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Amouranth: streamer wants to record rap album – "My rap is a meme"

Amouranth is more known for her streams on Twitch, than rap music. But even though many thought her first music video was mediocre, she now wants to record an entire album.

Update from 26.01.2022: Amouranth knows exactly what she does- even if she puts out a terrible music video. The streamer recently released her first song titled "Down Bad" Published and it failed miserably on YouTube. There seems to be no end to the nasty comments about her performance, but that seems to be Kaitlyn "Amouranth’s plan Siragusa. In a new video, she responds to the comments on Down Bad and even goes a step further when she announces a full rap album.

Full Name Kaitlyn Siragusa
Known as Amouranth
Birthday 02. December 1993
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Followers on Twitch 4.9 million (as of January 2022)
Followers on Twitter \t1.8 million (as of January 2022)

Amouranth: streamer makes "murder for the ears" – promises full album

After receiving so many comments on her first music video, Amouranth cherry-picked some of the best ones to respond to in a recent video on YouTube. Already the first comment speaks what many fans of the streamer must have thought:"I know honestly not sure if this is supposed to be satire to trigger people“. Amouranth clears up the confusion around the song directly with a pretty clear answer.

I thought it was so obvious that my rap would just be a huge meme


With this mindset, she also approaches the other comments and pulls both her "haters" and herself with relish through the mud. But if you think that Amouranth’s music career is limited to just one song, you’ve got another thing coming. Later in the video, she announces she would make an entire album. If her first clip for Down Bad reached a million views, she would additionally put out a second music video with a new song – but this time, seriously, without any parody.

Remains to be seen if Amouranth’s serious music will be as well"Murder for the ears“ will be, as one of the comments paraphrases it so nicely.

First reported on 21.01.2022: Houston, Texas- It seems to be an unwritten rule that if you are a streamer:in or YouTuber:in, sooner or later you have to put out a music video. That song and clip are then also at least qualitatively inadequate, is not exactly rare. Joining this pantheon of awesomeness is now Twitch star Amouranth. Scandal streamer has released her first song- and with this song she is making a mockery of herself on the net.

Amouranth: Scandal streamer records song – music video falls through

Who is Amouranth? Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka. Amouranth, is a US-American streamer, cosplayer and model. In recent years, she has attracted attention on the Internet with obscure ideas for her streams. She’s one of the most well-known ASMR streamers:inside, for example, but Amouranth has also made waves with actions like her disturbing horse head video. The attention it gets isn’t always positive in nature, but the numbers prove her right. With over 4 million followers:in, Amouranth is the biggest streamer on Twitch. What do you do with a success like this? That’s right: you write a song about it.

What is this music video? Amouranth’s latest creative outpouring is titled "Down Bad" and ghosts since a few days through the vastness of YouTube. The music video represents practically all the cliches one might expect from the music of famous YouTubers and streamers an exaggerated amount of autotune, a lot of bragging about money or possessions, and of course a guest appearance by other Internet celebrities can’t be missing.

Amouranth in music video Down Bad

Through it all, however, Amouranth has made allusions to her own, so far quite illustrious career. Here she is standing in front of her own 7/11 market, there she has a scene in an inflatable wading pool, and of course a reference to her OnlyFans is not to be missed. This could be chalked up to a clever satire on himself, but even that doesn’t fool many fans about Siragusa’s lack of musical skills. That’s exactly what they let Amouranth know in the comments now.

Amouranth: YouTube community gets a kick out of streamer’s music video

What does the Internet say? Apparently bad music evokes some creative energy in people. The comments under Amouranth’s song have partly already literary features. The unifying factor, however, is that the clip goes down with them waving flags purely in terms of quality. Some are already using the song for their everyday lives- For example, NiRvAnA6890 writes:"I’m making this my alarm clock song so I can wake up quickly to turn it off.“ Others get even more creative with their criticism towards Amouranth’s music.

Thanks Amouranth, my grandpa was in coma for three years. When I turned on this song, it woke up, only to throw my cell phone out the hospital window.

Ay2 5us

Another user writes: "Watch out for ear bleeding". When asked by Amouranth if she should sing another song, a YouTube user replies, "No, please don’t!“. Such reactions are probably exactly what Amouranth expected from her song. In an interview with Anthony Padilla, the streamer talked about her actions and already mentioned that hater:ins are her biggest form of publicity. As a bait for such people her music video might have served its purpose. Some, however, go further with their dislike than just comments- A few weeks ago, unknown persons launched a hacker attack on Amouranth. Because of a mere music video, the controversial Twitch icon should not have to fear such a thing again.

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