Facebook: let profile visitors see and display – is that possible?

With StudiVZ, StayFriends and other social networks, it was possible to display all visitors to one’s profile. So you could see who is so stalking and spying on the site. You can also find extensions and apps on Facebook that are supposed to let you see alleged profile visitors.

But what is there to the myth of displaying all Facebook profile visitors?? Is there really a hidden option that allows you to unlock this function??

  1. 1. Who visited my Facebook profile? Can you see that?
  2. 2. Finally show Facebook profile visitors? The eternal fraud – also in 2021
  3. 3. Who visited my Facebook profile?
  4. 4. Facebook through "Profile Viewer hacked – and now?

Who visited my Facebook profile? Can you see this?

Facebook: Let profile visitors see and display - is that possible?

Facebook: Let profile visitors see and display - is that possible?

Nevertheless, the demand for such a feature is huge. It’s too tempting to see if your crush is secretly browsing your Facebook profile or your boss is spying on you. At the same time, for some users there is certainly the insecurity of being caught when looking at photos on a certain profile. But the fear is unfounded, after all, Facebook offers no way to track who has viewed a particular Facebook page.

Hackers and cyber-criminals are always linking to this high demand in order to trap unknowing Facebook users. New Facebook viruses appear regularly, saying something like"Install the application for free to see your Facebook profile visitors!“. But you should keep your hands off such tempting offers! With all these tools you don’t unlock any additional features, but you put your own Facebook account and data in danger!

alt="facebook-profile-viewer" width="480" height="" /> Such posts promise to reveal Facebook secrets, but put data at risk!

There is never a useful extension behind these apps. To install these additional apps, you have to allow access to a lot of private data on Facebook. The alleged installation is carried out on pages that look deceptively similar to the real Facebook site. However, you should be able to tell from the web address that you are on a fraudulent site here.

Classic from the GIGA history: Kamal Against The Machine- Facebook Edition (Video)

Possibly you get in the first moment actually some visitors from your friend list or unknown displayed. However, these are randomly selected people. Who has actually been on your Facebook profile or in the chronicle cannot be read out by the alleged "Facebook Profile Viewer". Much more you have fallen into a hacker trap. By installing the app, you have allowed it to post to Facebook on your behalf, among other things. Messages are now posted to your friends via private message, to the chronicle or as a comment under posts in your name, which advertise the very same fake tool for viewing Facebook profile visitors. In the worst case, backdoor attacks are used to store harmful content on your hard drive or smartphone memory, or to pass on private data from Facebook to third parties, for example for advertising purposes.

There are also such scams on Instagram:

Finally show Facebook profile visitors? The eternal scam – even in 2021

Alleged pages or unknown users bragging via Facebook messages about having such a Facebook profile visitor spy have either become victims of scammers themselves or are on their way to let you fall into the scam trap. If there is really a new feature at Facebook, with which it should be possible to show visitors of your own page, you will of course find this out in our news section. However, there is no official sign to answer the question "Who visited my Facebook profile" for you- keep the secret Mark Zuckerberg and Co. for themselves.


All tools that promise to show you profile visitors on Facebook are fakes

Who visited my Facebook profile?

In response to the question "Who has visited my Facebook profile??“ there is no reliable answer.

  • Scammers want to profit from the curiosity of Facebook users.
  • In many places on the web you can find alleged offers that want to show you who has visited your Facebook page recently.
  • Links on Facebook to such hacks lead to phishing sites or spam traps.
  • Sweepstakes or other advertising sites are also hidden behind these dubious offers.
  • Often you are tempted to share these posts, so that they are spread even further in the social network.
  • Instructions that try to fool you into believing that you can view profile visitors via the website’s source code are also fakes.
  • You won’t find out who has visited your profile, but at most who you have chatted with recently.

Even the source code of the page does not answer the question, who visited your Facebook profile.

Facebook hacked by "Profile Viewer"- and now?

If you have already fallen into the trap and posts to alleged "Profile Viewers" are shared in your name without your intervention, you must act quickly. First you should change your Facebook password. In addition, you should check for suspicious entries in the apps that are linked to your Facebook account. Deletes unknown apps from the list. More on the topic:

If you have installed an additional app, delete this application immediately. In addition, you should run a virus scan on the affected device. In addition, you should warn your Facebook contacts if there are messages posted in your name that you have not sent yourself. This way you avoid that your friends also fall into the trap and the scams around the "Facebook Profile Viewer" spread further on the net.

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