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At GWriters, you will receive expert assistance with your academic term paper. With us you will find exactly the academic ghostwriter for your term paper, who fits your individual requirements. You want to put your academic project in safe hands and have a ghostwriter write term paper samples for your term paper? Then turn to a reputable ghostwriting agency that works exclusively with experienced academics, doctors and professors.

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Although a few weeks of processing time are allotted for the specialized paper Students often in a time crunch, because they cannot cope with the unfamiliar way of working resp. this is very time consuming. In addition, students must study for other exams and baccalaureate exams at the same time – this also leads to time problems. To help with the question ,,How do I write a term paper??" not to stand alone, some students turn to a academic ghostwriter, Editor or proofreader from a writing service.

Especially because the work is supposed to prepare students for their studies and serves as an opportunity to practice, Supporting students, to arouse their interest in studying and not to demotivate them unnecessarily.

Writing a paper on a specific subject area is a good Preparation for the study, if you as a student have to write further scientific papers, like your first term paper or seminar paper. However, academic papers are evaluated differently by school teachers and lecturers. A school teacher evaluates an academic paper more superficially, while a professor evaluates it more strictly.

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Have your academic paper written by experienced writers – quickly, discreetly, and repeatedly checked for quality& Plagiarism.


Don’t just check your work for linguistic errors, but also for scientific& check professional correctness.


Our experienced experts perform your qualitative content analysis using professional MAXQDA evaluation.


Rely on our comprehensive and serious doctoral consulting and lead your doctorate to success.

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If you need assistance with your technical paper, feel free to send us a no-obligation request to our writing service right now. We will get back to you within a few hours with a free quote and will also be happy to call you if you would like a free phone consultation.

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Our prices for medical, law or business administration ghostwriting as well as for other subject areas start from 80,- € per standard page.

What types of help with the technical paper are available?

In addition to the academic help by a teacher as supervisor of the term paper, can be coached by a sog. academic ghostwriter take place. This person deals full-time with scientific texts and works and also has numerous skills in his field of expertise. For this reason, the student can have it proofread without difficulty assign at any time and problem of the writing process.

Often this happens directly at the beginning of the text creation in the preparation process, in the research, the topic identification, the literature research (specialized literature), the structuring, the outline and the structure of the subject-related work (introduction, core part, main part, conclusion, formalities). Also exists in case of time constraints, the possibility of using the freelancer to coach the technical paper and let him act supportively throughout the writing process.

For example, ghostwriters can write an outline for your outline or when choosing a topic, create a list for topics. In addition, the academic ghostwriting – the preparation of a sample term paper by an academic expert – possible.

Our professional services for your technical paper by experts

Even if the student works independently, it is advisable to have the thesis proofread and edited. Because the improvements to the formal and substantive design of an academic paper, ranging from an Ghostwriting Agency are made, plays a major role in subject-related work. Therefore, students/pupils often look for special authors, the many years of experience have made in the respective subject area.

Our academic ghostwriters are certified Lecturers, doctors and professors. In our writing agency, you can find professional expert writers in almost all fields for various tasks in the field of scientific writing.

We support you in almost all academic subject areas& work!

  • Business informatics
  • Economics
  • Financial sciences
  • Media Studies
  • VWL
  • Marketing
  • Dentistry
  • medicine
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Architecture
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • computer science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Earth sciences
  • Mathematics
  • educational science
  • communication sciences
  • Sociology
  • Linguistics
  • social work
  • Social sciences
  • German studies
  • History
  • Arts
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • law
  • Thesis
  • exam paper
  • Master thesis
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Thesis
  • Master thesis
  • eBook
  • Learning script
  • presentations
  • Statistical analysis
  • Expose
  • Essay
  • term paper
  • term paper

Other professional services

In addition to the services of proofreading and editing of the technical paper, a comprehensive plagiarism check can additionally be performed by an Ghostwriting agency take place. This is recommended, because especially from lack of experience with scientific texts and the handling of technical literature, unintentional mistakes can happen. It’s not uncommon for students to have a sample template for their have technical paper written and use this ghostwriter term paper as a template for your own work.

What can you expect from a ghostwriter term paper?

Having a ghostwriter write the term paper is also an option. However, it should be noted that the ghostwriting thesis should only be used as a template should be used only as a template, since it may not be handed out as an own examination achievement.

The selected topic for a subject-related paper shows that the student wants to delve deeper into this subject area. Therefore, many students choose after graduating from high school the subject they have already dealt with. Especially for the academic papers (term papers, seminar papers), you are expected to have a deep subject knowledge.

Types of academic papers

LGBTIQ politics term paper example

Sexual and reproductive rights

Department: Sociology
type of work: technical paper
Pages: 10
Citation: German citation style (citing with footnotes)

About the author

Diploma in Business Administration Marcus Wittkamp
Senior Ghostwriter& Supervisor

To the term paper

The subject-related paper is for many the first stage towards scientific work. Here, for the first time, a student must show that he or she can independently prepare a written paper on a topic, after prior guidance from the teacher. The choice of topic is worked out in cooperation with a teacher.

The topicality of a subject is important for an academic paper to achieve a successful Abitur grade. Here, an academic ghostwriter can be a good help in the search for a topic. For ghostwriters know the current state of research, have to many databases accessf and research materials available.

Subject-related papers are written in the reformed upper secondary school and should ber eits meet some university requirements. Support is offered on the one hand by the school, by the teacher resp. supervisor, on the other hand by a academic freelancer, who optimizes the term paper as an editor or proofreader.

Sample template for writing a technical paper – with the help of a ghostwriter? How does the cooperation work?

The sample template for your paper will be designed by our academic ghostwriters according to your needs and requirements. order starts after you have accepted the offer. Depending on the complexity of the topic, several partial deliveries planned.

During the execution of your assignment, which will be prepared by a professional ghostwriter as a sample template, the all communication anonymous in written or telephone form from. Since data protection is particularly important for our agency, the anonymity of the data is protected by the client and deleted after the assignment and the transmission of the scientific results.

Your paper will be reviewed upon completion by an independent author proofread and corrects. Finally, a plagiarism check carried out to keep the work plagiarism-free. After the plagiarism test, you will receive a source evaluation about your text, which will accurately detect whether all parts of the text have been cited.

The plagiarism software shows you the missing citations so that improvements can be made. After the execution of your order, your Sample template as PDF file sent to.

All academic ghostwriters at our ghostwriting agency demonstrate outstanding professional competences and methodical experience with regard to scientific work and order writing according to customer specifications.

How to write a technical paper?

How a scientific paper is to be written is not uniformly regulated in Germany. Since education policy is the responsibility of the federal states, there are different requirements for the specialized work in terms of level, scope and submission date. However, there are hardly any grammar schools that don’t have their students write a technical paper.

In general, it can be said that the specialized thesis should be prepared in the upper school, it can be replace a written exam in the respective subject, additional be or to special achievements in the Abitur grade flow in. The student usually chooses a subject in which he wants to write the paper, there are different approaches to choose from.

For example, the student may choose a subject in which he or she usually does particularly poorly in order to specifically improve his or her grade, or he or she may choose a subject area that he or she is particularly comfortable with in order to improve his or her knowledge in a special field of interest.

With the last variant the Finding a topic for the technical paper mostly facilitated, since by the existing interest also often already sources to the topic are known. Both in the Footnote as well as in the Bibliography should be Citation rules must be observed in order to apply the correct citation method. Great importance is attached to the fact that the specialized work was not simply copied. Often, schools also review this with a Check for plagiarism, also be used at universities.

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