Everyday life with cloth diapers: my simple diapering routine with few accessories [sabine is having a baby]

When I told my husband we’d be cloth diapering, he was skeptical but open-minded. He could hardly raise an objection either, because all the arguments are in favor of cloth diapers. Especially since I can hardly work in an organic children’s store and did not at least try then.

Spoiler Alert: He is now convinced and tells all his friends how cheap cloth diapers are.

This is mainly due to the fact that we decided to use a rather simple, straightforward system. PUL diapers with prefolds. At night occasionally still with a booster insert. That’s it.

Our accessories for our 2 month old little mouse:

In order to understand why we have chosen this quantity number, a few words about the 2-in-1 system with PUL pants and then about our child.

The 2-in-1 system: How it works

As the name suggests, there are two components here. An absorbent material (prefolds) and a protective outer material (overpants).

To our child:

We have a little mouse with frequent, regular bowel movements and lots of wet diapers. Just in the beginning it was so 10-12 diapers a day. If we had consistently used disposable diapers, a pack would have easily been gone in two days. It means a lot of money and a lot of waste. Plus, frequent shopping – which eats up time and energy.

This is what our diapering routine looks like:

In the beginning when our baby weighed around 2.5 kilos, we put the prefold around the baby and closed it with a diaper clip. It was easier, because the prefolds would have been much too big as an insert.

In the meantime, we put the prefolds once folded in the overpants. We put the overpants around the mouse like a "normal diaper.

When changing diapers, we take out the liner (prefold) and put it in a small bucket. Alternatively, a wetbag can be used. It can be closed, is odor-proof, but breathable. If the insert is very dirty, we rinse it occasionally with water after diapering. This is not a problem as our mouse is exclusively breastfed and nursing chair does not smell.

Then we wash our baby with washcloths instead of wet wipes. Here too: Nicer to the environment, cheaper in the long run. Prefolds are also great for washing in general and you don’t have any cryptic additives. So that this goes simply and uncomplicatedly, we have a bowl and a jug of water at the changing table.

As an extra step, we now put our child on a potty for holding. We are absolute fans of the potty. Why we explain you in this article. You can do it, it’s easy, but you don’t have to.

At night we sometimes use an additional insert – a booster – to absorb a lot of urine. This way the diaper can suck more and our little mouse can sleep longer. The following applies: bamboo absorbs much more liquid in a shorter time than cotton. Wolle forwards the liquid faster. This is especially handy if your child wakes up quickly to wet diapers. We have 4 boosters made of bamboo, but we don’t use them every day.

So it is only a small extra step in cloth diapering.

This is how we wash our cloth diapers:

We wash diapers approximately every 1-2 days. This also costs hardly any time. Put the soiled prefolds in the machine, turn on the rinse cycle (we run it for 21 minutes), then add the rest of the boil wash (for us, that’s burp cloths, diaper pads, rags, towels, bedding) and turn it on. After that hang it up and you are done.

We now have 3 packs of Kikko Prefolds in Newborn size (they are reinforced in the middle to accommodate a lot) and 2 packs of Kikko Prefolds in Infant size at home. We do not use the diaper clip now. If we run out of prefolds, we still have plenty of gauze cloths to use as burp cloths. They can also be folded and placed in your overpants.

PUL overpants can often be adjusted by snaps in length and buttons or Velcro in width. This way they fit over a long period of time. At home we have the following overpants:

    (in size S)

My favorites are Milovia and Petit Lulu.

The best thing about cloth diapering? It looks cute, it’s good for the skin and it saves us time and life energy. Because we don’t have to keep running to the drug store to buy new diapers!

You can buy cloth diapers from us in our Berlin store and online store:

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