Finger play – dear, good santa claus

Dear, good Santa Claus,
put on the long boots,
comb your white beard,
go on the christmas trip.
Come also to our house,
unwrap the presents.

Instructions: using hands to say "please", put on boots, comb beard, make "Hui", wave in, tear open gift.

Other finger games that we recommend

Freezing mouse

The little mouse is frozen
up to the mouse ears.
Down to the mouse fur.
So the mouse runs,
so the mouse runs
into the mouse hole,
into the mouse hole.
It’s warm there.
You know that.

Thumbs cuddly thick

This is the thumb Knuddeldick,
that you can see at first sight.
and makes the child a fist,
Cuddles up in the little house.

The pointing finger, it’s clever,
who threatens when someone does evil.
makes our child laugh
making kille-kille.

The third is the biggest here,
much longer than the other four.
There he can guard nicely,
what his brothers do.

The fourth is a vain thing,
the one prefers to wear a ring
and he decorates himself for the feast, thinks
he would be the best.

Of all the fingers comes to the end,
the tiny little whiz kid.
He wags his little tail,
at the happy finger dance.

Five fingers freeze

Five fingers are freezing cold.
Five fingers freeze in the winter forest.
The first one trembles: "O woe, o woe,
I am sooo cold, as cold as the snow!"
The second one trembles: "Look at me!
There is no one here who can freeze like that."
The third one trembles: "Look at all of them!
I’m trembling by the minute!"
The fourth one is shaking and whispers only.
"How much I freeze, you can see that!"
The fifth trembles: "It’s no use!
Quickly off into the warmth and nothing like away!"

Himpelchen and Pimpelchen

Himpelchen and Pimpelchen,
climbed a high mountain.
Himpelchen was a Heinzelmann
and Pimpelchen a dwarf.
They stayed up there for a long time
and wiggled with their pointed hats.

But after many, many weeks
they crawled into the mountain,
sleep there in good rest.
Be still and listen well!
Ch ch ch ch..

Come here I think' me something from

Come here, I’ll think of something
and show you a mouse house.

Five mice live here alone,
they find this house very fine.

The first is the lazy mouse,
Always looking out the window.

The second is the mouse cook,
Still stirring the soup.

The third makes the apartment clean,
she can do that really very, very fine.

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