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The purpose of the invitation letter is to invite particularly promising applicants for an interview. However, a professional invitation always has two functions: It narrows down the group of applicants and informs candidates about the interest of the company. At the same time, the invitation letter is a business card of the future employer. We will show what HR professionals and companies should look out for in terms of structure and wording, and what information the invitation should definitely contain – including invitation sample..

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How to write an invitation to a job interview?

The initial selection is done. The most promising applicants are identified and selected. For them follows the invitation to the job interview. The second round in the selection process is about getting to know the candidates better and assessing which of them fits best in the company.

With the letter of invitation to the interview signaled The employer shows the applicant that his or her profile fits the job advertisement and that the written application consisting of cover letter and CV has aroused interest and convinced the applicant. A good news. Nevertheless, it should not be designed or formulated too laxly.

Depending on the job profile, the invitation itself expresses appreciation and the importance of the job offer. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, companies should not miss this opportunity for employer branding. The invitation letter is more than just a notification of an appointment. It helps shape the image of the employer. After all, not all invitees get the job.

Invitation letter: Form

The invitation and notification to the job interview can be made by phone, e-mail or mail. The advantage of notification by e-mail is that it arrives much faster than by mail. On the other hand, an interview is still a formal occasion where the written invitation on company stationery can express a high level of importance – for example, in the case of a senior management position.

Both in the choice of communication channels and media as well as with the formulations you should therefore show high diligence in the invitation letter. If you are looking for competent, qualified employees and top performers for your company, you should also convey this competence. The invitation letter is a first opportunity for you to present the company from its best side.

Invitation letter: Content

A professional invitation letter answers all potential questions applicants may have and thus ensures a transparent application process.

Important components in the invitation letter are:

  • Thank you for your application and patience
  • Invitation letter
  • Date and time of the interview
  • Place and address of the interview
  • Name, function and number of participants of the contact person (phone number, mail)
  • Information about possible contents
  • Offer to cover the costs
  • Details on how to get there (parking, public transport)

Especially for applicants from out of town with a long journey to the company it makes sense to send a map of how to get to the company in addition to the invitation letter. In it, mention different travel alternatives as well as the exact location of the company. Especially if the entrance is somewhat hidden in the backyard or if different parts of the building with similar names make it difficult to find the applicant. Example:

If you are traveling by bus, it is best to take line 2 and get off at Harkortstrabe. The stop is directly opposite the main entrance, where our reception is also located. Ms. Muller will meet you there and accompany you to the interview room.

In addition, we recommend naming all interview participants, including their function, in the invitation letter. This way, the applicant can prepare for it and estimate whether it is a first interview with the HR manager or whether the future boss is already present. Example:

Ms. Seiffert (Managing Director) and Mr. Cappel (Human Resources Manager) will conduct the interview with you.

The invitation letter should also include the contact person, telephone number and e-mail address for any queries.

Invitation and obligation to pay?

According to § 670 of the German Civil Code (BGB), the inviting employer pays all travel expenses for the interview. This applies to travel to and from the interview as well as to any accommodation costs if the journey is made from a greater distance or if connections at the agreed time are poor.

The right to reimbursement of travel expenses does not apply to the applicant, however, if it is explicitly stated in the letter of invitation that the costs for the interview will not be covered. A formulation could be for example: "We ask for your understanding that costs associated with the interview will not be reimbursed."Please be aware, however, that this can sometimes come across as petty or even stingy. Future salary should far exceed travel expenses.

Invitation to the job interview: Sample

In addition to the tips and formulations, you will also find a sample template for an invitation to the job interview below.

Street House Number
Zip code City
Phone number/E-mail

Applicant name
Street number
Zip code place

Invitation to a job interview

Dear Ms./Mr. (Name),

thank you for your application and your interest in working for our company. We liked your application and we thank you for your patience up to this point. It was worth it:

We have thoroughly checked your application documents and would like to meet you in person. For this reason we cordially invite you to an interview. Mrs/Mr (name), our managing director, and I will be your interlocutors. The purpose of the interview is to get to know each other and clarify any expectations. The interview does not include any tests that you need to prepare for.

The interview will take place on DD.MM.YYYY at 00 o’clock in (street, place, floor of the company) takes place. If you are unable to attend this appointment, please contact us immediately by phone at (phone number) and arrange a new appointment.

We will reimburse the travel expenses incurred by you upon presentation of the receipt. We look forward to meeting you!

With kind regards

You can also download the template for the invitation letter as a free sample and Word file:

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