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The Erfurt rapper MBP, who took part in the RTL casting show "DSDS" participates, has brought out a new song. "Why" asks questions and provides answers!

Erfurt – The Erfurt rapper MBP, who takes part in the RTL casting show "Germany is looking for the superstar has a new song out. "Why" asks questions and provides answers!

He gets with his song "Why to the Rundumschlag from: the Erfurt Michael Blanco Perez (28) alias MBP. © Martin Schutt/dpa-centralimage/dpa/Instagram/MBP (Montage)

Sex, drugs, violence: He f**** the police, he has the most snow at the start and also in general they all have the longest. One MC crasser than the other.

MBP from Erfurt is different. He proves this alone with his song "Warum", which was released on Friday night, who summarizes in about three minutes why Michael Blanco Perez (real name) is the way he is, why he raps the way he raps.

"And then they ask, why am I rapping about it??", it says. "I don’t mince words, I know no pardon: Because I can’t take all this shit anymore", is shortly after the answer.

His song is thematically more topical than ever. It’s about Corona, by MBP, the fun-loving half-Cuban from Erfurt, also affectionately known as "Coroni" calls. A topic, to which felt in the Rap so far at all no attention was dedicated.

It’s about the other virus – the one that deeply divides our society. Unconventional thinkers, swashbucklers, Nazis, the AfD, conspiracy theorists à la Michael Wendler: they all get their comeuppance.

"And I thought we were smarter. If they go on like this, it will be like before", raps the 28-year-old.

MBP-Realtalk: Demonstrate, if necessary, without Nazi dudes!

Demonstrate okay, but without Nazis – for MBP, there are no two opinions. © Martin Schutt/dpa-centralimage/dpa

So MBP goes against all Corona demonstrators? No! Rather, he puts once again the finger deep into the wound and presses again really nice in – it must polarize, it must be discussed, it must be rapped! "You’re not a Nazi, but you run with them", it says in "Why.

In a live video on Instagram, Perez makes it clear that he has nothing against Corona demonstrators. As long as they stick to the rules and do not walk with Nazis. Demonstrators who are compared to Nazis should not be surprised, says MBP.

"You can also be against certain measures without standing next to these dudes. Without offering them ‘ne surface."

Realtalk! "Those Asis, that is Nazis", so the Erfurt, would "these discrepancies", that currently exist, exploit. "And that’s just shit. That’s a real bummer!", he brings it to the point.

MBP should put a point with his song also behind the question, why he is now actually at the 19. Season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar participates.

It’s going to be a Sido cover!

The Erfurt rapper MBP (right) would like to meet his, as he says "twin brother" Jamal Musiala (18) from the FC Bayern meet. © Sven Hoppe/dpa/Martin Schutt/dpa central image/dpa

"Who are not heard, den’ I give my vote", is said in "Why. Certainly MBP’s appearance in the RTL casting show is also likely to be motivated with a certain attention – to the rapper and his messages. Tolerance, diversity – around the really crass topics so.

According to Perez, he has received many messages that he needs "DSDS" but not at all as a "platform, and that the show is exactly the opposite of what he stands for. In his video, however, he stresses that the show is now "cool" is. Nobody will be "stupid made.

But at DSDS you have to cover in particular. MBP also knows this and now reveals that he will be on his first appearance – to be seen on Saturday at 20.15 o’clock – has covered a song by Sido. Whether it is the Sido song, which gave him at that time in the show "X-Factor" The reason for the cat’s fate remains unclear for the time being.

Clear is against it: MBP regularly keeps his fingers crossed for Borussia Dortmund! The Thuringian announced this in his live chat on Thursday night after being asked if he was a soccer fan. However, there is something, for that the rapper would even become a Bayern fan for a day.

For that MBP would become a Bayern fan for one day!

So he would "quite a lot" give for it to meet once Bayerns player Jamal Musiala (18). "For that, I would even become a Bayern fan for a day", he stresses.

Thomas Mueller is also "quite nice. But Musiala, that would be his "twin brother". "Accurate looks like me when I was his age." There is also such a TikTok video of him, which once some "Dude".. uploaded. One commented: "Jamal Musiala".

That would have "ubelst many" liked. "Since then, I am also firmly convinced that Jamal Musiala is my twin brother", he says and laughs – this MC from Erfurt. Different, but still blatant!

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