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We all know that the best energy is that which does not have to be used in the first place. If we save energy, fewer emissions are emitted and the climate is protected as a result. But greater energy efficiency also makes the economy more competitive internationally. Because: those who use fewer resources also gain a cost advantage. Economical use of energy also promotes new business models and innovative technologies and services that help companies score points on global markets. At the same time, companies are not only contributing to environmental and climate protection, but are also taking on an important pioneering role for others.

Energy efficiency consulting

Energy efficiency therefore protects the climate and saves money: after all, the cleanest and cheapest energy is that which does not have to be consumed in the first place. What’s more, your energy efficiency measures have news value that you can also use for your public relations work. But you lack the resources to tackle this issue? We would be happy to provide you with conceptual advice and work with you to develop a strategy, also with regard to government funding and financing options within the Aquila Group. Feel free to contact us!

Forest conservation

Why protect forests?

There are 3.000 billion trees on earth! What sounds like a lot at first is not, because about half of all trees have already been destroyed and we still lose 15 billion trees a year to deforestation.

The forest, coveted for centuries as a source of wood, has now also become an important aspect of the climate protection debate. Soils and plants absorb between three and four billion metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year. At the same time, deforestation releases large amounts of CO2 that was previously sequestered in the wood. Depending on where the tree grows, it stores about 2.6 tons of CO2 in its lifetime. In order to store this amount of CO2, the tree must have reached its full size, so freshly planted trees save much less. Reforestation projects therefore often set a value of around 500 kg of CO2 saved per tree. U. a. Due to the higher light intensity, the value for a tree in the tropics is even higher than for a tree here in Germany. That’s why many forest conservation projects are located in the global south, because planting trees there is even more effective and at the same time local people benefit from the projects.

Trees not only bind CO2 emissions. They also absorb other pollutants from the air and at the same time produce up to 130 kg of oxygen per tree per year. The leaves of the trees capture water in the form of raindrops, which then evaporate and lead to cloud formation and thus new precipitation. The clouds created by the evaporation process also ensure that the earth is cooled because more solar radiation is reflected back into space.

So there are several good reasons for protecting forests and reforesting them. Greta also sees it that way:

Forest protection internationally

A way to save CO2 or. permanently bind CO2 lies in the planting and protection of trees. There are many Verified Carbon or Gold Standard projects dedicated to the protection of forests, like these three we would like to introduce to you:

In central Uganda, a Gold Standard forest protection project ensures that ca. 600 people can do well-paid work by restoring forests and learning how to use them sustainably. In this way, the needs for the urgently needed wood are met in a controlled way and it is ensured that the forest is preserved.

In northern Brazil, a forest conservation project is helping to improve the living conditions of the local population by involving them in the project, while at the same time protecting the forests and the species-rich flora and fauna. People learn z. B. with the help of gardens, to grow seeds and use the products of the forest.

In addition to pure forest protection and reforestation projects, there are also projects that protect forests by using water filters, building wells or providing energy-efficient cooking stoves, since no or significantly less firewood is needed for z. B. the boiling of water is needed. Thus z. B. In Malawi, where a project to build and expand wells is ensuring that people have access to clean drinking water, curbing disease while protecting nature and forests.

Forest protection regional

The forests on our own doorstep are no less important than their tropical cousins. They are quasi-employers – around 1 million people in Germany work in the forestry and timber industry – they serve as a habitat for flora and fauna, they ensure better air quality, they are a climate regulator and, in addition, they are often a local recreation area for people; almost everyone knows how good a walk through the forest does and how relaxing the sound of rustling leaves is.

Climate change and the resulting severe storms and extreme weather events are also affecting German forests. Many trees cannot withstand the effects of climate change. Therefore, forests in Germany also need to be reforested and in a way that they can cope with climate change.

Our partner the "Stiftung Unternehmen Wald" has made it its business to do just that. Forests are being reforested in several planting campaigns spread across Germany. You can participate as a private person or company and donate individual trees. Of course you can also 1.planting 000 trees or more and then also influencing in which federal state the trees are to be planted. Please contact us if you are interested.

In order to not only protect and reforest the forests in the global south through climate-neutral practices, but also to do something good for those in Germany, we have created the addition "REGIO WALD" for our products. Together with the "Stiftung Unternehmen Wald" we plant 1 tree in every federal state where it is possible.000 trees or more, a total of at least 15.000 trees. The forest areas are planted exclusively for us and are created through your and our involvement. Of course there should be more and more with the time! If you decide in favor of this additional option, you will reforest forests and areas in Germany together with us and other committed climate partners and ensure that biodiversity is preserved and increased. In return, of course, you will also receive a certificate stating this and marketing materials that will help you z. B. Be able to use on your website.

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