How will my pension be calculated?

The pension calculation is not reducible to a small simple formula. We explain how it works!

Due to the fact that your pension results from your life history and that certain stages of your life influence your pension differently, your pension calculation cannot be reduced to a small simple formula.

A projection of your pension can be taken from your pension information. We will send you these as of your 27th birthday. year of age annually by mail.
My mail from the pension

Calculate the pension amount online

To determine your pension amount, take the information from your annual pension information as a basis. When using the online calculator, please note that the pension amounts you calculate here are not binding.

The pension formula for the pension

This is how the gross pension is calculated: change the values and observe how this affects the pension amount. By clicking on the terms with "i" indicator you can learn more about their meaning for the pension formula.

The pension formula

Your monthly pension amount is a multiplication of several values:

Monthly pension amount = earning points x access factor x current pension value x pension type factor

Compensation points

This is the most important value. Year by year, your earnings are compared with the average earnings of all insured persons. If it corresponds exactly to the average earnings in that year, it is worth 1 remuneration point. Periods during which you raised your children or cared for dependents are taken into account as if you had "hypothetical" earnings during this period, based fully or proportionately on the respective average earnings.

Access factor

This takes into account additions and deductions (called additions and deductions) in your pension calculation. Deductions you get if you retire early. Additions, for example, if you initially forgo your pension after reaching retirement age. If you do not have any additions or deductions, this value is 1.0.

Current pension value

This is the equivalent of one remuneration point. This is always adjusted to the economic situation. It is currently 34.19 euros for western Germany and 33.47 euros for eastern Germany.

Pension type factor

Here it depends on the type of your pension:

  • Old-age pensions, pensions due to full reduction in earning capacity and education pensions have the value 1.0,
  • Pensions due to partial reduction in earning capacity 0.5,
  • full orphan’s pensions 0,2 and
  • Half-orphan pensions 0.1.
  • For widow’s pensions the factor is 0,55 or 0,6.

What applies to the new federal states

Come from the new federal states? To ensure that the comparatively low wages in the GDR and the difference in wage levels that still exists today do not result in any disadvantages for you when calculating your pension, the wages there are raised to the "West" level. This means that your earnings in the new federal states or in the GDR are increased by a conversion factor. This factor corresponds roughly to the ratio of average pay in the West to average pay in the East and is determined individually for each year.


Pension: This is how it is calculated – old federal states

PDF, 488KB, file is barrierfree⁄barrierarm

Orderable via the shopping cart.

How much is my pension? This question is on everyone’s mind, whose pension start date is getting closer. Younger people, on the other hand, would rather know what they will receive in return for their paid-in contributions. Even though the brochure does not explain the complex pension calculation in detail, it is still worth taking a look at it.

Pension: This is how it is calculated – new federal states

PDF, 536KB, file is barrier-free⁄barrier-reduced

Can be ordered via the shopping cart.

How much is my pension? This question concerns everyone whose retirement date is approaching. Younger people, on the other hand, would rather know what they will receive in return for the contributions they have paid in. Even if the brochure doesn’t explain the complex pension calculation in detail, it’s still worth taking a look inside.

Raising children – your plus for your pension

PDF, 299KB, file is barrier-free⁄barrier-free

Orderable via shopping cart.

This leaflet informs parents about how their pension account can be filled while they are raising their children.

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