“Faith helps to do the right thing”

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx sees faith in God as an important point of orientation. He helps "distinguish things and do the right thing in a confused world," Marx said.

"When we walk through life wide awake as Christians, we know: Jesus is there, he goes with us – you are not alone," Marx told several thousand young people at the Youth Corbinian pilgrimage on Freising Cathedral Hill on Saturday.

While not spared hours of worry, hardship and illness, "we can trust that he is there".

This is the gift of baptism

This gift from baptism is the "deepest and greatest message for our lives," the Archbishop of Munich and Freising continued.

Accordingly, the place in life is not the place where bullying happens or hate speech is used or creation is disregarded.

Kick-off of Corbinian Week

The festival for young people kicks off the Korbinian Week, which lasts until next Saturday. With this, the faithful remember St. Corbinian, who is the patron saint of the archdiocese.

An itinerant bishop, he preached the Christian faith in Old Bavaria in the eighth century and died in Freising around 730.

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