Find out your own number: how can i display my cell phone number??

Get Show your own number and save it

You are asked for your own number, but you do not know it? Very few people learn the own cell phone number namely by heart.

Fortunately, there are quite simple ways to Show your own number or have it conveniently announced. We give 5 tips on how to find out your mobile number in this post. Especially if you want to find out your number, such a guide will surely be helpful for you.

Displaying your own number: This is how it works!
5 tips with step-by-step instructions

Checking your own mobile number is quite easy with the following tips. Depending on the cell phone operating system, model or cell phone tariff, not every way leads to success. If in doubt, try one of the other tips.

For the future, avoid searching for your cell phone number with the following suggestions: Simply create a phonebook entry in your cell phone with your own number. Assign for example as name "Own number" or "My number", so you can find it quickly.

How to get my phone number out

If you have the possibility to create notes on your cell phone, you can also enter your own number there. Of course, the classic reminder note in your wallet or on your desk also works as an alternative.

Sure, if you are currently looking for a way to find out your number, then these tips to get you started won’t do you much good. But maybe you will avoid searching for your own number in the future with it.

  • Show your own number: This is how it works! 5 tips with step-by-step instructions

Display your own mobile phone number via speed dial by network (USSD code)

What is a USSD code anyway? USSD is short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is also known as GSM code or GSM-USSD code. These are short codes in the mobile networks, which you can use to request various services. You use a USSD code basically via the dial keypad of your cell phone or smartphone. After typing the command, confirm it by clicking the handset icon.

So basically it is a call to a service number. In any case, the query by USSD code is free of charge. A command usually consists of two to three digits as well as the asterisk symbol (*) and the hash symbol (#). In addition to your own phone number, you can also find out how much prepaid credit is left on your card or what your phone’s IMEI number is by using a speed dial or USSD code.

Depending on the cell phone network the USSD code differs. Below you will find the possible shortcuts. Depending on which network operator you signed your contract with, you will find out your mobile number in different ways:

Find out my number in the Telekom network (D1)

In the Telekom network, enter the GSM code *135# and confirm the speed dial via the handset or the dial key. Your cell phone number will be shown on the display. It is best to have a piece of paper and a pen ready to write it down.

Find out my mobile number in the network of Vodafone (D2)

If you are in the Vodafone network, enter the USSD code *#62#. After confirmation you will see your mobile number immediately on the display.

Check your own mobile phone number with o2 / E-Plus (Telefonica)

In many portals and also in the o2 help community itself, the code *101# is referred to. But it does not always work. It is possible that the USSD code has been deactivated since the takeover of E-Plus. If you have a prepaid card from o2, use the *101# to query your credit in any case.

However, this does not necessarily mean anything, because depending on the network operator and tariff type, individual codes and functions may be blocked or changed. Especially with prepaid tariffs changed codes are therefore possible.

The USSD code for tariffs in the E-Plus network is *100#. If the o2 code didn’t work, this short code would be another possibility to find out your own cell phone number. However, please note: The USSD code *100# is the valid code in prepaid tariffs for checking your available credit (for example in prepaid tariffs in the E-Plus network like ALDI TALK and in the Telekom network). The phone number query via the *100# therefore does not apply to prepaid cell phone tariffs.

If the number query by network does not work, you can still use the universal code.

Find out my phone number using the universal code with active mailbox

You do not know your mobile network? Then you can find out your network. And use a network query. Or use the universal code. This one is *#62#. As soon as you confirm the entry via the handset icon or the dial key, your own cell phone number is determined and shown on the display.

Note: This is actually the call forwarding code that you use to activate call forwarding to the mailbox using your cell phone number. The so-called mailbox extension is often (but not always) played out via the universal code. These are two digits that directly follow the area code. If you add these two digits to any cell phone number, you will directly reach the mobile answering machine.

Please note this point if you want to find out your own cell phone number via the universal USD code and delete the two digits if necessary. Use the total length of the cell phone number (11 or 12 digits) as a guide. In some cases, a placeholder for the mailbox extension is also displayed.

For a better overview here again all USSD codes by network:

  • Telekom (D1): *135#
  • Vodafone (D2): *#62#
  • o2: *101# (does not always work)
  • E-Plus: *100# (does not always work)
  • Universal code / call forwarding: *#62# (display including mailbox extension)
Network speed dial
Telecom *135#
Vodafone *#62#
o2 *101#
E-Plus (today o2) *100#
Universal code *#62#

Find out your own number on Android smartphone

Determine cell phone number via phone (contact list, settings)

In addition to the USSD code (which you also have to find out first), there is also the option of finding out the number directly via the smartphone. However, this is not possible with all cell phones and depends on the version of the respective operating system. However, it is worth a try. In the procedure, we distinguish between Android phones such as Samsung, LG or Huawei, the iPhone and Windows Phones, for example from the Lumia series.

My number in Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7, LG or Huawei stored in the settings

How is my number? Go to the settings of your smartphone and select the "General" or "Options" entry. Depending on the version of the phone, the entries are named differently.

You can display your own number via the "About phone", "Phone info" or "Device information" entry. There you scroll down and find the entry titled "Status" or "My phone number".

Your cell phone number will be displayed there. In the same submenu you can find other useful entries, for example the IMEI (the individual device number) of your cell phone.

You may have to search a little, because the individual entries differ depending on the phone model and Android version. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, for example, display the SIM card status to check your number.

Note: If you have recently changed the SIM card, the current mobile number may not be displayed. Then you should use one of the other tips from this overview.

Find out your iPhone cell phone number via the phone book

Display your own cell phone number on the iPhone

Use an Apple iPhone, for example the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 7? In cell phones with iOS operating system, you can also display your mobile phone number via the settings menu.

There you select the entry "Phone" (the green handset).

There is another way to find out the iPhone cell phone number: Directly in the phone book you will find an entry with your cell phone number. This is generated automatically.

You will find the entry at the top (and immediately below the search field) in the contact list under "My iPhone". Note that the country code +49 precedes the number. Replace +49 with 0 if necessary.

Determine number of Windows Phones like Lumia phones via the phone app

Also with a Windows Phone (for example a Lumia phone) you can find out your own mobile phone number via an extra entry. To do this, start the phone app. Instead of dialing a number, drag the menu bar upwards. You will now see a list of hidden menu options. Call the item "Settings. At the top you will see your current cell phone number.

Find out your own number by phone call with number suppression switched off

This trick works only if you have a second cell phone in range. For example, your work phone or the phone of a friend, acquaintance or family member. When you call the other person, your number will be shown on their display. Of course, it is even easier if you are stored as a contact in the person’s phone book. Then you even save the call. Otherwise just ring through briefly and then hang up again. Normally you will then see your number on the display of the other cell phone.

Unless you are calling with suppressed number. So you should deactivate the number suppression before, otherwise it won’t work.

Calling with deactivated number suppression

Before you ring through on the other line, type in the USSD code *31#. Append the cell phone number directly to the code and then dial the following number. Number suppression is deactivated and the number is shown on the display of the other cell phone.

Check your own mobile number via the announcement by hotline

If all speed dials and tips fail, there is still a universal service hotline that can be used in all mobile networks. The hotline is free of charge. Dial the number 0800 937 75 46. The cell phone number will not be shown on the display, but will be automatically transmitted via a recorded message. Hold thus directly pen and note ready and activate best the loudspeaker.

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