Hello, fresh bride& groom to be’s & congratulations!

Even in childhood you play It and every girl dreams of that one day when HE she asks and she YES says. The one moment when you have tears in your eyes from sheer joy and it passes in the blink of an eye, even though you’d love to catch it with a magic lamp to play it over and over again.

I like to remember my application back, unexpected and perfect. Here you can read more about it, after all it is now about EVERYONE!

There he was, Your moment when your dream man asked you the one question and you YES said. The butterflies are doing somersaults, your hearts are beating like crazy and you want to shout it out loud to the world:
"Yes we are engaged"

Look forward to an exciting time – full of love& Magic!

Newly in love what now?

Newly engaged! Maldives 11/2018

Freshly engaged and now? Where to start and who to tell first?

Take a deep breath and don’t panic, we tell you in 7 steps How to enjoy your first hours as an engaged couple and start planning your wedding in a structured way! Here’s how to bring a system to your wedding planning and keep track of everything in the months ahead full of anticipation.

These 7 things you should do after your engagement:

1. A toast to us!

At the beginning you should definitely take this moment to Second enjoy before you grab your phones and start making calls! Allow yourselves a short moment of rest. You are engaged& are getting married! Enjoy the tingle in your belly and toast to yourselves! Everyone else will find out soon enough – NOW it’s all about EUCH – around your future family, these are enough reasons to take a little time off.

2. Please smile!

It doesn’t matter if your cheeks are now bright red, your hair is out of place and your makeup has run: take some photos! This one photo will remind you of this one moment for the rest of your life, because it will be the sparkle in your eyes and the authentic joy that reflects this moment.

Engagement ring

My engagement ring – OMG!

3. OMG – my engagement ring

Take your time and admire your gorgeous engagement ring! During the proposal, I bet you couldn’t keep a steady look out of all the tears of joy and excitement. Your future husband must have taken a lot of time to choose the perfect engagement ring for you. Take the chance and share it now.

4. Let’s tell everyone about it

Whether you want to keep your engagement to yourself for a few days and just enjoy the togetherness or whether you want to announce it on the same day, you should consider the following order:

  1. Parents
  2. Siblings
  3. Grandparents
  4. Rest of the family
  5. Friends
  6. colleagues& Known

Best friends who are family to you should be placed in the order where you find it appropriate, for us it was right after grandparents!

Our tip for social media: We would first deliver the good news to all our closest people in person and only then share it online. But this is something everyone has to decide for themselves, so here’s just a tip

5. Enjoy the day

Today only one thing counts: YOU& HE! So enjoy the day to the fullest. Visit your favorite restaurant or cook your favorite dish together at home. All that matters is that you spend quality time with the only person in the world who feels the same way you do right now. You are writing page 1 of your own family story – enjoy it to the fullest!

Time for two

Time for the two of us

6. The next day& your engagement ring

It may well happen that the ring is too small or too big for you. This can be fixed by the jeweler, the only disadvantage is that you unfortunately have to give your ring again for it. The best thing is to go to the jeweler together, then he can take off your size. Because also from ring to ring the sizes are different because of the ring design and we want that the ring fits perfectly!

7. The planning

You are enjoying the new status of being engaged to the fullest and all your most important people are also rejoicing with you!

But what is the best way to start with the planning? Generally speaking, a realistic planning time is about a year, so you can be sure that your desired location& Service providers are there for you on your desired date.

At the beginning it is important to 4 W-questions answered, so as to clarify the most important points in advance before moving on to the details:

When do you want to get married?

Depending on the time, availability of service providers and your ideas, this can be done in the next 6, 12, 18 or 24 months be. It is important Your Desired date is and you can enjoy the preparation phase!

Consider whether you have a date that has a special meaning for both of you and also which one is out of the question. Do not forget that holidays are often inconvenient, due to religious backgrounds or vacations. There are things to consider and decide, but anything is possible.

How do you want to get married?

Civil& church, civil or church only? All in one day or a whole weekend?
Better on the mountain or on the beach just the 2 of you?

There are many ways how to get married, stop Your hearts and I am sure you will choose the right one!

Where do you want to get married?

Finding the right location can be quite easy if you have already thought about how you want to get married. If not here we have Checklist compiled to determine the most important requirements for the location at the beginning of the search. As a first point, and for the sake of the environment, you can consider where most of your guests are at home to avoid long drives and thus reduce the radius of the search.

How much do you want to spend?

Last but not least the budget. The budget sets the frame and is one of the most important things of the wedding, because you can’t spend more than you have. Although the wedding may be small or large, costs will be incurred. Therefore, it is important to calculate in advance exactly how much you want to spend on what, so you avoid nasty surprises. In order to be able to make an idea we have here one Budget plan Which should give you a rough overview.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Countdown& Planning

If these points are clarified you have already set up the framework and thus the most important pillars for the further wedding planning. The coming days and months are packed with exciting experiences and moments – look forward to them!

In order not to lose the overview we advise you also to put on an Excel list in which you write down all desired service providers up to the desired location.

Such as:

  • Location
  • Catering
  • Photographers / Videographers
  • Flowers
  • Stationery
  • Deco
  • Cake
  • Master of Ceremonies/Wedding Planner
  • DJ / Band
  • Make-up / hairdresser

To give you a little foretaste of what’s next on the To Do list, we’ve given you an example in our next blog entry Timeline with the most important points compiled.

I hope we could help you in your exciting first time as an engaged couple with our tips to Freshly engaged – what now?? We would like to support you and are looking forward to your feedback, tips and wishes!

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