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The concept of democracy comes from the Greek and means "rule of the people". In Germany this form of government exists since 1949, before it existed already once from 1918 to 1933. In a democracy, all citizens have the same rights and duties. No emperor rules over it, also no king and no general.

The people decides

Debate in the German Bundestag.

In a democracy, all people are free to speak their mind, to assemble, to inform themselves. There are different parties, which announce their ideas in so-called party programs. In a democracy, citizens elect people and parties by whom they want to be governed for a certain period of time. And if the government does its job badly, the people can elect another government at the next election.

observe laws

Your questions.

What do you call the group that can make a difference in democracy

Hello ears , the most effective in democracy can be the citizens. That is why the name "democracy", which comes from the Greek and means "rule of the people" means. Citizens have a say in parliament and government, and they can vote a government they don’t like out of office after a period of time.

I have a question.What should I do if someone in my family does not want to be vaccinated?.

Hello Timon, not all people want to be vaccinated and at the moment it is also like this in Germany, that every person can decide this by himself. (Whether there will soon be a duty to vaccinate is being discussed in the Bundestag as of today). When you talk about this in your family, it’s important to calmly exchange arguments, paying attention to whether the reasons you have for your decision also fit with scientific evidence. The many studies done in laboratories and universities show how important it is to be vaccinated. Because vaccination protects against bad courses, if one is infected then nevertheless. And the more people are vaccinated, the better is the protection against infection for everyone. If, nevertheless, the person you wrote about does not want to be vaccinated, it is important that you do everything possible to minimize the risk of infection. Therefore, everyone should make sure to wear a mask, keep their distance and wash their hands regularly. If you are vaccinated, you have already done a lot yourself to reduce the risk of infection.

Hello what is separation of powers

Hello Luca, look under this term in this dictionary. There we have explained this important principle of democracy.

What do you need democracy for?

Hello&, in democracy, each individual, and therefore of course you, can rely on having certain rights and freedoms. These rights and freedoms apply equally to all people, whether they are rich or poor, men or women, adults or children. Everyone can freely express his opinion. No one needs to be afraid of being punished for criticizing the government. And the most important: Everyone can have a say in politics. Either by simply voting or by becoming politically active themselves. These are all really good reasons for democracy, don’t you think??

Hello Lina, look in addition times with us in the encyclopedia after. There we have explained what elections are. You can also find good information about this in our special on elections.

Why no democratic state can do without the federal minister ? ( justice,finance etc. )

Hello cool person , these are areas that are essential for the functioning of democratic society: how does the state get the money it needs and what does the state spend the money on, how are the guidelines for spending money properly followed (and much more); how are laws properly prepared, how is it ensured that the courts can also work (and much more).

Why is democracy so important and why children need to learn this at a very early age??

Hello …, democracy is our form of government. We live here in freedom, we can speak our mind, we have a free press. There are regular free elections in which citizens can choose their government and much more. This form of government, democracy, ensures many freedoms for all of us. And it has rules that apply to everyone. Knowing these rules is important to understand how democracy works and to be able to participate in it. Many things need to be practiced – for example, listening to each other, considering arguments, talking to each other and much more. That’s why it’s good for children to learn the basics of democracy and how it works. Then they can find their way around it.

In a democracy, everyone has to be considerate of each other?

Hello Thea, to be considerate of each other is part of a peaceful coexistence. Imagine, for example, that the strong cars would drive recklessly because they know that they can overtake others faster. This would lead to many accidents and pedestrians or cyclists would live riskily. Because everyone has the same right to feel safe on the street, we have to be considerate of each other. But because not everyone does this on their own, there are rules that tell them how to behave. With that then you don’t rely on people being considerate on the roads alone, you regulate that by law as well. But not everything is regulated by law, because we assume that consideration is part of human coexistence. For example, there is no law that says you should not push in line at the bakery. That one does not do this has to do with consideration, without which we could not live well in our society.

What is the difference between monarchy and democracy?

Hello Angela, please look up these terms in this dictionary. You can quickly see what the exact differences are between the rule of a king or a queen and the rule by the people in a democracy.

Hello, I wonder why there are secret agreements in politics. When actually all people need to know what the government is doing. Otherwise I don’t know if I will vote for the right party later or not?

Hello Lydia, you are right that it is important that politicians openly state their goals and explain how they will achieve them. This also applies to the new federal government. In the coalition negotiations, the three parties talked to each other about what political goals they were striving for together and how this should be implemented. These negotiations took place in camera, i.e. in secret. That’s okay too, because not every disagreement and every argument has to be in every newspaper and on every internet blog right away. What is crucial is that afterwards the agreement reached was presented and explained publicly. So everyone/ can get an idea of what the government wants and how it will go about it. And you now have almost four years to make up your mind about which party will convince you the most or why you would rather vote for a party that is not in government.

