Explainer video script writing made easy

How to write a script for an explainer video? What does an explanatory video script contain? And how do I captivate my viewers? These are the questions. For those of you who want to write an explainer video script directly yourself, here is our explainer video script template for downloading.

On YouTube, Alexander Lorenz has also dealt with the topic and presents the most important points there and shows examples.


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Writing an explanatory video script – the topics

What does an explainer video script contain?

Animated explanatory videos are particularly easy for viewers to understand and convince them through the combination of image and sound. In the explainer video script or screenplay, the image and sound for it are planned in detail.

An explainer video script consists of several columns. The two most important columns include the voiceover and the image idea. In addition, a column for the ascending numbering of the lines, a column for comments and a column for the length of the respective scene help to keep track of things.

From problem to solution

Every story needs an arc of suspense. For marketing explainer videos in particular, explaining services and products based on your benefits to the target audience has proven to be effective.

Potential customers are interested in products and services that improve their current situation. To convince them to engage with the offer, it must be clear that you can improve something for them. So, solving a problem they may not have even known they had yet.

This is how the classic structure of an explainer video looks like:

  • Presentation of a problem of the target group.
  • How does the offer solve this problem?
  • Why is the offer particularly good?


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Enable identification

You may have noticed that many explainer videos use people.
There are two reasons why this works particularly well: First, people like to see people, and second, characters with professions or certain characteristics can be representative of a target audience. Both increase identification, which is important, especially in the beginning, to gain viewer interest.

Another way to increase identification with a video is to use humor. However, this should not be overdone.


Explainer video script – brevity is the spice of life

The longer the video, the more likely it is that it won’t be watched to the end. For explainer videos, practice shows: the best results are achieved by videos with a length of 30 to 90 seconds. Explainer videos longer than two minutes are often not watched to the end. The length of an explainer video depends on the length of the narration text. A helpful rule of thumb for this is:

130 words correspond to about 60 seconds Spoken language.

When writing your first explainer video script, it is best to try to stay under a length of 200 words.


An explainer video script should appeal to the target audience, it should entertain and inform at the same time and it should not be too long. If you would like to write your own explainer video script, you can use our explainer video script template as a Word file for this purpose.

And if you’re thinking about design options for an explainer video, check out our 7 best explainer video styles. If you would like to have an explainer video produced and value the support of a professional partner, mindnapped as an explainer video agency offers a selection of different styles.

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