Failed the mpu? This is how you should now act

Failing the MPU? We explain what to do now.

In 2014, about 90.000 road user take an MPU and have an expert opinion drawn up. Most of them had to come forward because of drinking and driving. In second place come the Drug offenses. The Failure rate in an MPU was 35% in 2014 – so one third of all those affected receive an negative assessment.

If you behave incorrectly in traffic, for example if you drive drunk, you have to take part in an MPU MPU Participate. The examination is thereby in several Sections structured, so there is a written survey, a performance test, a medical as well as psychological examination.

The psychological examination is particularly dreaded because, as the name suggests, those affected have a conversation with a psychologist Psychologists. The latter would like to find out, through his clever questions, whether the person concerned has his Behavior reconsidered and changed.

In this guide, we explain how to proceed if the MPU is negative and whether it can be repeated. In addition, we go into how your report, which you will also receive if you have failed the MPU, can help you with your Preparation can help.

FAQ: Failed the MPU

If you have not passed the MPU, you should under no circumstances inform the competent authority of this fact. After all, the negative report proves that you lack the required driving ability, at least currently.

There is no time limit that you have to wait before you can take the MPU again. However, you should not rush, but only decide to take this step when you are really ready, so that the whole thing does not end with a positive assessment.

Yes. However, you have to wait 15 years to do this. After this period of time, the violation that led to the suspension of your driver’s license and thus to the MPU is considered time-barred and you will get your driver’s license back even without the MPU.

Negative MPU report? Act quickly!

If you have failed an MPU, i.e. you have failed the test, the report should not be presented at the MPU under any circumstances Driving license office The psychological examination must not be handed in, even if the driver’s license office may demand it.

Make sure you at the MPU provider no commitment leave to forward the MPU report immediately to the driver’s license office.

Failed the MPU: What now? Read the report!

A negative MPU is first and foremost upsetting and annoying, because not only money, but also many nerves have flowed into the first attempt. Are concerned by the MPU failed, so these should the negative appraisal, which is delivered, attentively read.

This explains why the MPU report is negative. It will Recommendations and Instructions for action pronounced, which the concerning should consider. Try to implement them and MPU preparation to improve – after all, you now know what is coming to you.

Failed the MPU: When can I repeat?

If those affected fall victim to the MPU failure rate and receive a negative decision, the driving license first once with the authorities. Basically, it is then important to know: It is possible to get an MPU to be repeated.

If the MPU is not passed, there are no blocking period or similar. Nevertheless, those affected should not immediately come forward again, but take some time to prepare for the second MPU.

If the MPU is not passed, there is no waiting period to be observed.

Those who have failed an MPU do not have to observe a waiting period that is. Affected can it therefore anytime again try. A MPU retraining there is not in this sense, you go through the same process as with your first MPU. However, it is not recommended to register for the MPU again immediately. The person concerned should No time pressure and prefer to practice appropriately. Also keep in mind that any further MPU with high costs is connected.

Is there the driver’s license back, even without MPU?

The Driving license despite negative MPU to obtain is a delicate matter and not always legal. Since the EU driver’s license is recognized, affected persons come to the idea, in the Abroad to obtain such a driving license and thus avoid the avoid the MPU to be able.

However, this is illegal if the traffic offender is still subject to the Waiting period subject to. You then commit the crime Driving without a license guilty. The illegal driver’s license is then revoked and the MPU requirement still applies.

The driver’s license office no deadline the time, in which a positive result must be present, let you therefore rather time, before you fail the MPU due to stress. The same applies if there is already a negative opinion, here you should also allow some time for the optimal preparation admit.

Good day I hope you can help me further. How do I have my driver’s license file cleaned up and after what time is this possible and how do I make a file inspection and what do I need to pay attention to?

