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I would like to use BigBlueButton as a conference system for our school. use virtual classroom. My question would be, does this run over any foreign servers when I integrate this as a plugin into our Moodle or does this then only run on the server where Moodle is implemented? I wonder about this for privacy reasons and don’t quite see through it:

Am I on this server at relies on? Can I run this autarkic on our servers? What does it take?

I would appreciate your tips and help.

Re: Using BigBlueButton on your own server

if you install the plugin, then you have the possibility to use it over a test server from Blindside Networks.

Re: Using BigBlueButton on your own server

Re: Using BigBlueButton on your own server

Re: Using BigBlueButton on your own server

  • General BBB service: – there is a demo access which did not work just now.
  • Moodle plugin:

Re: Using BigBlueButton on my own server

thanks for the answer.

I had the Moodle plugin installed. But when calling the activity I got the message that can not be connected to the URL. Only after that I typed the URL of the test server into the browser.

Now I just tried it again and everything works now. Maybe I was just too impatient

thank you in any case for the quick feedback. And have a nice easter!

Re: Using BigBlueButton on my own server

Enclosed are our installation steps for BigBlueButton (use without guarantee on your own responsibility)

. newer version is in work but not quite ready yet

Re: Using BigBlueButton on my own server

thank you very much, that’s great that you provide it like that. Still it will take me some time to work my way into it.

Several more questions about this:

did you host the BBB server at an external provider. Because that’s what I would have in mind. We host Moodle at an external provider and would have the possibility to use multiple domains there.

The idea would be to set up a second domain, then install the BBB server under that and then link the moodle plugin to it. This should work even if both domains are on the same server?

Using ssh (PUTTy-Config) you should be able to execute the appropriate command lines on the server to configure the BBB server under the new domain.

Another question is how much memory you should realistically allocate to ensure smooth operation (assuming the CronScript is configured correctly and deletes old entries reliably) . you would have to understand how BBB stores and archives sessions and when it makes sense to delete them (maxAge = 2 days)? or what do I have to imagine?)

Thanks for your advice and support, the learning curves are always steep in the beginning .

Re: use BigBlueButton on own server

I understand it to create a second domain (simple, I just did) and then ssh with the server as described here:

After that I would install the communication server of BigBlueButton with the command line from your documentation (right?):
wget -qO- | bash -s — -v xenial-220
-s domainname -e [email protected] -t -g

Domain name would be the new domain I just created, so that my first domain (with Moodle) is not overwritten on the server. Would that be possible? Will it work like this? What do you as specialists think?

Re: Use BigBlueButton on own server

for the schools I serve in Lower Saxony I set up a BBB server at Hetzner as a cloud server. Currently the server has 16 GB RAM and 8 VCPU’s. With this we have already held a meeting with 50 teachers. How many schools can access it at the same time, I can’t say at the moment.

Many greetings

Re: Using BigBlueButton on own server

thanks a lot for the experiences. With an external provider, the values would of course be lower, but it would only affect the own school. Whereby I think you should not set the resources too tightly. I will take a close look and then talk to our IT department. I think I need to be able to state the requirement as clearly as possible.

Re: Use BigBlueButton on own server

The makers of BBB recommend a separate server. The simple explanation is, BBB also launches an HTTPS server for its purposes. Theoretically it is possible to move this to another port than 443 – is something for specialists I guess.

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