First impressions of the new deutsche bahn lounge in berlin

First impressions of the new Deutsche Bahn lounge in Berlin

Deutsche Bahn opened a new lounge at Berlin’s main train station on Friday. What you can expect here, we show you in our first impressions!

It is not necessarily the case that the Deutsche Bahn lounge generally leaves a particularly positive impression. Many lounges are getting on in years and are anything but comfortable, so that you don’t necessarily have to visit them, even if you have access to them. In this respect, however, Deutsche Bahn wants to initiate a real change and, after the lounge in Nuremberg and a premium lounge in Berlin, has now also reopened the "normal" lounge at Berlin Central Station. The new waiting room is quite convincing and is definitely a step in the right direction.

Modern furnishings and lots of daylight in the new Bahn Lounge

The location of the Bahn Lounge on the level below the east-west tracks of Berlin Central Station, directly next to the travel center, has not changed much. Accordingly, the lounge continues to be nicely flooded with daylight, as it offers a wide window frontage.

DB Lounge Berlin seating

Even the first impression of the lounge is quite different

The access restrictions have not changed either. This is how a traveler with a bahn.comfort status to the lounge at any time (regardless of a ticket), plus all travelers with a BahnCard 100 as well as a flex fare ticket have the 1. Class access to the lounge. This now offers more space, however, because the former 1. class area has been eliminated (due to the new Premium Lounge), so that the bahn.comfort customers have more space.

The lounge recently offers more seating

In general, however, all areas of the lounge have been redesigned. In the entrance area, there is a kind of couch with a few stools on one side – this is probably where people tend to sit when there are no other seats available.

In the entrance area there are rather few attractive seating options

Opposite, however, there are two high tables with numerous seats, which are good for working thanks to sockets, so the number of workstations has increased enormously compared to the previous equipment.

There is no shortage of workstations in the new lounge

Near the "drinks buffet" there are now several normal tables with chairs, where you can also easily open a laptop or even eat something.

The dining tables next to the buffet are a new element

In the back of the lounge, there are a few armchairs on one side, which provides good privacy and comfort.

At the end of the lounge some armchairs invite to linger

In addition, there is a small corner with two separated workstations, which also offer again sockets.

Being a little more private is also not a problem

Overall, the number of seats has increased significantly and the overall atmosphere is significantly friendlier, which makes you want to stay in the lounge.

Similar drinks and a new snack machine

As far as the free food and drink offer is concerned, little has changed with regard to the DB Lounge Berlin. Just like in the other lounges, there are coffee machines and beverage dispensers that you can help yourself to.

The coffee machines in the lounge have been renewed

The quality of the coffee has improved a bit with the new machines and there is more choice. However, I would still not describe the coffee as outstanding.

Coffee in the lounge has improved a bit

New, however, is the snack machine in the lounge, where you can help yourself to various options for a fee.

The snack machine is one of the innovations of the lounge

There are several different bowls to choose from, which at least on the photos made quite a good impression.

The offer focuses on rather healthy options

In addition, there are wraps, sandwiches, bars and some other snacks, so you can easily buy something else for the trip.

The focus is on takeaway food

The vending machine also offers smoothies and yfood drinks.

Selected drinks are also available at the vending machine

The prices overall moderate, so I find the additional offer quite attractive. Especially if you are in a hurry and want a snack for the journey or the stay in the lounge, you will find it here.

Stable Internet, newspapers and magazines in the DB Lounge

In the past I found the WLAN in the Bahn Lounge Berlin a bit problematic, so I was positively surprised that the problems seem to be a thing of the past. At least on my first visit, I was able to make a video call without any problems and had no other problems whatsoever. I also noticed positively that there is a good selection of daily newspapers.

Various daily newspapers are available in the lounge

Likewise one can look forward to different magazines, which are likewise available in the Lounge.

Various magazines can be found in the lounge as well

Of course, there are still toilets in the lounge – these have also been renovated and expanded once more. A positive side effect of the DB Lounges, especially at the train station.

The toilets are now clean and spacious

In summary, therefore, also a positive development, especially because the lounge has become a veritable workplace through the development around the workstations and the Internet.

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