Finally long hair without thinning tips – reverse washing

with the Garnier True Treasures "Mythical Olive" care series

Between all the trendy hairstyles, the classic long hair has held up for years with much success. Great long hair is also something wonderful. There even I look enviously – and all the more great – when she not only long but also voluminous Are. I like long hair and finally wanted to get back there too. That’s why I cancelled the hairdresser a year ago and let nature take its course. However, this time I wanted to avoid the typical problems with longer hair. (thinning and / or split ends, no volume and thus fluffy hair).

Today I would like to tell you my personal tricks how I have managed to maintain my hair beautiful, problem-free, voluminous and healthy with the simplest of means.

If we do nothing and just let our hair grow then we either need very good genes or we hear from our hairdresser sometime when we go for a top cut: "Sorry! But your tips are too broken. We have to cut off 20cm for sure."

So that exactly this does not happen to you, you have to give your hair the greatest possible attention while it is growing.

In my opinion, the basic problem of longer hair is always the moisture. The life of short hair is over faster and it is also recut more often. If here the tips make problems they come off anyway sometime and the hair is not so old. Also you have more volume because the hair is simply not so heavy and easier to style.

With long hair the tips are the oldest part. My hair ends are now almost two years old if you take it exactly and even if I cut the tips so the hair lengths are still so old. For hair is URALT! Here we have so, especially in the lengths, a real supply problem!

Even if you have greasy hair at the roots – the tips are always very far from the natural supply in long hair. I remembered then a school friend. She had really wonderful hair and I remembered a detail that she always did after every sports class and also otherwise. She creamed your hair! With a normal lotion it worked especially the hair ends. Back then I didn’t think much about it but now that I have this length of hair myself I can understand it better.

However, a cream is out of the question for me. I have tried it but the hair then becomes, depending on the lotion, unsightly. They are groomed but also stringy and that looks for others quickly like greasy hair. I prefer to stay with the conventional care products and get along with it just as well.

REMINDER: It simply needs an effective care for dry hair with which we, especially the hair lengths and tips, additionally care and provide them with a lot of moisture through this. Over and over again … as often as possible!

First the cure then the shampoo – Reverse Washing

This begins already with the hair wash. With every hair wash shampoo and always use a conditioner or cure and that BEFORE the shampoo. The whole thing is called Reverse Washing and makes real sense.

Many do not like the residue of the conditioner in the hair (they often go away only if you rinse out the hair forever) and also weigh down the hair. This costs thin hair volume, weighs them down and that’s why many prefer to leave it out. But if you wash the other way around, you don’t have this problem.

Currently, I use the care series of GARNIER True Treasures "Mythical Olive" which I was allowed to test through the Garnier Blogger Academy last year. The series is specifically for dry, stressed hair and therefore ideal for Reverse Washing.

This is how it is done

I therefore wet my hair and then apply Garnier True Treasures "Mythical Olive" conditioner directly to my hair. Treatment / mask into the hair and leave this 5 minutes (with the deep care mask quiet longer) to act. After that I rinse only briefly and put directly the shampoo into the hair. All weighing down ingredients like z.B. Silicones are washed off again but the moisture is retained. Against split ends this method is also very effective.

Addition: Anni-Raww also pointed out on Facebook that it is also better to wash the hair with cold to lukewarm water instead of hot water. Also, this protects the hair structure more because it does not let the cuticle swell up so much.

In the end the hair has shine and suppleness, is optimally supplied with moisture and, very important, not weighed down. By the way, I find the Garnier True Treasures "Mythical Olive" deep care mask particularly great. I use it once a week and it makes the hair so soft, silky and smooth that you can really feel it.

Who does not like olive I can by the way calm down. I myself am someone who is not such a huge olive fan. Already not at all from the fragrance. The Garnier care series "Mythical Olive" does not smell like olive at all. It smells fresh, a little floral and really good. Even after washing the hair still smells like that and has nothing to do with olives. (I am also glad about it!)

For washing hair I also have a tip: I have also got into the habit of washing only the hairline. All hair is made wet but I only use the shampoo directly on the head and massage it only there. The hair lengths get with this method still enough foam off, since this runs down the hair. This method also puts less stress on the hair, the ends are not stressed by too much rubbing, have less split ends, and yet it cleans just as well as if I were to apply shampoo directly to the lengths of the hair.


Care after washing

Also after washing the hair I have changed a few things so that the hair lengths and ends retain their resistance and fullness.

I do not wring the wet hair and I do not rub it with a towel. I just pat it dry. For this I take the hair lengths between the towel and press this together. Enough to stop the dripping and to free the hair from residual water. The hair is wetter than it would be if I rubbed but that does not bother me. Sometimes I wrap the hair in a towel until I get to the hairdressing.

Then I avoid blow drying whenever possible. I used to blow dry my hair actually always dry. Nowadays this happens maybe 2-3 times a month.

I gently comb through the hair after washing with a coarse comb. I do this so that any tangles come out. Here, however, I try not to pull too hard but really only very loosely strip through the hair. Afterwards I spray my Bumble& Bumble Thickening Spray into the hair and distribute it with my hands. This works wonderfully, gives volume and hold.

Now my tips get the fullest attention. The hair is still a little wet and that’s perfect around now a care in the hair lengths Work in.

Unfortunately, unfortunately, the tip fluid serum from the Garnier Fructis Prachtauffuller series is no longer available. This was really an insanely good product for the hair ends that I really miss. That’s why I now use a combination of different oils and leave-in fluids. An argan oil, coconut oil combination and also the leave-in care from the Garnier Fructis Damage Extinguisher Silky Sealing series has proven itself.

I alternate – if I notice the tips are very dry then I like to take the oil. Otherwise I limit myself to the masks/cures.

To work it into the hair, I take product into my hands, spread it evenly, and then, overhead, I grab it into the ends of the hair. These are per application good 2 walnut-sized blobs I need for it. If that is in the hair I am ready.

As long as the hair is wet you should not put it too tight (so no ponytail or other strict hairstyles). It is better to just leave them open or, if at all, only very lightly tuck them in. Here are simple hair pinchers helpful. With this I can also determine the final hairstyle. Delicately twisted in gives light BeachWaves, when pinned round wound up beautiful, softly falling curls or for round hair tips twist in and secure with the pinchers. When I let my hair dry loose I just loosen it up with my hands from time to time. This also gives extra volume.

I have completely banned hair elastics that are too tight and metal hair clips that wear down the hair structure. i only use the hair pinchers already mentioned, plus telephone cord hair elastics, hair bands and for pinning up hair sticks. (In this article I tell you how you can make a hair stick yourself)

You see – REVERSE WASHING and also the other changes in my hair routine are not witchcraft and it makes a really big difference to my hair. The change itself was not really difficult for me and did not cost more time or money. The products from Garnier have really supported me on this way very well and I trust in it.

Since then I feel that my tips are much better. I think I have never had such healthy tips as at the moment. And also my hairdresser finds the result super. So now my hair can become longer and longer healthy, split end free and moisturized.

Under the following link I tell you how to fix your hair stick Hair growth in a natural way could help&

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