Unfortunately, I do not understand why in a democracy I am not allowed to decide about my own health or why people are forced by politicians to stop going to certain stores or eating out. My parents can’t go anywhere with me because they won’t let them in, and my mom will soon be out of a job because her boss is allowed to fire her simply because she has her own opinion about vaccination. All this does not fit with what we learn in school about democracy.

Hello Hanni, in our society you are allowed to decide about your health. But in this pandemic, which you are surely thinking of, it is the case that one’s own health can also have strong consequences for other people. For example, those who are not vaccinated are much more likely than vaccinated people to infect others. That is why politicians call on people to get vaccinated. It also does it so that not so many people get covid-19 and may have to go through long treatments in the hospital. You have surely heard about the fact that there are care shortages in the intensive care units, where many Covid patients are treated. This is what politics wants to avoid as much as possible. It is not true that people are forced to stop going to certain stores or restaurants. It is rather the case that those who do not get vaccinated can no longer visit some stores or restaurants – precisely because they are not vaccinated. This is to reduce the risk for other people. The fact that your mom has her own opinion on vaccination is not grounds for dismissal. However, it is true that people who work in the care and health sector, starting from 15 years of age, have no right to work. March 2022 must be vaccinated. In this way, politicians also want to better protect the sick and the elderly, who need special protection. And if your mom works in that field and doesn’t want to get vaccinated, then she can’t work there anymore. These are all regulations that have been discussed and decided very long and responsibly, as it must be in a democracy. Because even in a democracy there are rules, you must have learned about democracy in school.

What is a debate?

Hi Olivia, a debate is a public argument. In a debate, several people express their opinion on a matter and give reasons for it. They want to convince the audience of their view. In the Bundestag the deputies often hold debates. Read our article "Debate here in the lexicon of Hanisauland.

Why are some parties in our democracy called names and suppressed?? Shouldn’t parties all be valued because they are representatives of the will of the people?

Hello Mariela, in Germany the importance of parties is already written in the Basic Law. They play an important role in the political opinion making process. That’s why it’s important that people can organize themselves into parties and that there are a large number of parties. But there is also freedom of opinion, which ensures that criticism can be voiced, that the position of parties can be criticized. This is an essential part of democracy. But that does not mean that name-calling is part of it. The fact that people vote for some parties does not mean that they "appreciate" them must. For example, if someone says that you don’t really belong in Germany, you won’t value this opinion just because someone says it, maybe even claiming that this is the "will of the people" be. Parties are not suppressed in our country. But a party that tries to destroy our liberal order and that wants to eliminate the functioning of the free democratic basic order must expect to be banned. But such a ban has high hurdles. A party can only be ruled by the Federal Constitutional Court.

What is your idea of democracy?

Hello Fatima, please read our article "Democracy" here in the encyclopedia of Hanisauland. There and in the answers to the questions of other visitors to our site below the article you will find a lot of information about the meaning of democracy and how it works.

why do people vote?

Hello not quite”, voting takes place so that you can see what opinion has a majority. If you don’t want just one person to decide, for example, what to do in the sports club, you vote in the group. And then you find out what the majority would like to do. It is the same in politics and many other decisions.

What are the shortcomings of the FRG?

Hello Clara, we do not know exactly what you mean by "shortcomings" mean. There are also problems in Germany that people in general and politicians in particular have to deal with. Politicians try to create the best possible rules with good laws, so that problems can be solved.

In which buildings in Berlin political decisions are made ?

Hello Ari , that are many buildings in Berlin! The most important building is the German Bundestag, where the members of parliament work. But there are still the ministries, where political decisions are made or the chancellery. And there are many other buildings, but we can not list them all here.

Hi, I just wanted to say how great I think you are. Everything is explained very clearly. You have helped me several times with your great explanations. Thank you

Hello Shadow, we are very pleased! We will strive to continue to make good offers.

What are the disadvantages of democracy

Hello Ekte, we don’t see any disadvantages, but there are special challenges that we have to overcome in a democracy. It is sometimes difficult to solve conflicts in a democratic way. One has to find compromises, to deal with many arguments for it. You have to look for good solutions to conflicts, solutions that satisfy as many people as possible. At the same time, the rights of those who disagree with the majority must be respected and protected. This is sometimes quite difficult.

What are the advantages of democracy?

