Formerly gez: when can i deregister an apartment from the broadcasting fee??

The Broadcasting contribution All households in Germany must pay. It is intended to ensure that public broadcasting remains independent and available to everyone.

Until 2013, the fee, at that time still GEZ called, depended on the TV and radio devices that consumers owned and registered. In turn, this means that since citizens can no longer deregister devices.

But what is valid now? When can I still deregister myself – or my apartment – from the broadcasting fee?? And how does it work? t-online explains.

What exactly is the broadcasting contribution?

The broadcasting fee is intended to replace the legally established Independence of the public media in Germany guarantee. The amount of the contribution is independent of the number and type of reception devices, i.e. televisions or radios.

The broadcasting contribution, also Broadcasting fee or broadcasting tax called, was for a long time 17.50 euros per month per household. According to a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court in August 2021, it is now with 18.36 euros per month.

One adult person of the household must be registered at the contribution service of ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio and pay the broadcasting contribution. They then have a so-called Contribution account, which you can deregister in certain cases (see below).

Broadcasting contribution or GEZ?
Until the beginning of 2013, the broadcasting fee was still called GEZ, derived from Gebuhreneinzugszentrale (fee collection center). This will henceforth bear the name ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Contribution Service. Since then, every household must pay a broadcasting fee. Exceptions apply only in certain cases (see below).

Can I be exempted from the broadcasting fee??

Yes, but only under certain conditions. The following groups of people can be exempted on application:

  • Students who receive BAfoG and do not live with their parents
  • Recipients of social benefits such as unemployment benefit II or basic security in old age
  • Under certain conditions, people with disabilities can be exempted from paying contributions altogether or only have to pay a reduced amount

On the homepage of the broadcasting contribution you can find out exactly about the conditions for exemption.

Can I deregister individual devices?

No, this is no longer possible. Every household is subject to Solidarity principle obliged to pay the broadcasting fee. Only certain groups can be completely exempted from the broadcasting fee (see above).

However, the following applies: The Paying broadcasting fee twice, you don’t have to either. If this is the case, you should inform the contribution service and deregister an apartment from the GEZ. In the following cases, this is possible:

  • Moving to another contributor
  • Moving abroad
  • Giving up an apartment
  • Death of contributor
  • Move to nursing home

If one of these cases applies, you can unsubscribe online here. But you can also send a signed letter to the Contribution Service at the following address:

ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Contribution Service
50656 Cologne

Note: Depending on the reason for deregistration, you may still need to attach certain supporting documents, such as a Meldebescheinigung. If the contributor has died, the relatives must send a copy of the death certificate in addition to the deregistration in order to cancel the broadcasting contribution.

Also, when deregistering from the broadcasting fee, you always need your Contribution number. This can be found on requests for payment or other letters from the contribution center. You should include the exact reason for deregistration in addition to your name, address, and the date of deregistration when you deregister your dues account (see listing above).

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Important: The contribution service should send you a confirmation. When you deregister an apartment. If you have not received one, ask again.

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