underlines the ride leader in conclusion.



Entries for the 52. The first edition of the cross-country tour "Around the Fiener", the prelude to the Int. German Enduro Championship and the DMSB Enduro Cup can also be submitted already.

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