Hello Klara23, in a democracy every individual can count on having certain rights and freedoms. These rights and freedoms apply equally to all people, whether rich or poor, man or woman, child or adult. Everyone is free to express his opinion. No one needs to be afraid of being punished if they criticize the government. And the most important: Everyone can have a political say. Either by simply voting, or by becoming politically active himself or herself. Of course there are problems, but they don’t outweigh the advantages of democracy.

what is demnocracy

Hello fduhzugzu, democracy is a form of government in which the people rule. This is the meaning of the ancient Greek word "democracy". In a democracy all people are free to speak their mind, to assemble, to inform themselves. The citizens elect in free and democratic elections persons and parties by which they want to be governed for a certain time. And if the government does its job badly, the people can elect another government at the next election.

election reason sentences

Hello hans, please have a look at our article "Election principles" here in the lexicon of Hanisauland at.

why do you have to vote

Hello mimimicko, elections are very important in a democracy because the people themselves should decide who governs them and what policies are made in their country. And they must have the possibility, if they don’t like one government, to choose another one. Read also our encyclopedia article on democracy.

How to describe democracy well

Hello zetos, in democracy the people rule. This is the meaning of the word democracy. The citizens elect themselves a parliament and thus determine the politics of the country. You can read more about this in our article "Democracy" read here on the page of Hanisauland.

Does the rule of the people have the right to terrorize the individual?

Hello Putzi, people’s rule is the term by which "democracy" is defined translated. An important characteristic of democracy is that the majority can make decisions, but must always be guided by the law. It follows then that "terror" is not justified in any case. Sometimes it is the case that decisions are made that individuals do not like. But this has nothing to do with terrorization.

Where do elections take place in everyday life?

Hello democracy, for example, you elect the class representative in your school. Your parents elect the chairmen of the parents’ council at your school and your mother may elect her representatives for the works council of the company she works for. And your father elects the president of the sports club where you all play sports.

I wanted to know when is not democratic

Hello . when one speaks of "democracy When people talk about democracy, they usually mean a form of government. There are many rules to follow. For example, elections must be held regularly and they must be, among other things, secret and universal. Even when electing class representatives, there are rules that should be democratic – for example, there must be the possibility for several to stand for election and then also to vote fairly. Often one hears the word "democratic also when describing how decisions are made or when describing how people treat each other. Then one means with "undemokratisch" or "not democratic, that someone simply imposes his will without listening to the opinion of others. There are many other examples. Think for yourself what else comes to mind.

What are the building blocks of democracy? And what does each one mean?

Hello goat, one of the characteristics of democracy is the right of the people to elect their representatives by universal, direct, free, equal and secret suffrage. Elections are thus one of the most important prerequisites for the functioning of democracy. In elections, the population can express its opinion on the political conditions in the country and make clear which issues should determine politics. Other important conditions for a democratic state are respect for human rights, the independence of the courts, the separation of powers and the exclusion of any rule of force and arbitrariness.

Hedwig Richter said in an interview: "Democracy can not be better than us."
But why is this so and what exactly is meant by it?

Hello Schoki , in a democracy it is of crucial importance that each and every individual clearly professes democratic values, meets other people without prejudice and dares to speak his or her mind when he or she wants to vote.B. listens to xenophobic or racist slogans. Democracy means the rule of the people. The people, who determine the politics of the country in democratic elections, thus form the basis of democracy. Democracy cannot exist without convinced democrats.

What is the difference between monarchy and democracy?

Hello Yuna, read our article above and also the article about "Monarchy" here in the encyclopedia of Hanisauland. You will quickly see that monarchy and democracy are not necessarily contradictory in a constitutional monarchy. For example, Great Britain is a monarchy and at the same time a democratic state. However, there are forms of monarchy that are not democracies.

Why are the people restricted by the order of society??

Hello Nuri, unfortunately we can not understand your question. Maybe you got confused while writing something. Please take another look at your question and think about how you can ask it better. Then you can send them to us again.

Can we take the Attic democracy of that time as a model of our democracy today??

Hello Sofia , Ancient Greece is often called the "cradle of democracy" denotes. There, in the city-state of Athens, democracy was born. Already since the 6th century. Century v.Chr. it was customary for all citizens of Athens over the age of 18 to have a say in politics. The people’s assembly determined the legislation and a large part of the politics. Nevertheless, you must not imagine the Greek democracy like today’s: all laws applied only to the small group of full citizens – slaves, women and foreigners had partly no rights at all. They could not acquire landed property, hold public office, and had no voting rights. So politics was determined by a minority.

Why is democracy so important?

Hello Saleha, please read what we Munini have answered to this question below in the FAQ (this is the second question there).

Why do we vote for parties or deputies??

