How to seduce a woman with words?

How to seduce a woman with words?

Gone are the days when your physical appearance was enough to seduce a woman . Nowadays, a man must have the gift of artful, seductive conversation to catch the attention of the modern woman. Women are much more open to fantasy, which is why they prefer men who can make them crazy with words. But is it an easy game to seduce a woman with words? Well, if you follow the tips and tricks listed below. In no time you will know how to charm a woman with words.

Why is it difficult to talk to attractive women?

Men are not usually trained in the art of talking to women, so one of the following situations occurs:

  • The woman they are talking to might be bored with the conversation
  • Because of poor conversation skills, men may not be able to attract the woman of their dreams
  • Men may fail to be true to themselves with their women and present a personality that is not theirs!

We know one reader who told us she presented as a worldly man who enjoyed literature and cooking when she started talking to her husband at a party. After their first meeting, she felt like the luckiest girl in the world, having found someone who had so much in common with her. After getting to know him better, she quickly realized that his idea of literature was comic books and that he was a master chef who had to sprinkle a little cheese on Maggie pasta! To this day, they think back to their first encounter and laugh. Sometimes, opposites attract. But not always, so be careful men.

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So if you are not able to seduce a woman, do not blame the lack of luck, popularity, power, money or appearance. It is absolutely possible to turn on a woman with your words. All you have to do is learn some powerful seductive words that women find irresistible. Take a step back and review how you talk to a woman. In order to make your woman want you, you have to learn how to have a conversation with her. This is the only way you can seduce a woman with your words.

Is it hard to seduce an attractive woman?

First of all, it is important to understand that not all women are the same. So the same style and words do not work for different women. A phrase that appeals to one girl may not affect another. So you really need to learn the power of words to seduce your woman.

How to seduce a woman with words?

To seduce an attractive woman, you need to identify her likes and dislikes and proceed accordingly. You need to strategically approach the attractive woman and not be intimidated by her overwhelming beauty.

Most women know they are beautiful and want someone to have a decent conversation – which is a rarity, as most men are just carried away by beauty.

Although it is not easy, once you find a way to seduce a woman with words, you will surely be grateful. You will learn that it is not difficult to seduce a woman with your words.

How to seduce a woman with words?

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15 Ways to seduce a woman with words

Unfortunately, a majority of men believe that love quotes and cheesy pickups can be used to capture the heart of their women. However, we would like to warn you against the use of such quotation marks and pickup lines. These usually don’t work on women because they prefer men who are creative and original while talking to a woman.

Here are the 15 ways to seduce a woman with words that you can use to woo the love of your life.

1. The tone of your voice should be soft and gentle

Special care must be taken to keep your voice low and quiet when speaking to a woman to seduce her. A soft and gentle voice creates an atmosphere of intimacy between the two of you and will make it much easier for you to attract her. At the same time, she will be flattered by your progress and feel tempted by your words. The tone of your voice is very important and adds an air of mystery to the conversation. We know a woman who finds her husband irresistible when he has a sore throat because his voice is similar to Amitabh Bachchan’s!

2. Lean as close to her as you can when you talk to her

When you lean on your woman while talking to her, you feel like the only woman in the room, and this makes her feel special boost her self-confidence. It will assure her that the seductive words are meant only for her, making the atmosphere more sensual. If you are wondering how to seduce a girl with your words? Just make sure you lean into her and give her your full attention without looking creepy or desperate.

3. Try to be funny and make her laugh

There is a thin line between humor and offense. So understand this and then try to use humor in your conversations with her. Women find men who have a good sense of humor, absolutely irresistible.

4. Compliment her with simple but effective words

Instead of using jargon or "fancy words", you can complement your girl with simple but effective words. Be as simple as possible. Some examples would be – if you like her curves, let her know; if you think her thought process is impressive, compliment her and so on. These words have all the power of seduction.