I have 8/2001 with 1.12 have to hand in my Fs and 12 months driving ban.
2002 antarg on new granting, Mpu negative application withdrawn and not delivered. 2003 again application and again negatively, again withdrawn, believe unfortunately had this then however delivered. Have now faer excerpt , am in over lying period redemption was 9/2016. Can I now file an application despite the overdue period or not?. May the approval use the submitted report from 2003, had withdrawn application yes ? Should be deleted from the file after all or after 10 years? Hope they help me .

Why MPU with 1,12?

you can apply for the file inspection at the responsible authority. After 15 years, however, your file should be "clean". Even if the redemption period is actually only 10 years, it is advisable to wait a total of 15 years before submitting a new application. In case of doubt you should go to a lawyer. This can advise you in your individual case to the procedure in detail.

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Hello have the first mpu not passed, have both copies, the driver’s license office now writes to me that the appraisal office sent the documents to back, they have given me until the 12.05.2017time to send the expert opinion,what do I do now,can I ask for an extension without giving any information.Thank you for reply.

we are not allowed to give legal advice. You have the option of contacting an attorney with your questions.

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Hello I have a matter,
Namely, I’ll start from the beginning and describe it in short points.
▪ 2009 driving license revoked because of alcohol (in austria)
▪ 2010 serious traffic accident under the influence of alcohol (in Austria) suspension of 3 years
▪ Back in Germany since summer 2010
▪2013 mpu (failed) 1 year alcohol abstinence after white
▪ 2014 mpu passed and I had to do a course
▪2015 April get driver’s license again
▪2015 August red light overlooked with endangerment> one month driving ban, fine, points and renewed mpu because of the red light which was passed
▪ 2016 caught in February with cannabis in blood> Driving ban, penalty, points and I had to give six urine samples from August 2016 – December 2016 at the TuV assessment center this I have passed.
January 2017 renewed requirement of the driver’s license office because it had doubts I had to make a full MPU it was again found no drugs in my body.

At this last mpu I got a negative report although NO drugs were found in me and there are conditions in it therapy, abstinence (urine+hair analysis) abgeben.

At the moment I still have my driver’s license, can I keep my driver’s license in this time where I want to fulfill these requirements because otherwise I will lose my job where I need my driver’s license or do I have to hand it in despite the negative report although NO drugs have been found in me?

if you have not received a requirement to surrender the driver’s license, you can probably continue to use it. If you are unsure, you can also ask again at the driver licensing authority. Presumably, however, you have been given a deadline by which you must submit the expert opinion. If this is not done within the time limit, the driver’s license is then confiscated.

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Hello. Had my 2 MPU for alcohol now after 9 years. At first everything was positive. The blood test showed a Gamma GT of 62. Now one would like a hair sample for security. However, this will be negative. Since I drink non-alcoholic beer and also with Pralienen not say no . I have even one year abstinets can prove .
Is it possible to avoid the hair penalty somehow? .Only because I have taken in the last week any things, which contain parts of alcohol. Zb hairspray
What should I do ?

if explicitly a hair analysis is required, you will probably have to comply with this.

The editorial staff of

My driver’s license was revoked for 6 months at the beginning of September 2016 because of too many points. By the driving license withdrawal I became unemployed as a driver, and because I have worked many years abroad and the responsible employment office / job center paid me only in December 2016 the first time money I also lost my apartment and became homeless so that I now live forced with an acquaintance for subletting. MPU preparation course is completed and the costs for the MPU are also already paid, so I’m just waiting for the date for the MPU.
Now my real question ??
If my driver’s license is revoked for 6 months, why can the state / authority just revoke my license for so long, I’m trying to get an apartment since December, but as an unemployed mi dog there is no way. What it means financially for me to get the driving license still not back can imagine nobody. There should be compensation if the driver’s license is not returned so long after the expiration of the ban period.
As I said, 6 month rehab were ordered now he is already gone almost 10 months. The loss of earnings is huge.

