How to write the perfect marketing email?

Email marketing still ranks high in today’s world, but working with email campaigns can be exhausting. You may spend hours writing a perfect email, only to have it end up in a folder, or worse, in spam. So how can you make sure that your emails end up directly in the inbox of your readers?

In this article, we’ll show you our tips and tricks for writing the perfect email.

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Writing a good email – here’s how!

To guarantee that your e-mails also arrive in the mailboxes of your target group is a difficult task. We actually assume that a subscriber to our emails will receive them in their inbox – but unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Use worldwide ca. 1.5 billion people Gmail. By default, Google has an "Advertising" folder in its inbox, where any emails with promotional content end up. So even if someone signs up for your newsletter, they may still end up in that "advertising" folder or even the spam folder.

In fact, 68% of all emails that don’t get marked as spam end up in this "advertising" folder. If the emails you signed up for specifically end up in this folder, just drag them to the inbox.

However, if the same thing happens to the emails you send out, it can have a negative impact. Imagine sitting all afternoon on the perfect marketing email about a new product, sending it off and getting zero feedback.

Or let’s say you’re a copywriter and you’ve been commissioned by a company to write an interesting email for their new product. You finish the email, send it to your clients and they send the email off. However, the feedback remains.

Who probably gets the blame for this failure? Most likely you and your marketing email. Instead of analyzing the delivery rate the conclusion for the customer will be that your writing skills are not good.

Average delivery rate is 77%, not to mention the 68% that ends up in Gmail’s advertising folder if Google detects advertising content in it. And to top it off: The likelihood of someone reading an email that ends up in the advertising folder is 19.99%. So your chances of a successful email are decreasing by the minute.

Finally, there’s the click-through rate, which tells you whether a person opened your mail and clicked on a featured product. This is only 2.5. Therefore, for all these reasons, you should implement our tips to increase the deliverability of your emails.

How to write the perfect email

ISPs as well as email providers analyze the vocabulary, context and formatting of your emails and also look at how recipients interact with the emails.

Subject line

The subject line is an extremely important part of email marketing. It needs to be very appealing so that no one ignores it. Also, make sure that it is not too long, does not contain weird symbols and summarizes the main part of your email well and makes you want to read more.

It should not be misleading under any circumstances, because if people open your email and then don’t click on the links it contains, it sends negative signals to the internet and email providers. They might conclude that your emails are misleading and thus mark them as spam.

Avoid words that mark your mails as spam

Many people, are not even aware of these spam words. You may be using several of these so-called "spam triggers" in your emails and not even know it. It is important that you avoid these words so that your emails are not marked as spam.

The list of spam words increases every year, so there are now many words that cause your mails to be marked as spam. Some of the most common spam triggers are: Money, bonus, free, sale, make money, freedom, opportunity and many more.

Many websites will list all of these trigger words for you.

A good tip for your email marketing is to first write everything down in a first draft and then go through it and check it against the list of spam words. This sounds time-consuming and definitely takes longer than simply sending the emails. But it pays off when your emails are delivered more often afterward and readers fall in love with your products.

Avoid formatting that is considered spam

ISPs analyze not only what you say, but also how you say it. While context makes all the difference, some formatting will automatically shoot you out of the loop. For example, exclamation points in the email cause problems. The same applies if you use fonts with different colors and in different sizes.

Another aspect is punctuation. Avoid excessive use of commas, long paragraphs and separating long paragraphs using colons. There are many tools available to help you identify whether a sentence sounds like spam or not.

Don’t sound like a salesman

When writing your email, don’t sound like a salesperson in the process. The key to the perfect marketing email is to write as if you are talking to a friend. Even if you are writing for another company, try to write the email from the perspective of a friend recommending a fantastic product to another friend.

Remember not to write too long emails and split up long paragraphs.

You always need a reason for your email

You should never send emails just for the sake of sending an email. Your emails should always have a deeper reason, otherwise they will be ignored by your readers in the long run. Similarly, don’t overload your subscribers with emails and promote the same content multiple times.

Only send important emails with new content that will benefit your readers.

Consistency is key

Stay consistent in your choice of language, expression and also formatting of your mails. This is how you increase recognition and brand awareness. It also increases trust in you and your company.

Set goals

Set goals and create an outline of the types of emails you send out. Why are you sending the mails and what do you want to achieve with them? Are the goal more subscribers or more sales? Goals keep you on track with your email marketing.

Every email needs a CTA

A call-to-action (CTA) allows your readers to take the next step. It doesn’t even have to be a CTA with an intent to buy. It can also be a call-to-action that redirects to a great article or video of yours. Or a CTA, which your readers can use to send you feedback.

In any case, CTAs are very important for the perfect email. Once you generate sales through your CTAs, you’ll find that it made sense to include them in the emails. Because sales show that your subscribers trust you more.

A final tip: Buttons are an excellent way to implement CTAs.

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