Ex-smokers gain more weight than expected

People who want to quit smoking are often afraid that they will gain weight afterwards. Now a recent study even shows: weight gain after quitting smoking is higher than previously thought. Nevertheless, everything speaks in favor of finally quitting smoking. And you can consistently prevent the unpleasant pounds.

With the Stop smoking and not to gain weight – If there were a guarantee of this, many smokers would certainly give up smoking immediately. Because despite all the health education about the harmful effects of smoking: the fear of gaining weight after quitting seems so great that many smokers would rather put their health at risk than risk a few extra pounds on their hips.

Quitting smoking: Weight gain greater than previously thought

Until now, it was assumed that weight gain in the first year after the last cigarette averages three kilograms. As part of a study, French and British scientists now corrected this figure upwards: Four to five kilograms are gained by the average smoker in a year when they stop smoking. Most of this in the first three months after stopping smoking.

Stop smoking and gain weight: Nicotine curbs appetite

The reason why many people gain weight when they stop smoking is quickly explained: nicotine not only makes you sick – it also curbs your appetite and increases your energy consumption per day. Means: Smokers not only have slightly less appetite than non-smokers, they also burn an average of 400 calories per day just by smoking.

If you stop smoking and do not consciously pay attention to your diet afterwards, weight gain is therefore almost pre-programmed. And since many ex-smokers increasingly turn to sweets as a substitute satisfaction for smoking, this can also be quite higher than the average four to five kilos. The researchers observed a weight gain of more than ten kilograms in 13 percent of the test subjects in their first year as non-smokers.

Quit smoking and gain weight: It does not have to be

But it obviously also works differently. Because 16 percent of the study participants brought after their first smoke-free year even fewer kilos on the balance than before the smoking stop. Quit smoking and gain weight necessarily – so this is not true for everyone. What did smokers who actually lost weight after quitting smoking do differently instead of gaining it??

Stop smoking and don’t gain weight thanks to a consistent diet

Scientists here see a need for more research to further determine individual risk for weight gain. Still, anyone who wants to quit smoking and not gain weight can follow a few things to keep weight gain to a minimum or prevent extra pounds in the first place.

Stop smoking step by step

In principle, it’s all about one thing: discipline. Those who want to stop smoking are aware of the possibility that they could gain weight. Clever new non-smokers counteract the extra kilos with a consistently healthy diet. Until the metabolism has changed from smoking to non-smoking mode and has settled down again. For the first few months, this means plenty of exercise combined with a healthy, balanced diet. We reveal here how to become a lean and healthy non-smoker in nine steps. (ben)

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