Hello EX Trucker,

the ban period after a driver’s license withdrawal is min. 6 months. On request it can be shortened. As a rule, there is no compensation from the state for the period of driving license revocation. Please understand that we are not allowed to give you legal advice. For this you need to contact a lawyer.

The editors of

With me it was an alcohol-points-crime-mix
Hardly a chance I tell you.
So a burning hatred for the FRG injustice junta I have never had. The authorities have already shat me 2 months ( vacation, sick ) until it was clear, it is due an MPU. Then a prep psycho who wanted abstinence…. for what ? I had lt expert opinion 0.46 and accident. Then the next place meant, driving training 200 € no, said the boss of the expert’s office. This is a matter of head. The MPUs have no structure and are all good will rip-offs.

Austria has ( although the national law would have been better ) illegally leaned on German authorities. Did not have legal protection to argue.
So now I am in Eastern Europe. I could have gained 1 year by not relying on Germans or Austrians. Exactly the blocking period crazy, this is rule of law, I praise Russia in those things.

you must not criticize mpu ?
then act here psychologists !

I have the following problem, I failed the MPU because of driving without a license.
Now I have told the driver’s license office that I did not appear at the MPU to avoid presenting him the negative opinion.
He does not want to admit me now but to a new MPU, before he has no letter from the MPU, where it says that the assessment has not taken place.

Hello Marvin,
you turn with your request to the responsible places.

The editorial staff of

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

My concern is the following.

I had 2 misdemeanors in the last 4 years on the road for distance measurements. Last year I had to go to the mpu to prove my fitness to drive and unfortunately I failed the first time. Since then I am no longer in possession of my driver’s license.

What do I have to expect now when I go to the mpu again.?

the MPU must be passed in order to be reinstated. You should prepare yourself for the examination accordingly. If you have given the negative result to the driver’s license office, the examiner will, if necessary, give the negative result to the driver’s license office. especially on the aspects that were not passed at that time.

The editorial staff of

after my last mpu (failed) now 2 years have passed and now I want to go to the 2nd mpu., is this possible without any problems or do I have to pay attention to anything?. Also wanted to go to a preparation course before.
In addition, my car leasing contract expires, can I lease a new car or does the registration office make difficulties ?

Asking for help
Many greetings

Hello Susanne A.,

an MPU can usually be repeated without any problems. We are not aware that leasing a car would be restricted.

The editors of

– at the 1. MPU failed – original and copy I have
– how do I apply to the driver’s license office that they send the necessary documents to the body for 2. MPU – Send assessment ?

with questions of this kind the responsible authority should be the first contact person.

The editorial staff of

Hello! I failed the first Mpu (alcohol driving). The Mpu is but now over 4 years ago! Is the length of time a problem and how should I proceed until the second mpu?? Thanks for an answer in advance!

prepare yourself best specifically, appropriate courses can help you bspw. name the testing institute.

The editorial staff of

because of 3 Verkersunfalle in the probationary period I was asked to complete an MPU to clarify the question "Will Mr. J. also violate the StVo in the future".
The report now says "Overall, Mr. J was able to credibly demonstrate a positive development. Despite these findings, no favorable prognosis can currently be made because the changes have not yet proven stable over a sufficiently long period of time, usually 6 months, as required by the assessment criteria."

What to do now?

The 6 months wait to be able to pass the MPU? The problem is that I still have my license, but according to the first letter from the driver’s license office after a certain period (which already expired) get revoked.

waiting? submit the negative report? Repeat immediately?

The MPU office can or. does not want to give me any information.

Thank you in advance.

the driver’s license office should be able to give you information about this.