Hello Queen, the parties play an important role in our state. They participate, according to the basic law, in the formation of the political will of the people. That’s why we vote for parties – in the Bundestag election we vote for parties with the second vote. Before the election, the parties have determined which members of parliament they want to send to the Bundestag. But we do not only vote for parties, but also for people. These are the direct candidates that we vote for with the first vote. They then also become direct deputies. There it does not play a role whether they are on the party list in addition, who is elected as a direct candidate, comes in any case in the Bundestag.

What is democracy ?

Hello king, read the text above and our answers to the FAQ. There we have explained this important political system.

How long did the ddr exist?

Hello Schorsch, the GDR was founded on 7. The German state was founded on October 3, 1949, and ceased to exist with the reunification of Germany on October 3. October 1990 to exist. It existed thus somewhat countries than 41 years.

Hello my name is erik.I just wanted to say that you are a good app for children.

With kind regards

Hello Erik, thank you very much for your nice praise! We are always happy to help children and young people with their questions about politics.

What happens when people do not vote?

Hello Sara_Luani , then they can’t have a say in what policy is made in their state either. Only those who vote have the possibility to decide about politics and the people who make it. That is why the right to vote is such an important right in a democratic state, which every citizen should exercise!

What is democracy and what is dictatorship

Hello CR7, what democracy and dictatorship are, we have explained here in the encyclopedia. Click immediately on the terms.

How many kings are still alive

Hello Ha Ha, on earth there are many countries where there is a king or a queen. This is the case for example in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Spain.

Hello Luna , in democracy the people rule. This is the meaning of the word democracy. Citizens elect themselves a parliament and thus determine the policy of the country. You can read more about this in our article above.

What is democracy

Hello Hanna, please read the text above and our answers to the FAQ. There we have explained what is meant by the "rule of the people" is meant and why democracy is so important for all of us.

What is a majority vote and what is a ratio vote

Hello Luis, please look up these terms in this dictionary. Here we have explained the differences.

What does democracy mean

Hello Bloom, Democracy means translated "rule of the people Which political system is described with it, we have explained above in our article. Please read on there once.

Hello Soprano , direct election is an important electoral principle. Please read our article "Election principles" here in the lexicon of Hanisauland.

Democracy is not something you own, but something we have to work on over and over again. What is meant by this? Lg

Hello Kev , our democracy today is stable. This is also due to the fact that after the Second World War, the authors of the Basic Law tried to learn the right lessons from the mistakes of the Weimar Constitution. With the most important is certainly that with the Basic Law constitutional changes were made more difficult. And anyone who wants to abolish democracy today is liable to prosecution. This does not mean, however, that there are not people in Germany who try to do just that. They don’t necessarily always want to abolish democracy as a form of government, but even if they try to tamper with democratic values such as solidarity and tolerance, in the long run this is a danger to democracy. Especially in times when the economy is not doing well and many people are unemployed or afraid of losing their jobs, such groups have an easy time finding new followers. That’s why it’s important that every single person is clearly committed to the democratic values, meets other people without prejudice and dares to speak his mind when he wants to…B. xenophobic or racist slogans heard. In a democracy, you can never rest on your laurels. All democrats are challenged to become aware of the democratic rules, to consider what it means to live democratically, and to bring this way of life to others.

What is the difference between republic and democracy?

Hello Bloom, democracy is a form of government. A republic is a form of government. Forms of government are distinguished according to the position of the head of state – for example, monarchy or republic. In the different forms of rule, a distinction is made according to the starting point of power. Democracy and dictatorship are, for example, forms of rule. Read also our articles about the different terms and definitions.

What is the difference between government and parliament?

Hello Lalelu , the parliament is the representation of the citizens democratically elected by the people. The parliament elects the government and controls it. Parliament is also responsible for legislation. The government sets the policy guidelines and controls the federal administration. Read in addition nevertheless once our encyclopedia articles "German Bundestag" and "Federal Government. There you will learn everything you need to know about the differences between these two constitutional bodies.

How do the parties proceed in the process of political decision-making??

Hello Lisa , Parties are democratic organizations. At party congresses and in many, many meetings at different political levels, they try to define their goals and what makes them a party. This does not always go smoothly. Disputes about the right political direction or about the attitude to a certain topic as for example the climatic protection give it therefore again and again in the parties. But this has to be the case, because parties are supposed to reflect the political opinion forming process of their members.

What does democracy mean

Hello Hania , Democracy is the rule of the people. The people, i.e. all citizens, decide who should govern them and what policies should be made. And if voters are not satisfied with politics, they can vote for another government at the next election. Above in our text we have written more about it. Please read on there.

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