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This will also help her to actually understand what you are saying. Make sure your sentences are short, direct and simple, but at the same time not crass and perverted. In this way, you not only seduce a woman with your words, but also turn her on.

How to seduce a woman with words?

5. Use suggestive questions in an intelligent way

Giving subtle hints during the conversation can help steer her thoughts in the right direction. However, try to be careful and ask suggestive questions only when you know she is really interested in you.

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Don’t overwhelm her with your questions and make sure the conversation is casual. A good way to get started with suggestive questions is to make it a game you would rather be playing.

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6. Avoid focusing only on their appearance when speaking

While women love to be complimented on their looks, the woman you’re talking to shouldn’t feel that your interests are merely superficial. The smart move on your part would be to not focus on their physical appearance and focus on other aspects of their character and personality. Usually a mixture of both is a recipe for success. If you can make her feel that you value her inner beauty as much as her outer beauty, you can seduce her with your words.

7. Use the power of technology to your advantage

Seducing a woman by phone or via text messages can be an exciting experience for both of you. Call or text her when you’re feeling kinky and adventurous so you can more easily express your excitement through words. Even without being face to face, you will be able to let her imagination run wild and build sexual tension.

8. Be liberal and support her wants and desires

While talking to your wife, you need to show signs of a liberal mindset and support her desires and wishes. There is nothing more seductive to a woman than a man who encourages and inspires his wife to achieve her dreams in life. Make sure you support her and encourage her to go after what she wants. Try to be there for her when she is feeling down or having problems.

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One reader told us she saw potential in the best friend she had befriended when she realized the value he brought her. She said he always asked her how the meetings went and wanted to know how her parents were doing. This made her realize that he was reliable and invested in her life and she started to develop romantic feelings towards him.

9. Appeal to her intellectual side

Women are more attracted to men who can stimulate them intellectually. You are fascinated by men who are knowledgeable and sensible. So make sure you are up to date and stay focused on building your own knowledge and database. This will make her feel close to you and see the value of your conversations.

10. Confidence and composure can be very helpful

To ensure the success of your seductive words, you need to maintain your composure. Avoid being overly excited and trust yourself. Without showing confidence and calmness, you can’t expect to impress a girl just with your words.

Don’t be upset if she doesn’t answer right away, and make sure that what you answer her moves the conversation forward. Be confident in your conversational skills and don’t use language that sounds like you doubt your own words. Share your opinions and thoughts freely and don’t be afraid to be judged.

11. Smile and always keep eye contact when speaking

When you smile and make constant eye contact with your woman, it creates the idea that you are interested in her. A smiling face always appeals to everyone and makes them feel better too. Constant eye contact indicates to her that she has your full attention and you are not distracted.

12. Tease your wife to make her feel good about herself

Using appropriate words, you can tease your wife to make her feel wanted and loved. Yes, to seduce a woman, you have to know the right words to use. Make fun of her and flirt. There’s no harm in that, as it makes the conversation more enjoyable. However, make sure that the teasing does not go beyond a limit. But you can actually turn on a woman with your words.

13. Avoid lying to the woman you like

Lying can impress a woman, but only until she realizes the truth and leaves you a liar. So avoid lying to her at all costs and be honest with yourself.

14. Make her feel as comfortable as possible

While you are trying to seduce a woman with words, you need to make her feel comfortable. You should not force yourself on her or intimidate her in any way. Give her time to respond to your seductive words and gestures. Don’t chase her with constant questions and make her feel overwhelmed.

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15. Try to appeal to their emotional side

Women are known to have a stronger emotional side than men, which makes them more sensitive and receptive to words. So you need to frame your conversation in a way that triggers her emotional side and she feels an attachment to you.

Instead of freezing in front of a beautiful, gorgeous woman, you need to use your conversation skills to seduce the woman appropriately with your words. Make sure the whole atmosphere around the two of you is flirty and fun so you can possibly think about getting to know each other.

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