The editors of

Hello, I have lost my driver’s license in 2014 (2.02%) – because I was alcohol dependent, I have my driver’s license only in 2017 re-applied – why so late? ? Because I have had in the past (before 2014) again and again relapses – since dec 2015 not drunk a drop of alcohol more proven in the mpu expertise tuv north – liver blood values ; abstinence proof all ok – I failed because I was not in therapy or joined the aa – fact is I lack stamp signature of the authorities ( clinic – or aa ) that I am now dry – heist since the assume it not to create by itself to become dry and only with the help of doctors or similar I am in the eyes of the tuv still alcoholic ( you are indeed his life long ) only who has a stamp under any expertise is : healed: in germany – I say only poor poor germany (I think of germany in the night I am brought around the sleep fits today even more)

I took the mpu in 2014 .I failed the test, although I don’t drink alcohol anymore because of my illnesses. So I had to hear from this mpu aunt, that I am a high-grade alcoholic.somehow the driver’s license office got it.have tried on a 2 conversation and the clerk of the driver’s license office.Now soon the 15 years expire. I have called what I need to get the driver’s license.he said " the 15 years are not over until 2029.because I made a new application in 2014, because of the mpu.
But a friend in court tells me something different.
What is true now ?
Because I did the mpu 2014 and failed and have to wait from that time again 15 years or from the day he was gone .do not see through at all more .everyone tells me something different

please contact an attorney who can review files.

The editors of

I have a question… my friend had to go to the MPU and failed.

The report says he has a suspension of 6 months. Everywhere it says but, there is no lock for another MPU.
Is there now a lock or not?? Especially how to behave towards the registration office, which also makes pressure from wg. Expert opinion etc..

Sinn makes yes also certainly, not with the same organization to take the exam. Will be asked at the next test, whether an assessment has already taken place?

What should be the overall approach?? Nowhere can you be helped properly there. :-(

MPU negative I must again to the urinprobe? Test was on 05.10.2018

I had my driver’s license revoked in November 2017(2,4 Pr). In May 2018 I was awarded by the judge and state attorney the driver’s license class T(agriculture). The driver’s license office demanded an MPU .At this time, however, I had only 2 negative hair samples. MPU failed. After 14 months of driving license suspension I had again a MPU. unfortunately failed. Was also on an addiction talk15 hours. How should I continue. MPU place demands again a hair analysis.

I recently failed the MPU because of weed smoking. Hair analysis was flawless. I have to get into a permanent job with a driver’s license at short notice. Feel unfairly treated by the therapist.
What other possibilities would I have SHORT TERM to get my driver’s license again (contradiction, justice, commission own expert opinion……. ?. Would be very kind if you could help me further.

Good day I have received the MPU results there is a self-critical inventory of driving behavior and an in-depth preparation of background in a professional measure for drivers with traffic conspicuity to work out attitude changes. What do I have to do now ?

my father has passed the psychological part of the MPU. Had to do now again a practical test, driving test, and has failed there. How to proceed now? Can the practical part be repeated again?

Hello I stand before the3 MPU . The psychologist said at the last MPU "if they come again, then to me, so that I see the progress".
The problem : the MOT again refuses to take the same psychologist.
How can I evaluate these two statements.
Greetings Rudiger

I have had a three month suspension of my driver’s license because of accused carelessness away, and was after I then as a pedestrian by rage of the blows of my ex myself have hit the head and by the fact that I did not follow the rescue scales short hand was brought to the lvr, on the way there because I clearly did not want that wrote the rescue service, Aufbrausende personality inpulsiever type, what however in the lvr report was refuted and I me at no time this diagnosis endsprach, and that if there should be times problems they would be gladly for me there, have thus after the time my driving license again requested, the driving license place wanted however before I the driving license back get the report of the lvr have which I gave naturally, thereupon the road traffic office wanted a mpu because of impulsive type unstable personality, which I passed again and got him with the condition after 1 year to the re-examination again, after this year I was then sent to another mpu place in Cologne, it began already in the registration so that it was said as they have the driver’s license! And I said yes I should come here after 1 year for re-examination, At the end of this mpu I got a bad assessment that I would not be insightful regarding my illness, then the DMV has withdrawn my driver’s license again with costs, I have then been to doctors and psychologists who have also told me that I am healthy and attest me this also, have called in a lawyer but the DMV said that they do not accept the opinions of other doctors because it is not a mpu with verkersmedizin and since I have fetched an appointment with the psychologists themselves he would be involved, I have 98 my driver’s license gemach never alcohol or drugs nor points or violations committed and now he should be gone forever according to DMV, I’m about to go to the press because the only psychological burden I have since then that I am done wrong and it is since 2014 until today 2020 the matter of driver’s license determines my life and last but not least I have fallen back into the resin
Maybe one or the other has a tip here

