Together with libido, orgasm and ejaculation, erection belongs to the basic sexual functions of men. In addition, the erection resp. the undisturbed erection ability to many men as more importantly Expression of their masculinity and thus also has an important psychological function.

If it does not always work with a satisfactory erection, there are several drug therapy options.

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How does an erection occur?

Several processes in the body are involved in erection. The erection is usually caused by sexually stimulating sensory stimuli triggered. This can primarily involve touching erogenous areas, although smells or visual impressions, for example, can also induce an erection.

These stimuli are transmitted to the brain and the spinal cord where they are processed. Subsequently, nerve impulses are sent from the lower spinal cord to the penis or. sent to the blood vessels there. The arteries through which blood reaches the erectile tissue dilate. As a result, significantly more blood flows into the corpora cavernosa and the pressure in the corpora cavernosa increases. These processes already cause the penis to stiffen, and at the same time the veins are compressed by the increased pressure, so that less blood can flow out of the penis as well. Overall, this makes the penis stiff during an erection and straightens it to.

What is the difference between erection and ejaculation??

Both erection and ejaculation belong to the male sexual functions. In principle, however, these are two separate processes.

Erection refers to the stiffening and erection of the penis. Ejaculation, on the other hand, is the Ejaculation of semen during orgasm due to rhythmic muscle contractions. As a rule, sexual activity will first lead to erection and then to ejaculation, but ejaculation can also be achieved without erection.

If the penis becomes the same size with every erection?

As a rule, the penis is always fully erect about the same size. The size of the erect penis depends mainly on how much blood enters the penis and how much the outflow of blood from the penis is impeded. Both depend, among other things, on the intensity of sexual stimulation, the mechanical stimulation of the penis and the current mood. Therefore, the size of the erect penis can be fluctuate within certain limits.

Can men only get an erection through sexual stimulation?

Normally, men get an erection in the course of sexual stimulation. However, men can get an erection even without sexual arousal. The best known of these is the morning erection ("morning wood"), which is seen as a reaction to certain processes during sleep.

In addition, non-sexual touch, such as physical examination of the genital area, can also trigger erections. Especially with teenagers in puberty, erections can also occur relatively independently of external influences due to hormonal changes.

How important is erection for sexual intercourse?

The erection is an important factor in sexual intercourse. By a sufficiently stiff or. hard erection, penetration becomes much easier. Accordingly, the goal in the therapy of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) is for the man to be able to get an erection on demand that is sufficient for penetration without any problems.

Is there also a female erection?

Although erection is associated in the population only with men, erection also exists in women. This includes the physical reaction of the female sexual organs to sexual arousal. However, the female erection does not manifest itself as clearly as in men.

Mainly swell in women under sexual stimulation the Labia due to improved blood circulation to. In addition, the clitoris including the tickler increases in size. A side effect, which strictly speaking does not belong to the female erection, is the production of secretion by glands in the area of the vagina. The changes in the female erection are overall much more subtle than in men, but nevertheless also support penetration during sexual intercourse.

What influences can disturb erection?

The erectability can be limited for several reasons. A common cause of erectile dysfunction is damage to the blood vessels in the genital area, especially the arteries through which the corpora cavernosa are supplied with blood. Often such vascular damage is caused by arteriosclerotic plaque, which reduces blood flow to the penis and does not allow enough blood to enter the erectile tissue for an erection to occur.

In addition, injuries to the nerves in the pelvic and genital area can also result in erectile dysfunction. If the nerve impulses from the spinal cord are not transmitted to the penis, the blood vessels cannot dilate and thus cannot contribute to the stiffening of the penis.

Besides physical causes psychological reasons like performance pressure or problems in the partnership also often responsible for erectile dysfunction. Even though men are often told that their sexual performance is independent of their psyche, psychological stress can very well have a major impact on libido and erectile function.

Can a disturbed erectile function be treated?

Erectile dysfunction can now be treated extremely reliably. However, it is important to first determine the exact Cause of erectile dysfunction in order to be able to choose a suitable method of treatment. A number of drugs, most notably so-called PDE5 inhibitors, are available for circulatory disorders resulting from age or diabetes. However, before using such drugs, it must be ensured that there are no serious diseases, such as certain cardiovascular diseases.

Erectile dysfunction can also result from injuries or surgeries such as prostate removals. Depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction, there are several possible treatment methods, ranging from the drug SKAT method to the erectile tissue implant. The most suitable treatment option depends on the individual case and can be determined in cooperation with the attending physician.

In the case of erectile dysfunction due to a psychological cause, trusting discussions with the partner as well as a professional therapist have a good chance of improving erectile dysfunction.

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