Fish and marine animals – silent suffering for our food

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Approximately 1500 billion fish are caught and killed each year. That’s more than all the other animals that die for us humans put together. Such a large number is difficult to imagine.

It may be that many people feel little sympathy for fish because they cannot make loud noises. They can’t scream, like we humans or even cows, pigs and chickens do. For this reason, some people think that they cannot feel pain. But just like our dogs and cats, they also feel when they are injured or fished. A fish hook hurts the fish especially at the mouth. Just because we don’t hear their pain doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Fish use their mouths like we use our hands and for example build their nests with the help of their mouths

But it is not only when the fish are caught with a fishing hook piercing through their mouths that they suffer. All fish that fall victim to fishing meet a cruel death. Fish and marine animals – they suffer silently for our food. They suffocate, are cut open while still alive or simply thrown on ice. Their struggle for survival can last for hours. But not only the fish that end up on our plates are affected by these brutal fishing methods. Many other marine animals, such as dolphins and crabs, get caught in the huge fishing nets and die as a result.
But not only the seas of this world are fished empty for the food of the people. Similar to pigs and cows, there are also fattening facilities for fish, so-called aquacultures. In such artificial habitats, far too many animals are crammed into huge tanks in a very confined space. For this reason they often get sick and infested with lice.
Many people eat fish because they think it is good for their health. But this is not true. Fish have many toxic substances in their bodies, as they absorb these pollutants through their food. If you now eat the fish, you automatically ingest these toxins – and that is not healthy for you either.

What you can do!

By the fact that humans want to eat so much fish, millions fish must suffer. Eating fish is dangerous for humans. And who says: "But we broke the iodine and protein from the fishes!The word "smoked fish" is a misnomer: it can also be found in table salt and seaweed, for example, or in beans and cereals. You see, it’s high time to take fish off the menu. A purely plant-based diet not only saves the lives of countless animals, but may also prolong your own. Tell your friends and family about what you learned here; they will definitely see eating fish with different eyes!

Did you know.

Fish are extremely intelligent. They are even smart enough to operate tools. Yes, you have read correctly! A researcher has managed to observe how a fish hits a shell, which it carried with the help of its mouth, on a stone protruding from the sand. The smart fish swam to the stone and banged the shell against it until it opened. So the stone was his "can opener".

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