Exclusive – carmen geiss: the real mother hen

Carmen Geiss is a fitness trainer, singer, highly successful television actress and a very proud mother of two beautiful adolescent young women named Shania Tyra and Davina Shakira. Carmen is a woman who works a lot and takes care of the children in the first place. A lot of people don’t see that at all and think that someone like Carmen Geiss is always just making a nice life for herself. But that’s not the case, as Carmen reveals in an exclusive interview with BOULEWAHR. What they do as celebrity mother in public life thinks, you will now learn.

Carmen Geiss: Being a mother

Motherhood has become Carmen Geiss not easily imagined from the beginning, as one takes on a great responsibility. It’s about young people growing up and that in this day and age where drugs and alcohol are easily accessible. "That was clear to me from the beginning that it is not so easy and I really don’t go too far with what I thought back then and how I see it today. It is difficult to put children on the right path!" She just continues to be surprised. However, to date, the singer is very satisfied and says: "Toi, toi, toi, I’m very proud of both children, even if they are sometimes naughty and maybe say bad words to us sometimes!" Carmen and Robert Geiss are open and young at heart parents, As she herself happily says: "In terms of our heads, we are young-at-heart parents, and that’s why I think that somehow things are going quite well for us."

Mama Geiss, congratulates her daughter with this picture to the 16. Birthday | Photo: Instagram, Carmen Geiss

Carmen Geiss is and remains Carmen Geiss, as she lives and breathes. She used to think of herself first and foremost. Now she thinks first and foremost of her children, but that’s quite clear, that’s probably what every loving mother does, she tells us with loving gestures. In addition, it also admits quite frankly: "I have also become a "mother hen". My children are allowed less than others. I look out for them and anyone who comes close to doing them harm will have to deal with me!" For Carmen it makes no difference to be a celebrity mother in public or not. What others think about her at the end of the day is their business and does not interest her: "I am me and I remain me! Whether I’m in the public eye or not! I am Carmen Geiss, I have never bent and will not bend," she emphasizes with emphasis.

Carmen and Robert Geiss | Photo: Instagram, Carmen Geiss

There is never a right moment to become a parent. Since Carmen with her husband "Rooobaaart" has come together, she has wished for children. Unfortunately, being a mother was not granted to her immediately. "With all nine miscarriages and tubal pregnancies I’ve had, I’ve always thought it was the right time", she says in old thoughts and adds honestly: "Then when I turned 35, I was done with becoming a mom and did not want any more children!" Then came her two adorable girls Shania Tyra and Davina Shakira! "That was then yet again a blessing from the good Lord that I then also got two such beautiful children", Carmen tells us very happily and gratefully.

The Geiss girls: Two independent personalities

Carmen’s career has never made an impact on being a mother. She was already with Robert at 16. Their daughter Davina is now 16. Carmen moved out of home at the age of 17. However, she still has a long way to go before she sees her children! "My children are now big and more or less independent and small personalities." Carmen Geiss has always been very independent. She can travel whenever she wants and can go to the office whenever she wants: "I also work, which a lot of people don’t see, because they think that someone like me always makes a nice life for herself – but that’s not the case!" Carmen, however, is now happy that the children are out of diapers and she can move a bit more freely together with her husband. So the couple also has a few days to themselves, because the Geiss girls now also get along alone in Monaco.

Photo: Instagram, Carmen Geiss

In everyday family life, Carmen conducts in the foreground. Her husband primarily takes care of the finances and also has a lot to do with his fashion label "Roberto Geissini". "Sure, we also do a lot together and that’s also good so. The fact that we work together and always consult with each other is also part of our success," Carmen tells BOULEWAHR. There are things that her Robert does more and things that Carmen cares more about – like z.B. their own hotel or GeissTV. "These are just my topics and he is more responsible for the content areas", she adds. Robert Geiss is also responsible for the design, whereby his daughter is now starting to support her father in designing, as Carmen happily reports: "Shania draws diligently and is very talented artistically. Under certain circumstances, this can also be an advantage for ‘Roberto Geissini’ in the future." Carmen is not a person who tries to steer her children in certain directions. The proud mother makes it happy what makes her children happy and in this the Geiss couple will continue to support her. As long as it’s a solid job, as she presumes: "There are jobs that end there, too, so I won’t go into it any further now! But then I would rebel!" Otherwise, it is simply true that any honest job in the world is right for her children and they will support her in it no matter what.

From mother to mother

Carmen is not only a mother, she is also a friend to her daughters. | Photo: Instagram, Davina Geiss

Carmen Geiss has, to put it in a nutshell, an open and loving parenting style. Of course, there are also the odd disagreements between her and her Robert: "You have to argue between spouses sometimes, and then it’s usually about the children. If one of us lets too much go by or disagrees with him, then we sometimes clash", she openly clarifies. She thinks a mother should not only be a mother. It is also very important to her that she is like a best friend to her children. "Especially now that my kids are going through puberty and they need me more as a friend! That they have confidence in me and are still respectful when they need to be. You already know where your boundaries are and that is important to me!" Also, you should never lose contact with your children and be able to talk openly with them about everything, no matter what problems there are in the family or what problems they have. You must always have an open ear and then try to find a solution together, advises Carmen BOULEWAHR. Your husband Robert is also very good at it. Actually they both do it like this. But puberty is another very special and exciting phase, in which you should sometimes take the reins a little more firmly in hand: "But that’s the same with us as with all other families", Carmen defines at the end of the exclusive interview.

BOULEWAHR thanks you for the exclusive insight into the life of Carmen Geiss and wishes the family all the best for the future.

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