Hello I had my driver’s license revoked in 2013 due to cannabis in the blood , 2016 with a mpu
Preparation I am in the test Unfortunately with negative
Result, 2019 I am again In the mpu without
Preparation Again with negative result
My question would be after how many times do you get a suspension ? Or is there no regulation please for information .thank you

Hello , I lost my driver’s license in January 2011 because of drugs. I did an mpu in March 2013 this was negative. Then I tried it in septenber2019 again negative it was again 3 months drogenscreenig required in January 2020 was the last also negative. What should I do now? Hope for help.

Hello, I am on 25.08.In 2019 I was caught driving with 1.76 per mille alcohol, I am a first time offender and have had 12 hrs of classes with a traffic psychologist to prepare for the MPU. Then I have completed a 6 month alcohol screening from 16 November, the last urine collection was on 05.05.2020. The suspension period has been extended by the court until 28.04.2020 shortened. Now I had on 18.06.2020 my MPU and am probably failed. As I have heard, the report should not be sent to the driver’s license office under any circumstances. Both copies are sent to me. Since I do not want to do the next MPU at the same place, the documents must be sent again by the driver’s license office, how can I do this most cleverly without them noticing anything about the negative report?. I also have the problem that I do not know if I will get a new MPU appointment within 4 months after the last urine collection. Does it make sense to do a hair analysis for 3 months retroactively at the beginning of August, then I would have a complete record from November to August?. Am grateful for answers.

I am writing you my story and I have a question about it.
In December 2019 I have passed a drunk driving test. The result with a BAC of 1.97 was the MPU with a time limit until September 2020. The MPU appointment was today and is negative with the reason: No proof of abstinence over 12 months.(Huh?)
I still have my driver’s license. Can I avoid a chargeable confiscation if I hand in the FS myself ?

Hello, I gave up my driver’s license in March 21 due to too many points. Application for a new license, condition was MPU. I have not passed this. I take part in seminars with a traffic psychologist starting in October. Now to my question. The authority had set me a deadline for submission of the MPU. Since I did not pass it, the authority writes me to take back my application for "re-issuance" of the driver’s license (free of charge) or the authority rejects my application with a charge. What does this mean for me?
FG mstruppi

If the person concerned failed the MPU, he/she should carefully read the negative report which will be sent to him/her. In this it is explained, why the MPU appraisal is negative. Recommendations and instructions are given, which the person concerned should follow. It is possible to repeat an MPU. Try to implement them and improve MPU preparation – after all, now you know what to expect.

The editorial staff of

Hello! I am a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, 20 years ago was deprived of the rights for alcohol, now in 2019 already in Germany deprived of the rights for alcohol 1.73 on 10monate,appointed MPU, the first exam refused, did not submit the certificate of the psychologist although I had it! In the answer they recommended to contact a psychologist! Refused the test 2 times again, based on the fact that the blood test is not proof of abstinence! In the answer it was recommended to do a urine or hair test for one year. what to expect the third time? because they have the right to constantly say that I may repeat the mistake in the future. It is very expensive for me to do everything as a translator is needed. has a psychologist the right to gain such fate because of personal dislike of visitors? I have fully realized my mistake and I am sure that I will not allow myself this act, this is a great shame for me.

we may give unfortunately no free legal advice. In this case, contact a lawyer for traffic law.

The editors of

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