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Diet trend with coffee and lemon: drink to facilitate weight loss

01.02.2022 updated: 13:25

Many people want to keep fit in the new year. A diet trend using coffee is said to be particularly helpful in losing weight. But what is there to the strategy?

Kassel- If you want to lose weight, you have the choice between many different strategies and diets. But people also like to try out new methods, especially if they are widely shared and thus spread via social media. These include the trend of drinking coffee with lemon juice, like hna.en* reports.

Clips of the alleged coffee diet are piling up on the video platform Tiktok. Users report in it their weight loss because they regularly mix lemon juice into their coffee. But does the slimming tip keep its promise (all service news on RUHR24*)? Another killer tick definitely reveals how to stop cravings for fast food in just two minutes*.

Lose weight with coffee? These effects promise the Diat drink

Lemon juice is said to have a promising weight loss effect*: The ingredients it contains, such as vitamin C, are said to boost fat burning and keep the metabolism running at full speed for several hours.

As the sports and health magazine reports, bitter taste materials, which are contained both in coffee and in lemon juice, restrain besides the appetite and are to avoid thus particularly hot hunger attacks. A positive side effect: some nutrients in lemon counteract skin aging, strengthen the immune system as well as hair growth.

Lose weight with coffee: how to prepare the drink yourself

Black coffee contains few calories and has high levels of vitamin B, which supports natural energy metabolism. Caffeine is also said to help stimulate fat burning. Both drinks thus contain ingredients that are particularly interesting for dieting.

A cup of black coffee and a coffee spoon on a bed of coffee beans

However, a fresh coffee with lemon juice mixed in is by no means a miracle drink that automatically melts away the kilos without further ado. A healthy, balanced nutrition as well as sufficient movement should be further the basis and can be supplemented by the mixed beverage additionally.

This is the best way to prepare the diet drink:

  • 1. Making coffee: Let a cup of black coffee cool for a short time after brewing, as the vitamin C from the lemon juice is very sensitive to heat and could lose its effect.
  • 2. Make lemon juice: The most effective way to make lemon juice yourself is with a lemon squeezer. For this purpose, an organic lemon, whose cultivation has been avoided harmful pesticides, is particularly suitable.
  • 3. Mix coffee with lemon juice: The juice of half a lemon in the coffee give and properly stir.

However, one expert advises against boiling the coffee with tap water and gives a few tips* for better preparation. *RUHR24 and *hna.en are part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

Column list picture:© Chris Radburn/DPA

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